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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Barnes 2

I’ve got all behind with everything again.
Spent Monday updating the important people at work about what is happening; not a lot really, all progress seems to have come to a stop. The local 'specialist' has now referred me back to Oxford. I feel like a lump of meat in a game of pass the parcel.
And I stopped for a chat with some work colleagues too.
Yesterday I went swimming, then a quick stroll round the local, and the afternoon……can’t remember  lol  and then the evening I went to watch a ‘presentation’ at the local Natural History Society, about one of our local lakes, Willen.
It was quite interesting, especially as they used one of my pictures in the talk. (I hadn’t mentioned I was going; just went out of curiosity, and no-one knew I was the ‘author’ of the picture  lol)

I seem to be taking too many pictures these days, and not sorting them out quick enough; and getting behind with catching up on blogs.
I used to be so organised once.

Anyway, here’s a few more pictures from the great day I spent at Barnes, with fellow blogger Tricia. These are all from the ‘collection areas’

A couple of sleeping Eider Ducks

Can’t remember the name of these.
Ok, now thanks to Roy, Bob and Chris......these are Eurasian Wigeon.
Why couldn't I see that?  lol 

Mr. And Mrs. Hooded Merganser.  I love these ducks.

Another one I don’t know; but he looks like he ate all the pies!
Thanks Bob, it's a Puna Teal

Rosybill, and partner, I believre.

White-faced Whistling Duck

 Egyptian Goose

Ringed Teal

Not sure. I guess some sort of Teal?
Thanks again Bob ......you are The Man!! These are Chiloe Wigeon 

Ne-ne or Hawaiian Goose

And I’ll finish with the biggest Dragonfly I’ve ever seen,

Imagine one of those flying around!

Enjoy the rest of the week.


  1. Lovely set of images Tricia, that Dragon is big.{:)
    the duck you couldn't immediately remember (I have that trouble a lot) is a Wigeon.

  2. Sorry Keith, I am mixing up your blog with Tricia's. I get like that sometimes.{:)

  3. Beautiful set of photos;) Personally I like the duck with water drops the most. I like that the drops are so sharp and clear. Generally speaking... I love all of them, as usual;)

  4. Roy, I get confused all the time lol

    Joanna, thank you. Glad you enjoyed them.

  5. A great blog, I love that place or I mean WWT. Now let's put them in order, the birds you can't find, no1 is .............I can't work it out either, no2 is a Puna Teal and no3 is a Chiloe Wigeon. I think that it is right!

  6. Hi Keith,
    Wow man, this is a beautiful post and you got some nice pictures...

    Ok the first duck (of band of ducks) is a wigeon (the Eurasian one)... For the two others I do not really know... Did you see them in a park?

  7. Bob, thank you for your ID's. Really appreciate them.

    Chris, thank you too. I don't know why I couldn't get 'Wigeon' lol
    These were all at Barnes Chris, in the 'world collection.' Ducks there I'd probably never see. Amazing.

  8. I like the puna teal. He's adorable.

  9. Thanks JoLynne. There were some beautiful ducks there, in the collections.

  10. Erm, erm.... Roy has me confused! Roy - these are all Keith's pictures.. I haven't blogged about our shared outing to Barnes.

    Keith - great set of shots especially given the appalling weather we had... next time hopefully I'll manage to find some sun for you...

  11. Thanks Tricia. Yea, poor Roy, getting confused lol
    I think the rain is right across the country today :(

  12. White faced whistling duck and the ringed teal, amazingly cute fellows. Looks like the rostbill's getting his ear bent, I take it the one with the red beak is the bloke duck?

  13. Yea Debbie, he's the bloke. Getting a right ear bashing too, by the looks of it. lol

  14. Hi Keith... I am on the right blog aren't I ; }
    Wow; some nice photos there "my friend".
    I just love the Puna Teal; I think he ate more than all the pies, I think he swallowed a ballon.lol
    My favorite the Wigeons...so cute!! : }
    The Whistling ducks face is priceless!!
    I am going to be on the look out for "that" Dragonfly!! lol

  15. You "wowed" me again with this post...Glad you went to the "lecture" and you should have given yourself the recognition you deserved for your photo!! Ive never even heard of Puna Teal-so neat to see something totally new for me. Take Care!!!!

