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Sunday, 10 October 2010

The 10/10/10 Challenge

David, of One Foote Closer, threw down a little challenge a while ago.
10 of whatever you want…………..10 pictures of the same thing, different ways, different things…….whichever way you wanted to interpret it; so long as it had ‘10’ in the theme. Well, it is the 10/10/10. Great idea, and not as easy as I first thought.

Since I don’t take much else other than birds, I thought I’d stick with those. But how to interpret it?

I did think about this a lot, believe it or not, and I decided to do 10 of the same bird, but hopefully showing it 10 different ways. Yea, not very inspiring, or original perhaps; but it gave me a chance to trawl through some pictures, and pick out some of my personal favourites.

Some of them I haven’t posted before either, so here we go, 10 shots of a Heron.

 A real punk hairstyle with this one. Caught him mid scratch.

We both surprised each other here. I was walking the edge of a lake, when up popped this head. We both stared at each other, before he flew off, and I managed a couple of shots. I like the angle of the eyes.

During the last winter, most of the lakes I visited were frozen over. This shot is at a place called Paxton Pits. The whole lake was solid, apart from one small area. This fox had decided to walk across the ice, and investigate the island in the middle of the lake. I think he decided, wisely, to leave the Heron alone.

Just a flight shot, but I liked the big white area he was flying into.

There are 11 Herons in this picture. One of our local lakes, Willen, has a Heronry on its island, and this particular day, some of them decided to stand in a group. I’ve never seen so many in one place before.

It’s the intense stare I liked in this one.

Another flight shot; this time with lunch. I’d watched him for a while, whilst he was fishing. He paraded around with it for a while after he caught it, then flew across the lake to eat it in peace.

Another ‘staring’ shot.

 Coming in to land, and into the sun. I just liked the light in this.

And the final shot, was from a very cold winters morning, the day after Christmas, a couple of years ago.

He looked so fed up and cold; like he’s got a shawl wrapped around his shoulders.

Hope you enjoyed them; and thanks David, for a great idea.



  1. an absolutely stunning set, the second is a real winner.

  2. Thanks Adrian. One of those 'grab' and 'hope' shots. Sorta worked. :)

  3. The first flying shot is perfect! I love it, as wel as the intense staring hehe. Great collection, Keith. My compliments. And the idea of "10" is also very interesting,I must try it in the future:)

  4. Hi Keith,
    All of them are gorgeous mate. I love the one with the fox, but the others are also quite good and original. A nice and funny challenge you got there ;-)

  5. Excellent series Keith. You did a great job.

  6. Brilliant! I loved every one of them. Herons are one of my favourite birds, the second photo made me laugh :)

  7. Thanks Joanna, glad you enjoyed them :)

    Cheers Chris. A great idea of David’s :)

    Thanks Roy.

    Thank you Jan. Yea, that second one was one of those ‘moments’. I still remember it lol

  8. Hi Keith...I have to dash but your post its great will talk about it later!! Hugs

  9. Very, very beautiful! Herons are such graceful creatures...you wouldn't think so with those long legs. I thought I'd take that challenge, too, but here it is...10/10/10...and I haven't. You're right. It's not an easy assignment. You certainly were up to the challenge, though!

  10. What a thrilling selection Keith, its hard to choose one pic above another so I won't try. All have a little special something... french phrase came to mind but I'm crap at spelling;-). Good luck for Wed 13th... Then you can move on and think more of the future and what you want to do. Hugs from Debs...

  11. Keith they are great. I like the punk look! I have a nephew who has the same hair style. Thanks for accepting the 10-10-10 challenge. I have just posted my own, please come and visit.

  12. In your perfect shot-pictures birds are gaining even more sympathy to me...

  13. Thanks grammie :)

    Thank you Cheryl, and thank you for taking the time to comment. Appreciate it.

    Sarah, thank you. :)

    Debbie, thank you. I know what you mean about spelling; not good at that either ;)

    David, thank you. A great challenge, and really enjoyed taking part. Thanks for having the idea.

    Rhudi, thank you very much. Appreciate your comment. :)

  14. You really captured this birds essence so to speak.. love the "look" he /she has.. when you two scared one another..
    really like the one with the fox.. all of them are once again amazing captures.. you must spend hours upon hours with these magnificent creatures.. I know I would..
    Have a lovely day..

  15. Hope, thank you for your comment. Yea, I'm fortunate to be able to spend a lot of time with nature at the moment.

    Thanks Matt :)

  16. Incredible shots - I checked out some more of your blog. That "serious" mallard shot is gorgeous!! I love his charcoal color and the look. It's serene! Hope your stint work goes well for you!

  17. You stood up to the challenges really nicely, those Herons were great.

  18. Thanks Paul ;)

    Stacey, thank you for stopping by, and your comments. :)

    Thank you Bob :)

  19. An interesting challenge and so well accomplished. Cheers FAB.
    BTW ... Let me know if something like this crops up in future as I may try something.

  20. 10 gorgeous shots of a heron! Love the one with the fish....and the first shot...and...you get the picture!

  21. Hi there, I got here via David's 10-10-10 post and I'm browsing through others 10 photos to see what everyone else came up with. Your bird shots are fantastic, I especially love the in flight ones! Beautiful and I'm glad I popped in! Time well wasted as they! :-)


  22. Thanks Frank. Had some fun with this, after some head scratching lol
    I guess another will be next year......11/11/11?

    Thanks Kelly. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Thanks for stopping by darlin, glad you enjoyed your visit.

  23. I think you get the best heron shots of anyone I know. Beautiful images one and all.

  24. Thank you Hilary; appreciate that :)

  25. What a great idea. Of them all I think the first is a cracker of a shot.

  26. Thank you John. It was a great fun doing this.

  27. Hay Adrian,
    what a wonderful blog.
    The fotos are so fantastic,it's great!
    Have a nice evening.
    Best whishes,

  28. All of these are beautiful. You sure captred nature at her finest.
    I missed the challenge.

  29. Great variety ofheron images! Love them all ;)

  30. fun meme idea! your shots are all fantastic. like the one with his catch of a fish in his beak.

  31. Great series of 10! I especially like the first image. Great pose, clarity, DOF and eye contact.

  32. Moni, thank you for stopping by, and your comment :)

    Thanks Lisa, glad you enjoyed them. I’m sure there will be more ‘challenges’ to come.

    Dominic, thank you for your comment :)

    Thanks Doreen. Yea, it was a great idea of David’s :)

    Karen, thank you for your comment. Appreciate it.

  33. A good idea! Wonderful pics and the second is my funny favourite:-)))))) Hugs from Luzia.

  34. Thank you Lucy. That's one of my favourites too :)

  35. What stunniing shots! Adorable.

  36. Lovely pics. Well done.

    Congrats on your POTW mention....

  37. That first one looks exactly like that famous shot from the Karate Kid!! Oh my goodness, that's perfect.

    These are wonderful shots, and I'm always so impressed by the ability of people with a good eye that capture not only the "oh look at the pretty visual" of a scene, but somehow catch the moment where the shot takes on life, and personality. I swear I think that one popping up from the brush wants to warn you to get off his lawn!

  38. Ladyfi, thank you for stopping by, and commenting.

    gaelikaa, thank you for stopping by, and your comment. :)

    Land of shimp , thank you. I tried to pick a few that were personal favourites for this challenge. ;)

  39. Just stopping back to say congratulations on being one of Hilary's POTW selections. It's very well deserved.

  40. Thank you Cheryl. Very good of you to say :)