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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Monday, 23 August 2010

Start the week

We’ll kick the week off with a couple of dragons, couple of butterflies, and some flowers.
First one though, is a pigeon, that wouldn’t keep still.

Wood Pigeon.

Ok, dragon number one, 

A Ruddy Darter. Two of him, because he was so obliging. Next one wasn’t,

Brown Hawker. He just wouldn’t keep still for more than 2 seconds.

First butterfly, 

Common Blue. There have been hundreds of these little ones here this year. This next one hasn’t been so numerous though,

Speckled Wood. He was enjoying some sunshine.

The flower is this beauty,

Orange Balsam; a relative of the equally invasive ‘pink’ variety.

And a nice smelly one to finish on,

Wild Thyme. Lovely scent.

Enjoy your start to the week.



  1. That's a nice start for the week Keith... I've not been taking any pictures for a week now... My camera was in repair, then the weather was bad this week end and is still.... I guess I also need to relax a bit before living to France ;-)

    I love your common blue picture :-)

  2. Well done Keith you certainly stopped that Woodie for a nice shot.

  3. A good blog and some pictures as well, I love the Brown Hawker.

  4. Thanks Chris. That's bad news about your camera; I'd be very upset if that happened to me lol

    Cheers Roy :)

    Thanks Bob :)

  5. The brown hawker is my pick of this lot but the wood pigeon is the best shot. I keep trying for these in flight and when I get one next is the Magpie. Don't know whose getting my comments at the moment as my 3 connection is dodgy. Congrats. on the new blog.

  6. What a great way to start a week. So nice . Each is beautiful.

  7. Hi Keith...Ironically the Brown Hawker is my favorite even if he didnt stay still!!
    I was not aware there that there is a pink Balsam to...I'll check that out ,but I know for sure that Maine doesn't have them!!
    The thing we always liked about the Balsam was the seed pods that would pop when you touched then..great fun when we where kids and I must admit that I will still do that when I see one of those big fat ones!! ; }

  8. Great flight shot of the pigeon, especially with the soft focus background.
    Really sharp pic of the Brown Hawker.

  9. how wonderful is ouer coloured world, you know, I love this kind of pics and I love all this animals, thank your for that ! big hugh Kathrin

  10. Keith,
    I hope you have a few books to reference all the insects, flowers, and birds to post. I ask because, I could never remember all of them. If you labelled them in Latin and gave the common name, well you would have to be a genius! If you don't have a reference book, publish one. You have plenty of pictures. A book called "Birds, Bugs, and Beautiful Things Found at .... by Holding Moments" would inspire children of all ages to get out and look for the items they see in the book.

  11. Thanks for your comments Adrian. The Brown Hawkers are tricky; they don't keep still long.

    Thank you Lisa :)

    Thanks grammie. The pink Balsam is probably the most abundant here. Seems to be everywhere.

    Thanks John :)

    Kathrin, thank you. Glad you enjoy them.

    Thanks David. I have few reference books that I use; I just love to know what I'm seeing. :)
    Good idea about the book ;)

  12. Nice one as ususal Keith
    Pigeons... now... not my favourite bird.

    And thanks for the Orange Balsam - now I know what it is!!! That Brown Hawker's a beauty :D

  13. Gorgeous red dragon! I don't know their names but I natural beauty when I see it and thanks for sharing. ;)

  14. Lucky for you that pigeon was so restless cause you got such a good bird in flight shot. Not something I've ever done yet. Would really like to see some wild thyme myself but if the scent is as good as you say I'd be dead tempted to keep picking bunches. Appreciate the patience you must have getting those dragon pics because over the weekend my attemps proved futile

  15. Thanks Tricia. Yea, the Brown Hawker is quite impressive when he's flying around.

    What Happens Creekside, thank you for your comment.

    Thanks Debbie. The scent of that Wild Thyme is really lovely. I think it grows mainly on chalky or sandy soil. Worth seeking out.

  16. Great photos, Keith. Especially the butterflies and flowers - I like them most. The frst butterfly is just perfect. The colours, composition - everything is wonderful;)

  17. Thank you Joanna. Glad you enjoyed them :)

  18. Excellent start to your week. Looks like we are seeing the same things. I've noticed much more Orange Balsam over the past week BUT I still haven't found a resting Brown Hawker...probably not getting up early enough!
    Have a good week my friend. FAB.

  19. Yet another good selection Keith, well done.

  20. Frank, those Brown Hawkers are a nightmare to find resting aren't they. I'm sure you'll get one eventually.

    Thank you Bob :)

    Gemel, thank you for your comment :)

  21. Keith, a pigeon not still, lol. You know in fact that is really nice flying action shot, you got the freeze. Excellent images, nature is really abundant around us. Hope all is well otherwise. Anna :)

  22. Thank you for your comments Anna; appreciate them. :)