Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Monday, 4 October 2010


Do you remember that bit from 2001, when HAL says, 'Dave, my minds going.....'

I know just how he feels. lol

I'll catch up later. Just the one picture today. Seems like she's thinking too.


  1. Thats a pensive look, perhaps she knows something about the winter we dont Keith.

  2. Take care of you Keith !
    The picture is absolutely beautiful :)

  3. This is such a wonderful moment, so soft the light - eye to eye .... dreamlike

    have beautiful autumweek,

  4. Hi Keith....I haven't a clue what your talking about lol,but I heard recently that a hug every day can make you feel healthier, so you know I'm sending Bigs Hugs hoping you can feel them!! ; }
    I like how that water dripping from the ducks beak reflects in the water...nice!!

  5. Keith, I feel that way at times myself, for me these feeling have orgins in matters of dealing with my family--much of the time they lean too heavily on me, and I begin to feel suffocated. I hope you can iron out your issues and get back to what you love more than anything...being out and about with your camera and bringing back your world to share with us here.

  6. You could be right Roy; I’m sure the animals know more than us at times.
    I’ve been watching lots of squirrels busily burying their winter store recently.

    Pescalune, thank you. :)

    Thank you Kelly :)

    Isabella, thank you :)

    Grammie, don’t worry; I don’t have a clue what I’m on about half the time either lol

    Thanks Dixxe. I don’t have much to do with my family, so I don’t get that problem lol

  7. A day out in nature can often help sort those thoughts out. You certainly have no problem finding beautiful places to roam. And I'm so glad you bring your camera, and subsequently your fans along.

  8. Hi Keith,
    I hope today treats you well and that you find some peace within those thoughts of today..
    I think your right about the animals knowing what is to come this winter.. seems most of the animals around here are rather pensive most days.. perhaps something for us humans to ponder upon??
    soft hugs Hope

  9. Thank you Hilary.I'm lucky to have so many nice places close to me. Glad you enjoy them.

    Hope, thank you. The animals are a good indication of what the weather may bring usually.

  10. I haven't seen the film but I know the feeling :)

    A lovely photo!

    Keep on keeping on, Keith...sending a hug :)

  11. Wonderful lighting and composition, capturing the mood superbly.

  12. It's just a picture, mighty fine it is.

  13. Thank you Jan :)

    Thanks Bobbster, appreciate it.

    Thank you Bob :)