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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Some news

Just want to share some news before the post proper.

Finally got my hospital appointment through, for next Wednesday, 13th. Yea, crap date, but never mind, it could be lucky. If I’ve read the letter correctly, it seems another stent after all. 
And all being well, I should feel like a twenty year old after.  lol

Have to be there this Friday, for 8:30, for an admissions clinic, so I should have all the details of what’s going to happen then.

Ok, as Freddie once said, ‘the show must go on

An excited goose. A happy Canada Goose, to be exact.

And the reason for his excitement; a quick splash earlier.

A serious looking Mallard.

A male, flying in, to see if I had food, or just a camera.

And the last one for now,

an excited duck.

Hope your day is exciting too.


  1. Good luck, fingers and paws crossed here for you.

  2. A 20 year old! I wouldn't mind feeling like a 20 something again. You doing it the hard way, I'm looking for something in pill form! All joking aside, I do hope and wish the best for you. May the good Lord bless you with a speedy recovery.

  3. Thanks Adrian :)

    David, thank you :)

  4. ...good luck with your procedure--my grandpa was born on Friday the 13th, so I always considered it a good luck day! Love that last shot, the profile is very cool. Love the action in the splashfest, and you're right! That mallard looks seriously serious!

  5. Hmm not sure my post worked so I will do it again.. Great news, OMG how many pics will we get if your feeling 20 again;-). I can picture your face when you read it was a 13th, prob a bit like that mallards face me thinks

  6. love your pictures.. and I hope you will be feeling like 20 after your hospital visit!

  7. And me, good luck on Wednesday 13th. The pictures are really, really good.

  8. I have a dentist's appt. today, so I'm hoping more for calm than excitement ;)

    Love the photos! Excellent shots!
    Whatever the prognosis / procedure — I hope you're feeling better soon!

  9. Great shots Keith.
    Admissions clinic sessions were always guaranteed to make my blood pressure rocket.
    20 yr old eh. Does that mean you will be using 'texting speak' in your blog? lol.

  10. Thanks Kelly. Yea, I'm sure it'll be a good day :)

    Thanks Debbie. Yea, I did smile a bit, and mumble something, when I read the date lol

    Anita, thank you for your comment, and following. :)

    Thank you Bob :)

    Thanks Sarah. Hope the dentist appointment goes well.......and calm ;)

    Thanks John. Txt speak, hmmmm......nah, hate it lol

  11. At last Keith. I hope everything goes well for you.
    (A twenty year old eh!)

  12. Hi Keith, I'm happy that you're getting better and good luck with your new appointment.
    I love the shots of the excited Canada goose ;-)

  13. Lots of energy in the photos today, Keith great stuff!

    Sending you lots of luck for the 13th, my Dad was born on Friday 13th so to me it is a special day! I hope it will be a special day for you too by returning you to much better health, I will be thinking of you.

  14. Hi Keith...that is fabolous news. I cannot tell you enough how happy I am for you !!
    I bet you felt like that Canadian goose in your first photo!!lol : }
    I never think of Mallards looking serious, they always look like they are smiling to me!!
    Wonderful photos....."Big Happy Hugs" my friend

  15. Oh I don't doubt you will feel much better after the procedure. A twenty year old would be bonus. ;) The 13th has always been lucky for me so take that good luck with you next Wednesday.

  16. Those are fun photos. Best wishes for Friday.

  17. Cheers Roy. Yea, I vaguely remember 20 lol

    Thanks Chris :)

    Thank you Jan, appreciate that. :)

    Thanks grammie; and the hugs ;)

    Hilary, thank you. :)

    Thank you JoLynne :)

  18. Im glad to hear its only a stent that is recommended, you already know what to expect on that one-soon it will be history and you can get one with what you love to do. Will be checking in to see how you are doing.
    EXCELLENT shots today...love the action-Thanks so much for doing this for US to enjoy!!!

  19. Keith - I'm just catching up after being away for a few days!! So I'm delighted to hear that you're finally getting that stent!! You must be so relieved and, yes, you'll no doubt be bouncing around like a new born lamb afterwards :D :D

  20. Hope you're up and about like a spring chicken soon, best wishes for Friday/Wednesday :-)

  21. Very interesting moments of the life the ducks.

  22. Well, Keith, I have always found the 13th to be lucky, so I will try to push my good luck your way. ;-) I'll be thinking of you.

  23. Thank you Dixxe. Like you say, it will be like history, this will be the third time for one, and second time for the other. Hope they’re the last :)

    Thanks Tricia. Catching up is something I have to do; I’ve got so far behind. Lol
    Hope you had a good time.

    Thanks Paul :)

    Kozma, thank you :)

    Thank you Wilma, appreciate it. :)

  24. I always thought that geese and ducks are quite common and boring birds but your shots prove me wrong ;-).

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you so that everything goes well. And remember, it's good enough to be twenty, don't go lower! :-)

  25. oh you know, I love this kind of pics realy much ! big hugh Kathrin

  26. Thanks Petra :)

    Kathrin, thank you :)

  27. Sending good thoughts your way for your procedure and hoping you are able to dance like a 20 year old after! :-) Loved seeing the goose w/ his wings spread - makes him seem even larger.

  28. Thank you Shelley. Had a few tests done today, and all seems well. :)

  29. Well my friend you've waited long enough so all the best for next week.
    How the hell will we keep up with the Bionic Man!! Take care. FAB.

  30. good luck with your appointment. hope all goes well for you. great shots as always. have a great weekend!!

  31. Dear Keith, good luck, fingers and paws crossed here for you and wish you all the best tomorrow!!! Hugs from Luzia.