  16. Lovely colourful section from the 'world collection'. Dam sight easier than snapping them in the wild..lol.
    Don't worry about getting behind...I'm in the same boat! Take care. FAB.

  17. Lol on your monster dragonfly! I'd be running fast if I saw one of those! That Puna Teal was my favorite - very handsome fellow!
    Hope you are feeling okay.

  18. Looked just a bit damp there ;)
    Love the head on shot of the White-faced Whistler.
    Just the opposite of you here - weather so very dull I've taken next to nothing all week. The Sun has just broken through for the first time since last Saturday!

  19. Welcome to the 'all behind club, Keith :)

    Lovely photos throughout, it is always difficult to pick favourites but I love the Ringed Teal with the water droplets and the White-faced Whistling Duck.

    What a nice surprise to see your photo at the presentation, not that I am surprised...they are so good!

    Thanks for the acknowledgement and link on the previous post :)

  20. Thanks Grammie. Yea, right blog; I think ;)
    That Puna Teal certainly looked huge lol

    Thanks Dixxe. Yea, the lecture was good; the guy who asked for the pictures, has asked if I’d maybe do a talk sometime, with a few pictures. I’d need a big helping of ‘dutch courage’ to do that lol

    Cheers Frank. Seems if I miss a day on here, it takes forever to catch up lol

    Thanks Shelley. Imagine dragonflies that size! Lol

    Thanks John. Yea, a bit wet that day ;)
    Been a lovely day today so far.

    Thanks Jan. Glad you enjoyed them.
    So easy to get behind isn’t it lol

  21. you really raise the bar when it comes to duck photography.. everyone of them are eye catching..
    it must have been a wonderful surprise to see one of your photos being used in their talk..
    I don't know why your going to the doctors.. but I pray that what ever is wrong they will find it and fix it.. I hate going to doctors. with a passion!!!!
    I pray your day is kind and soft..
    and thank you for the kind comments..

  22. Thanks Hope, appreciate your comments. :)

    The doctor thing, hmmmmm, I had a heart attack at the beginning of the year; still not right lol

  23. Looks a grand place Keith. Either a large Dragon fly or small shed.

  24. love the shot of the whiteface duck up close. he is looking like......... what are you lookin at buddy? lol

    now that is a dragon fly!!

  25. I can sure see why they would use your photo in a persentation. Way to go. Your images are outstanding. Sorry to hear that your still going in for test but maybe it for the best. Get fixed up and keep on going doing what you love. Take care of you.
    Nice to see these wonderful feathered friends.
    Have a wonderful October full of photos , health and happiness.
    and so glad you stopped by. Its friend like you that keep me going and for that thank you.

  26. It was a great place Adrian. I was in my element there lol

    Thanks Doreen. The White-faced Whistling Ducks were so inquisitive.

    Thank you for your comments Lisa. Appreciate them.

  27. you sure about your eurasian wigeon? the head bit is more cream white than cream buff and the head grey.

    did you take it JUST as you went into the collection area? if they were in the pool as you went into the collection then they are American.

  28. Great collection of colourful birds.
    It is about rhythm Keith..once you are out of it ..it is hard to get back on course. I am having the same problem. Hope things start to improve for you in the coming months.

  29. Pete, thanks. To be honest, I wasn't sure they were Eurasian Wigeon. Can't remember just where they were either.

    Thanks Trevor. I just start to get on top of things, and then it all goes pear shaped again lol

  30. Wow Keith, the biggest duck collection I ever seen yet. Excellent. BTW you got me with the dragonfly, lol, for second I thought it was real, lol. Wishing you well! Anna :)

  31. Thank you Anna. Have a great weekend :)

  32. The collection section at Barnes is brilliant, those Puta Teal are brilliant. Sorry I'm a bit late on this but your 'Eurasian' Wigeon are actually American Wigeon- the head colour is noticably different.


  33. Bill, thank you for clearing up that ID; much appreciated.