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Sunday, 24 October 2010

A quick Sunday post

Had a crap day yesterday; and that’s being polite about it.

I woke up a bit later than usual, feeling very strange. I ached, and felt like I didn’t belong where I was. Walking was an effort.
I had a very quick walk round half the local lake, came home, and fell asleep for the rest of the day. I have a lot of catching up to do.
Yesterday was 9 months and a day since my heart attack.
Apparently 9 is a very significant number.
I’m not religious, but I believe in some things.

Anyway, enough of this, here’s some pictures.

Had some Long Tailed Tits descend on the garden, briefly, the last few days.

I love the way they sweep in, have a quick feed, and then go.

Another visitor that has recently been coming is this one.

A Coal Tit. It was interesting watching him; he’d take a seed, fly down to the garden with it, and either eat it, or bury it, and then go back for more. I think I might have a garden full of Sunflowers next year.

Away from the garden now, and a couple of a Grey Wagtail.

These were from a couple of weeks ago, from a very cooperative bird.

And last one for now, a Black-headed Gull.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. Hope you are feeling a bit better today....much better i should have said. Lovely reflection of the Grey Wagtail.

  2. Take care Keith. Maybe you have overdone things recently. Great shot of the LTT. They don't stay still for very long. The Coal Tits here are moving sunflower seeds all day. Like you I should end up with a garden full of them next year ;)

  3. Hope you're feeling a bit better today. Love that Long Tailed Tit, wish they would descend on our garden!

  4. Hi Keith...the last photo is very nice..colors are great.
    I wonder what a bird thinks when he see his reflection..lol : }
    I knew something was wrong,if you feel up to it email me!! Caring Hugs!

  5. I hope this day is better for you. Those are soem great bird photos. I have never seen a Grey Wagtail or a Long Tailed Tit. Those are cool.

  6. The LTT's are great characters Keith and when they turn up like that they don't seem to mind someone pointing a camera at them.

  7. Thanks Adrian. Yea, a lot better than yesterday; still feel knackered though lol

    John, I think you’re probably right; overdone it a bit I think.
    Those Coal Tits are great garden helpers lol

    Thanks Paul. Yea, those Long Tails are lovely little birds. Full of character.

    Thanks Grammie. Yea, I often wonder what the birds think. :)

    Thank you Josh. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Cheers Roy. Yea, I could watch their antics all day.

  8. Very sorry to read you were out of sorts yesterday, I wonder if you tried to do too much too soon, I was afraid you might!

    Love the photos as always particularly the LTT , I too love it when they all rush in and then rush out just as fast :)

    I mentioned to a couple of people recently that I hadn't seen Coal Tits in the garden much lately so just to prove me wrong there was one zipping in and out to the feeders today. Take care Keith and TAKE IT EASY! :)

  9. Let's imagine that these nasty things are all wastes of time, and it isn't anything but a bad after 9 months, it was only a dream.
    I love the Long-taoled Tit, but I love all of them.

  10. I'm impressed with the bird in flight. It's the kind of shot I covet but haven't pulled off well yet.

  11. Thanks Jan. Yea, I guess I should slow a bit lol

    Thank you Bob. :)

    Thank you JoLynne. I got lucky with that shot.

  12. The last shot is a fantastic flight shot, nice and sharp vivid colour. Take it easy out there, you have done well so far so don't over do it now. Hope your feeling better soon.

  13. Love the garden birds. Our Coal Tits do exactly the same as you have described. The LTT are always welcome in any garden and are a joy to watch. Hope you are feeling better.

  14. For goodness sake, take care of yourself and allow the healing process to work for you. Keep improving. And thanks for the beautiful photos. As always, they're wonderful.

  15. Thank you Bob. I was pleased with that shot too.
    Yea, I've not been very patient with all this.

    Thank you Trevor. It's great watching their antics. Off to the local soon, to see if anything new has dropped in.

    Thank you Hilary. Yea, I'll try and slow down a bit :)

  16. ...beautiful photographs. Love that little wagtail...the yellow shade is beautiful. I hope you're feeling better by morning...

  17. Im loving the photos of the wagtail..wonderful!! Dr Dixxe says MORE REST and work back slowly to your norm routine-
    Dont get discouraged, time heals everything.

  18. Hi Keith,
    wow mate, you are still feeling bad! Well take care mate and easy up a bit... I'll send you a lot of good thoughts, hoping that they will give you a better health soon....
    Your little long-tailed tit pictures is beautiful but the grey wagtail reflection shot is awesome!

  19. Thanks Chris; glad you enjoyed the pictures.
    I think everything caught up with me at the weekend. Feel better after some rest.

  20. I think you've done amazingly Keith, and many of us have been with you ' in spirit' all the way mate.
    I continue to enjoy the heck out of your blog. Keep it up !

  21. Thanks Nick, appreciate your comments. :)

  22. Thanks for the comment you left on my My garden Birds blog, I was surprised to actually see the coal tit hiding all these Sunflower seeds. He was working so hard and I felt privelidged to be able to watch the little fellow.
    I also thought about all the sunflowers that will coming up next year, I bet my neighbours will be wondering why sunflowers are growing in their gardens too.
    Love your blog by the way.

  23. Thank you woodpecker :)
    Fascinating to watch their antics.

  24. Oh, this Long Tailed Tit is so sweet! I have never saw one of them in our area:-(( Keith, I wish you a wonderful and exciting weekend with a lot of good shots. Hugs from Luzia.

  25. Thank you Lucy. They are lovely little birds. Have a good weekend too. :)