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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Old stuff

Not managed to take much recently, haven’t ventured further than my local lake for a while, and the return to work looms; so maybe not much from the local soon either.
So, a few pictures that got missed when I took them a little while ago; some even go back to September.

 A Chaffinch, from Stockgrove Country Park. I must try and get back there soon.

A dandelion seed head, and a stalk of grass.

Manx Loghtan sheep in thoughtful mode. Well, he might not be thinking much, maybe what he’ll eat next. There are a few of these at RSPB Sandy reserve. Somewhere else I’d like to go back to soon.
Interesting snippet; they almost died out in the 1950's, but now there are many thriving flocks across the British Isles.

 A Dunnock on a fence. Probably the ultimate LBJ.

 Incoming! Female Mallard coming to see if I had more than a camera.

 Canada Geese are just as curious too.

And I’ll finish on probably the most belligerent of all waterfowl species,

 a Coot attacking a Wigeon for no other reason than it was there.

Hope the rest of your week is peaceful.


  1. Nice pictures, especially the flying waterfoul and the nasty Coot, always attacking some poor Wigeon.

  2. realy nice pics, I love it, you know !!! big hugh Kathrin

  3. Well ok you can maybe send some more chaffinch over here, I've only seen one ;-) Beautiful post Keith. I hope the rest of the week will be fine for you too!

  4. As usual, this a great serie of well diversed images ;)

  5. I know it has been ages since I was by. hope you are doing okay. lovely photo as usual. be well.

  6. Thanks Bob. Those Coots are real bullies at times.

    Thank you Kathrin. Glad you enjoyed them. :)

    Thanks Chris. The Chaffinch is quite a common bird here, but I've not seen so many recently.

    Dominic, thank you.

    Thank you Ginger. Always good to see you. :)

  7. I'm glad you posted these Keith the mallard and goose are very good.

  8. Great shot of the male Chaffinch Keith.

  9. Hi Keith...Having seen anything from you today ..is all ok!!
    I don't know how I missed leaving a comment on this post yesterday ...No I didn't have a blackout lol
    Like that incoming Mallard!! Do you remember if you had to duck.. lol a little pun there ; }
    I think my duck is a female Blue Winged Teal
    but not sure I have not seen the male!!

    "Hugs my friend" hope all is good

  10. Great photos again Keith. I do like Dunnocks, I don't suppose there are any birds I don't like though :)

    Lovely 'coming in to land' ones too. I never seem to see Wigeon round here!

    Hope you are feeling much better than on your last post.

  11. Thank you John. The seed helped lol

    Thanks grammie. Yea, all Ok; just been a little hectic today :)

    Jan, thank you. Yea, making a steady recovery

  12. Lovely shots again Keith. Like Jan ...I like Dunnocks and our poor visitor is chased off by the Robin nearly everytime it comes to feed.

  13. Wonderful images as always. Had to look up "LBJ" in terms of birds though. Got it now. ;)

  14. Thanks Trevor. I used to have a Robin and Dunnock that seemed the best of friends for a time; then the Robin began to chase him away. They keep a healthy distance now.

    Thank you Hilary :)

    Horst, thank you :)

  15. wonderful pics as always. the dandelion is great! took me back to summer. weather is getting very cool here and the leaves have fallen off the trees.

  16. Thanks Doreen. We've had a right mix of weather this week, from frost through to sun. Still got plenty of leaves, but definitely cooler ;)