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Saturday, 16 October 2010

A quick post for the weekend

Today was the first day I’ve managed to get out, so I went round the local lake. Most of these pictures are from there. The first one though, is from the garden yesterday.

Ten Goldfinches on some of the feeders. Today I lost count at twenty; seems they’ve had a great year for breeding. I’ve never seen so many in the garden at once, it’s no wonder the Sparrowhawk is being seen more often.
And the half plucked Collared Dove seems to be doing well. His feathers seem to be growing back quite quickly. Should have a new coat in time for the winter.

Back to today’s pictures, and first one is a Wigeon.

There’s quite a few of these at the moment, along with the Tufted Ducks and Pochards. Very shy though. As soon as I get close, they swim off into the middle of the lake.

 This one, from last week, is doing the famous ‘whistle’ as he swims around.

The real ‘star’ though, has been the Red Crested Pochard. There’s five now; pictures on the other blog.

A female Mallard flew in close this morning,

she probably thought I’d come with some bread. Maybe next time girl.

These Cormorants were enjoying the morning sun,

 and this Grey Wagtail posed nicely for a while.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. Wow, that was awesome, have a nice weekend to you.

  2. How many feeders you got there... Ritz at the keith residence for birds.

  3. Thank you Bob. Have a good weekend too. :)

    Cheers Pete :)

    Thanks Debbie. Erm, that's about half of them lol
    They eat better than I do.

  4. Great stuff Keith I don't think I have seen so many feeders and Goldfinch in one place. Looks like your garden is going to be very popular in the winter months.

  5. Thanks Bob. Certainly getting plenty of visitors each day. I need to start stocking up for the winter months.

  6. Beautiful, as always. I love your feeders. I need some sort of pole now for mine. We just had to take down our diseased plum tree and that was the only decent spot for a feeder before. Yours look wonderful.

  7. Keith, wow the one with reflection.
    Have a good weekend, and it is always nice to see your explorations. Anna :)

  8. Thanks Lenora. They certainly get them emptied pretty quickly at the moment.

    Thank you Hilary. I've got two of those pole feeders in the garden, and it's such a small garden, they pretty much fill it lol
    Love to get a few more though.

    Anna, thank you. Glad you enjoy your visits. :)

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  10. Glad to see you out and about Keith.

  11. Great set of bird feeders:) We have bought one in this shape this year and we placed it in our garden last Wednesday. I wonder if the birds will come to us:) As for the photos... I love the last two pictures of the Grey Wagtail:)

  12. Lovely photos as ever, my favourite is the first wagtail one, a real beauty!

    There is something about Cormorants gathered together like that, they somehow look like judges collected together in a courtroom to hand out a sentence to the condemned man (or bird in this case). There you go, a collective name for them, a court of Cormorants! :)

  13. canvas print, thank you for stopping by, and your kind comments.

    Thanks Adrian. Yea, had to get out, I was going mad lol

    Joanna, I'm sure once the word gets around, you'll have plenty of birds visiting your feeders.

    Thanks Jan. I rather like that name for a group of Cormorants ;)

  14. That first shot made me smile. They arranged themselves perfectly for you--you must have them trained.

  15. Glad to hear everything went well last week.

    Looks like the feed bill is escalating ... no wonder you have so many Goldies.

  16. Hi Keith.

    I have also noticed an increase of Goldies on the feeder but have never hit more than six.
    Love the Grey Wagtail shots.. a lovely colourful bird to photograph and often will pose for a short while. Hope the weekend went well.

  17. Same here Keith with the Goldies. They arrive two or three times daily as a large flock. Pleased to hear the Collared Dove has survived the cold damp weather.

  18. Thank you Sarah, glad you enjoyed them :)

    Thanks JoLynne. It looks like chaos at times, when they all drop in at once lol

    Cheers Frank. If I get any more turn up, I'm going to need a lottery win lol

    Thanks Trevor. It's great to see so many Goldies about; real beauties. Had quite a busy weekend; need to try and catch up again now.

    Thank you John. At the moment there's about 14 Goldies on the feeders, and the poor Blue Tit is having trouble getting a look in. :(

  19. All great as usuall but the Cormorants take first place today in my world. Glad to see your out and about!

  20. Thanks Dale. Yea, I'm feeling a bit better each day now. :)

  21. Oh Keith, the comoranes are so beautiful! It seems to be a little paradise for them.... Wish you a good week with a lot of inspirations. Hugs from Luzia.

  22. Wow the grey wagtail shots are splendid Keith, but I also love the wigeon! Well done!

  23. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You


  24. I love the bit of red on your goldfinches are dont have that-Love the poochard shot and the cormorants, a very candid shot!! awesome again----;o)

  25. Thank you Dixxe; glad you enjoyed them. :)