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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Ducks and gulls

The weather recently hasn’t been that good for taking pictures.

Misty. Days of it. It doesn’t stay all day though, it usually clears eventually, and allows the chance for a few pictures.

 A trio of Tufted Ducks.

 A Pochard having a good flap.

What I’ve been trying to do recently though, is get some pictures of a local gull roost. Today I managed……..sort of. There’s more about that here; on my other blog.

But to continue the gull theme, a few recent pictures. A lot of people aren’t keen on gulls, for various reasons. 

I think they get a bad press, a bit like Crows.

I think they’re great.

 Common Gull, taking a break from all the excitement of being a gull.

 Here’s another, amongst a group of Black-headed Gulls. One looks rather bored too.

 One flying by, searching for some food.

And the last one for now, another Black-headed Gull.

Should I have cloned out the other gull? Nah, I think he keeps the main one in the picture.

Enjoy the rest of the week.


  1. Well done despite the weather. We are getting the same over here. Not even snow or anything like that but foggy and relatively warm days for the season!

  2. The weather seems all over the place Chris. One day mild, then cold; crazy lol

  3. I'm with you there about weather interfering with the ability to take any pictures Keith!!

    But your first misty pic is great!! Lovely to get the sun rising through it.

    Perhaps we'll see a little sun before tooooo long :)

    (and the word verification is: winge - not that I am of course ;) )

  4. Hi Keith....inspite of the weather; very good ...like the first and last photo very much!!
    We had terrible rain this morning...the basement had dryed but... I'm back to my pool again!! lol

  5. Thanks Tricia.
    Some of these word verifications are pretty apt at times aren't they. A bit of sun forecast for tomorrow here; hope so.

    Thanks Grammie. Maybe you could charge people to go swimming in your basement? lol

  6. It might be gloomy weather, but you caught the Black-headed Gull flying, that's wondrous.

  7. Thank you Bob. They are great subjects.

  8. Cracking early morning shot, the gulls do get bad press but often produce good images as here, good stuff Keith.

  9. That misty dawn image is exquisite!

  10. All beautiful Keith! I think my favourite is the first Pochard.

    It was wet, dark and miserable here all day today :(

    Gulls have definitely grown on me, I take much more notice of them than I used to, not that I see that many locally.

    Err...one of your labels was Mistle Thrush...? :)

  11. the first image took my breathe away Keith! love it!!

  12. I love how the trio of ducks are all lined up and sharp capture of the gull in flight while he's bringing his wings forward. I think you did very well for a gloomy day!!

  13. Keith...that first photo is stunning. I love the misty colors and softness--gloomy was actually very good for your camera! Beautiful wing shots as well...

  14. Great pictures! And the misty one is GORGEOUS!

  15. You seem to be ghetting some pretty good images even with this wheater! The landscape, first image, is very interesting ;)

  16. Thanks Bob. Birds with a lot of a character I think ;)

    Thanks Phil. The mist can yield some good images at times.

    Thank you Jan. Had a look at that label, think I’ve sussed what happened there.
    Google in its attempt to take over the world, use predictive input for labels based on what’s been used before. ‘Mist’ became ‘Mistle Thrush’. Grrrrr
    I’ll have to be more vigilant in future.

    Thank you Doreen. Time to get my wide-angle lens out soon I think, with winter landscapes on the menu :)

    Thank you Shelley. My computer ‘bin’ tells a different story lol

    Kelly, thank you. Misty mornings can have their advantage.

    Nicole, thank you. Popular picture it seems :)

    Thank you Dominic. It’s good that at the moment I have the time to keep trying for a shot.

  17. Nice gull shots Keith, but the first image at the top is another one of your masterpieces.

  18. it may have been foggy, but it made for an excellent landscape shot! Love the birds, too!

  19. I do like to see Common Gulls, Keith. And the sunset is very atmospheric.

  20. Thank you Jill :)

    Emma, thank you :)

  21. Great gull shots in this post...and I really like the duck trio, great composition on that photo!! Hope the mist lifts soon--but with changing tempts we have it here in the mornings too, usually burns off fast.

  22. Great shots, particularly the gull flight shot.

  23. Thanks Dixxe. We got mist again this morning; I don't think the lake will be showing much later.
    Yesterday the mist hung round all day/

    Thanks Harold. They are great subjects.