Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Thursday, 9 September 2010

September mornings

Misty mornings seem to be the order of the day here, at the moment, with very little sunshine. That is provided by these visitors to the garden, at the moment.

A young Goldfinch. Quite a large family of these arriving every day, and raiding the feeders, and tinkling away like wind chimes.

But elsewhere the signs of autumn are all too frequent, with the mushrooms poking through the damp ground. 

Some of the birds are slowly starting to show themselves a bit more, like this young Reed Warbler,

a fleeting glimpse of a Black Squirrel,

and a Robin singing his sorrowful song from a high branch.


I was thinking the other day, while listening to a Robin sing out his territory………..if birdsong was likened to human artists/singers; the Robin, for me, would be John Lee Hooker. So much blues and soul in his little voice.

Enjoy your day, whatever song you sing today.  



  1. Brilliant Goldfinch and what about the Black Squirrel. I've never seen one. John Lee Hooker was a truly remarkable man.

  2. Keith, never seen a black squirrel before, are there many round your way.

  3. Wonderful set Keith :)
    The Robin picture is absolutely gorgeous !!

  4. Hi Keith ...I found the Black Squirrel very interesting as I have never heard of one before!!
    Reed Warbler in the twigs and grass is a very nice photo!!
    Your Robins are not at all like ours in appearance!! I have seen large flocks of them around no doubt getting ready for there migration!!
    I do adore your Robin photo and the scentiment
    that you have for the song that he sings!!
    Alot of depth there Keith!!
    I am a very deep thinker and scentimental person but don't take this wrong...but I don't think the song was Boom boon was it?? ; } lol

  5. this pics a realy great and I love them all, but most favorite is Robin ! big hugh Kathrin

  6. Thanks Bob. Yea, John Lee was one of the greats.

    Only place for black squirrels near me Adrian, is at Woburn, in the deer park. I think they’re gradually getting a stronghold in the country though.

    Thank you Pescalune :)

    Thanks for your comments Grammie. No, it wasn’t Boom Boom lol

    Kathrin, thank you :)

  7. The top image is beautiful..Beautiful. Peacefull all of them.
    Have a beautiful day

  8. Thank you Lisa.
    Enjoy your day too :)

  9. The favorite Crooner in my yard is the White Throated Sparrow,,I love his little song!

  10. I've never seen a black squirrel either. I wonder if they'll spread like the greys?

  11. The small village where I was born, about 20 miles north of where I live now, only has black squirrels. For me, it is odd to see them, as all I have here are Eastern Grey Squirrels. Your photography is exceptional.

  12. ...your photo of the goldfinch is just stunning. I really like the red on their little faces--so different from ours. Although their song must be similar because wind chimes would aptly describe ours as well. Love the voice you chose to mimic the Robin. Very good!

  13. Thanks Dixxe. A world without birdsong would be a very sad place.

    Thanks Scriptor. I read a while ago they are establishing themselves rather well. What the greys did to our reds, the blacks are doing to the greys. Karma?

    Thank you for your comment Abe. Appreciate it.

    Kelly, thank you. :)

  14. Lovely photo of the young goldie peeping out. I am now getting up to twenty at a time with tempers fraying as they joust for feeder perches.

  15. Thanks John. They can be quite vocal at times, can't they.

    Thank you for your comment Claudia.