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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Weekend again

Had a busy few days, with a meeting at work, doctor’s appointment, shopping, and a visit from my sister. There really doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day, and it will seem worse next week; the return to work on Wednesday, if my doctor agrees.
I’ve mixed feelings about going back; I’ll just have to see how it works out.

A few pictures to sort through, but I don’t think that will take too long, most look crap anyway, and a lot of blogs to catch up on.

So, just a few random shots for the weekend…….

A Black-headed Gull tucking into a hearty meal of fish.

 Grey Heron, looking very purposeful.

 A young Great crested Grebe

 An older Wigeon

And a peaceful looking Mallard to finish with.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  1. Bets of luck with work, don't think I could go back full time just haven't the time.

  2. Well good luck for your return to work Keith.

  3. HI Keith...glad to see your post at least I know that you are still with us..lol ; }
    I was worried but see you have been pretty busy !!
    Still always like the Mallard, with there smiley face!!. : }
    Hugs my friend!

  4. Oh look at me Im up early and first to say Happy Halloween-and wow!! Great weekend shots, I especially like the one of the gull eating his legs are so colorful!
    Nice to have a visit from family-Im traveling today driving up to my Sisters home its about 150 miles away! SO Ill see ya on the flip side!

  5. ...there is never enough time it seems. I always tell Rick I just want to live in the woods and watch, photograph and paint birds, but that pesky work thing gets in the way...and obligations...and grocery shopping...and...

    The first shot really caught my attention, and the last shot is so peaceful. I love its liquid feel.

  6. enjoy your weekend also Keith!! getting back to work is scary at first. but soon you will be back in the groove. great shots as always!!

  7. Great bird shots. Always a favourite subject of mine. Be well.

  8. Fingers, etc. crossed that all goes well for / on your return to work Keith.
    Great set of photos again. My favourite - the Heron in flight.

  9. There are some great shots there Keith, good luck with work, should you be allowed back.

  10. The mallard duck image is very calming and the wide format is very effective on this image ;)

  11. Apologies for late replies; a friend needed some help yesterday, and the hour was rather late when we got back.

    Thanks Adrian, I know just what you mean.

    Thanks Roy. After the first day, I think it will seem like I've never been away lol

    Still ticking over grammie lol
    I'll get there eventually.

    Thanks Dixxe. Have a safe trip, and enjoy yourself. :)

    Kelly, that ideal sounds good to me too lol

    Thanks Doreen. Yea, the first couple of days could be hard.

    Thank you Hilary. Glad you enjoyed the birds :)

    Thank you John. A lottery win would be good; I wouldn't have to go back then lol

    Bobster, thank you. Yea, it all depends on what the doctor says on Monday.

    Thank you Bob. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Dominic, thank you. :)

  12. If you do return to work, Keith, I hope it all goes well for you. Nice atmosphere in the Mallard picture.

  13. Thank you Emma.
    Yea, if work don't pan out, I suppose I could always take early retirement.
    Hmmmmm, sounds a good idea ;)

  14. I hope it is gonna be ok to go bacl to work for you.. You got a nice set of images there. Here it was too windy to go out, even if I know that waxwings are around;-)

  15. Thanks Chris. Yea, I'm not completely sure about work; I'll have to see how it goes.
    We're getting a few Waxwing sightings near here at the moment.

  16. Great stuff, really like the Heron.
    Cheers Colin.

  17. The Heron flight shot is brilliant... :)

  18. Time is never enough on a weekend;)) I wish you a good start at work and a nice week! Your heron pic is wonderful. A lot of hugs from Luzia.

  19. Thanks for your comment Colin. They make good subjects :)

    Angad, thank you :)

    Lucy, thank you. I seem to be fighting the clock all the time.

  20. I hope you feel well enough to go to work - take care of you! Liked the classic heron pose and loved that background of the mallard photo - looks like he was in a light fog.

  21. Thanks Shelley. Yea, it was quite misty that morning, with the Mallard.

  22. Lovely photos as always Keith, My favourite I think is the Wigeon, I never seem to see any!

    I doubt any of your photos ever 'look crap' :)

    I assume by the time you read this you will have spent your first day at work since your illness, I hope it has gone well and not seemed too hard after so long away.

  23. Thanks Jan.
    Slight delay with work; the doctor says I'm not ready yet, probably next Wednesday now lol

  24. Sorry Keith, I got my days mixed up and was thinking it was Wednesday today, I must be losing it! Glad you have another week's grace though :)

  25. Hey Jan, I lose it all the time lol