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Monday, 29 November 2010

First day back

Today was the day, the first day back at work.

I was very apprehensive and a little worried about returning to work after such a long absence.
The ‘working’ day started at 10 a.m………..usually this would have been 6 a.m., but my employers were very good in allowing me to start later; and for a reduction in hours for the time being.
A semi formal meeting with management, (formality isn’t my strongest point), to get the paperwork out the way, and then it was time to ‘work’.

This consisted of a lot of handshaking and well wishes from my friends and colleagues. A lot, because no work was actually done today. For me, it was quite an emotional day, and tiring, despite just ‘talking’.
With the first day out of the way, tomorrow I can get on with easing myself back into it all.

Right now, I feel like I've done a weeks work; I feel exhausted. An early night I think.

I’ve certainly missed my visits round my local lake, but the discipline of work will probably be good for me.



  1. Glad you made it throught the day Keith, I had 11 months off a few years back and it feels a bit odd when you first go back, however take it easy and you will soon get back in the day to day routine.

  2. Thanks Bob. Yea, it certainly felt strange going back.

  3. Hang in there, normal will return. On 10-24-10 I had surgery on my knee, today is my first day back as well but mine was a short absence. I am slow, I hobble a lot but I am back. The hope and plan is to be able to go up the mountains again instead of around! Keep those spirits up and we will be watching.

  4. Thanks Dale. I think by the end of the week, it will seem like I've never been off lol
    Hope you make a speedy recovery, and get up those mountains soon. :)

  5. Good luck for your new job, or it sounds like it is a new job. I often think that happening, but I, 12 years on, I'd probably go mad.. Nice Swan!

  6. HI keith,
    You just have to take your time to go full speed again.. I guess you felt strange to be back there, but it is also good to see this people again, isn't it...
    You are on the good path, you just have to be patient with yourself ;-) Take care mate!

  7. Well, Keith...everyone of us has moments like this...when we have to slow down .Take care , my friend!
    Best regards from Romania!

    Here some swans for you:


  8. Well - that's the first step taken and done and dusted. Sounds as though you have some excellent work colleagues to have had such a social day! Nice one.

    Each day will have its own rewards - please don't rush them....

    (oh and that's rather a splendid pic of the swan.... wish it were mine lol )

  9. It will get easier as the days turn into weeks and weeks into months. Just take it slow and before you know it, you will have worked away to retirement and loving those walks around the lake again. The birds will surely be glad to see you whenever you can visit.

  10. OH I know it felt good to get that first day behind you...Hope its all down hill from here...easy peasy!

  11. This is a good thing. we need to be out in the world - for the social benifit if nothing else. Camillo is 85 next June and still working, but from home, from restaurants, from conventions, from social calls at old friends offices - but he gets paid, and gets to talk new technology and is happy. I am glad you are mending - love your photos, why don't you do a photo book of your birds.... sell a couple 100 thousand and retire in style.
    I would buy your book.

  12. Thanks Bob. I certainly felt like the new boy there lol

    Thank you Chris. It was good to see my old friends at work; but I can’t wait for my next day off lol
    I’ll certainly take it easy though.

    Thank you Wind, appreciate that.
    (I couldn’t get the link to work)

    Tricia, thank you. Yea, I have some very good mates at work, including the managers.
    Glad you liked the Swan. A favourite at the moment. :)

    Thank you Dar. Retirement sounds great at the moment, and I couldn’t think of a better way of spending it. :)

    Thanks Dixxe. Downhill is how I felt last night lol
    Exhausted. Still, today is another day. :)

    Thank you Ginger. Camillo sounds like an amazing man.
    The book idea sounds good. New Year project I think. Thanks :)

  13. allways so beauty your pics, allways it makes me so happy to see, big hugh Kathrin
    have a nice day !!!

  14. A managed return sounds good, Keith: It makes sense to approach your return to work in this way. I hope it all goes well for you - you are sure to be anxious about almost everything after your illness and returning to work can not be a entirely stressless element in the process. Good luck and take care.

  15. Good to hear that you're getting back into the grind of everyday life - may you have continued good health
    : )

    Love the picture!

  16. It comes as a surprise how a break lessens our stamina. When I was teaching, returning after a 6 week Summer break was always very tiring for the first few days until the routine kicked in.

  17. Congratulations on getting back to work after 10 months of rest.

    WOW, it should have been an eventful first day...Thomas

  18. Hi Keith, I'm glad you got the first day out of the way, I had a feeling you would find it exhausting, mentally if not physically. I'm sure it will get easier as the days go on. Try to GET PLENTY OF REST! I suspect when your employers allowed you to start at ten they didn't imagine you would be freezing yourself solid by the side of a lake at some unearthly hour beforehand ;)

    That is a gorgeous photo of the swan!

  19. Thank you Kathrin. I’m glad you enjoy the pictures :)

    Thank you Emma. Yea, I’m going to take it easy at work from now on. :)

    Sarah, thank you. :)

    Thanks John. I was really tired after yesterday, and today, and I haven’t exactly done very much yet.

    Thank you Thomas. It feels like I’ve never been off now lol

    Thanks Jan. Yea, I have Jim to thank for getting me up lol
    3 a.m. this morning! And now he’s fast asleep!

  20. ...glad your first day back went well....and thank goodness you can go back with reduced hours. Hope you get to bed early tonight. I'm sure you're exhausted.

  21. Thanks Kelly. Exhausted is the word lol
    I think it might take a while, but I'll get there in the end.

  22. Good luck, I'm sure you'll soon get back into the swing of things.

  23. Thanks Harold. Already it feels like I've never been away lol