Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Saturday, 11 September 2010

A selection of birds for the weekend.


A rather wet Blue Tit 

An equally wet Great Tit

A Long Tailed Tit 

Coal Tit 

Willow Warbler 

And my favourite bird to finish with today

A beautiful lady Pheasant. 

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you are doing. 



  1. Yes, lovely Lady Pheasant Keith.

  2. my dear friend, you know it, this kind of fotos opens my heart, I love this birds and the photos are excellent, have a nice weekend, big hugh Kathrin

  3. Beautiful blog and I love the lady "Pheasant".

  4. Hi Keith ..Hope your weekend is of to a good start!!
    You odviously had some rain... rather a wet but cute group!!
    Berries and birds make a great combination. I like that one!!

  5. Thanks Roy. :)

    Kathrin, thank you. Glad you enjoyed the pictures :)

    Thanks Bob :)

    Thanks Grammie. The weekend has been pretty good so far ;)

  6. Hi Keith - just beginning to visit all my favourite blogs. Lovely selection as usual and don't those rather damp Tits look sorry for themselves.

    Lovely Mrs. P shot! Hope the weekend goes well ;)

  7. Thanks Tricia. Yea those Tits do look a bit sad lol

  8. I don't think I have ever seen a pheasant perch on a branch. getting a birds eye view that way huh? lol :-) all the fluffed up little wet ones are cute.

  9. Thanks Doreen. Yea, the Pheasant does look strange being high up lol

  10. WOW, a wonderful line up for today!!! Love the Pheasant looking over her shoulder--

  11. Great selection of pictures Keith good to see the weather hasn't dampened your enthusiasm.

  12. Thank you Dixxe. She gave me some good poses before getting off her perch lol

    Thank you Bob. I like to try and get out each day when I can. :)

  13. The last bird was unknown for me. Nice pictures.

  14. Great post. Thought of you yesterday as I sat on a mountain at near 9000 ft watching Mountain Goats. You would love it here.

  15. Kozma, thank you for your comment.

    Thanks Dale. You're right; that sounds amazing!

  16. You are the birdman.. these beauties are always in perfect focus for you. And as always, you have the best photos.

  17. I like the Willow Warbler surrounded by the red berries, Keith.
    Do you really find the lady Pheasant "beautiful"? I can't make up my mind as she is obviously not a classic beauty... :-)

  18. Brilliant collection Keith,your Coat Tit is my favourite.
    Also love your Pheasant,nice capture.

  19. The pheasant is a real show stealer they usually look so drab.

  20. Hilary, thank you. Very kind of you to say :)

    Thanks Petra. Yea, I have a soft spot for Pheasants; but every bird is special in its own way.

    Thank you John :)

    Cheers Adrian :)