Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Nature can seem to be cruel sometimes.

This Collared Dove turned up in the garden the other day, looking like he’d been in a fight with something, and come off worse.

Not sure if he’ll survive, but he’s been back a couple of times, so maybe he will.

Good job it isn’t winter, or I think he might not be so lucky.

So who was the aggressor? Well I think a cat can be ruled out. I doubt he’d have got away in one piece. That leaves another hunter.

This chap has made a couple of appearances recently.

The most likely candidate.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Unfortunately it is true for the nature too, sad. Thanks for the heads up, I usually don't get to see the cruel side of the nature. Hope all is well otherwise Keith. Anna :)

  2. Hi Keith...Poor guy looks like he got the worst of it huh!!
    Looks like you are probably right about who is culprit!! The Doves seem to be easy pry for the Hawks!!
    I have to get my buns of to bed it is late!!
    Have a great weekend and Double Big HUGS!! lol ; }

  3. So can life Keith as you well know. A lucky dove indeed.

  4. Whatever it was its had a good go, hope it survives, thers something very innocent about collered doves I really like.

  5. Gruesome indeed, still they got to eat like the rest of us. Whilst I was looking at your blog the resident robin in our garden is giving a sparrow a right seeing off, doesn'nt want to share the oats... with anybody. Is the bird of prey actually in your back garden Keith.

  6. Thanks Anna. It can be very cruel sometimes.

    Thanks Grammie; sleep well, and thanks for the hugs lol

    Cheers Adrian. Yea, life can be a bugger at times.

    I hope he survives too Mike. Must be cold at night though. :(

    Your Robin sounds like a little bully Debbie lol
    Yea, the Sparrowhawk is becoming a regular visitor to the garden. I like to see him, but the birds don't.

  7. Life is so cruel, but for a Sparrowhawk, it a way of living.

  8. I think you are probably right--thats an awesome hunter

  9. hi keith! my old swampy friend from long ago :)
    i am around more now, as spaces will soon be empty spaces, then spaceless, and we got booted to wordpress. well, i was already there, so no big deal to me.
    i see you still do lovely work! i have recently gotten pics of a mississippi kite, a sharpshinned hawk, and a hummingbird. most exciting! and we have purple martins and bats in the evening ... but hard to get shots of.
    see you around. i still have plenty of silvery scales to leave for presents ;)

  10. Poor dove, I agree with Mike there is something innocent about them.

    Mr Sparrowhawk has been busy here too, he seems to have a special dining area where there is a large collection of feathers :(

  11. Nature is tough. Your photos are great!

  12. Poor chap...hope he survives.

  13. Very true Bob; and we must never forget that.

    Thanks Dixxe. Yea, they’re beautiful birds.

    Kirstin, that’s a surprise to see you. Thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks Jan. They look so ‘gentle’ don’t they.

    Thank you for stopping by, and your comment ladyfi. Appreciate it.

    Thanks Trevor. I’ve not seen him today :(

  14. Tonight's forecast rain won't help the dove much. It will have a job keeping dry. I have been surprised in the past by how big a bird some feathered hunters will take on.

  15. Good record Keith wish my garden was a bit more exiting with "Hawks" etc. Good images which relate to the storey.

  16. I'm sometimes glad I don't see what really goes on in nature. I am too soft hearted. I guess that is the way it is though. we all must eat.

  17. I think you're right John. He's been absent today :(

    Thanks Bob. I've only recently noticed the Sparrowhawk as a visitor.

    Yea I agree Doreen. It is tough in the wild; I'm too soft as well ;)

  18. We're sheltered from almost all of what goes on in nature so when we see the occasional kill, or the results of a near-miss, it's shocking and disturbing. I hope he doesn't suffer too much.

  19. It's true, nature is cruel in a way. Our tomcat comes sometimes hurt after a few days being gone but I understand that this is how it works. I could close him at home to protect him, I could get him castrated but I do not want to do that. I think that we should help the weak but also respect the laws of nature. I hope that "your" dove will manage to make it.

  20. Poor dove--and yet I can't help being fascinated by birds of prey. They're beautiful, but they're not cuddly.

  21. Thanks Hilary. I think he's managing ok at the moment. He turned up yesterday, and was chasing the other birds away from the food. Still got some fight left in him lol

    Thank you Petra. Yea, agree with you there.

    Thanks JoLynne. Birds of prey certainly are beautiful; and have an air of superiority about them too, I think.