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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Quick one for the weekend

Time I did a post on here.

I’ll start with a real splash of colour,

 a handsome male Mandarin.
(thanks Wilma. I reckon it's all these tablets I'm on  lol)

And about to make a splash,

 a female Mallard coming in to land.

A trio of Tits up next,

 Marsh, Great and Blue, respectively.

A watchful gaze from two bigger birds,

 Grey Heron, and a Mute Swan cygnet.

And I’ll finish with a gaze from a smaller bird,

 a Robin.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  1. A lovely set of images Keith. Great shot of the Mallard landing.

  2. All photos in this set are beautiful, but personally, I love the first two - the first one for the colours and the second one for the composition and pose of this duck. It is very difficult to "catch" a bird in such a pose. Greetings, Asia.

  3. Roy is right - the mallard landing is terrific. You timed that shot right! Love them all. I think you may have had a brain spasm on the first one - isn't that a Mandarin? Of course I have never seen one in person, so what do i know? ;-)


  4. Thanks for your comments Joanna. :)

    Thanks Wilma......yea, you're right. My heads gone lol

  5. Those are all strong photos. I still love the brown backdrop behind the robin. What is that plant?

  6. Thanks JoLynne. The Robin is amongst some Bracken, that has seen better days.

  7. I think the colour scheme on a Mandarin Duck must have been designed by a committee ;)
    The Robin stands out nicely on the dead bracken.

  8. Hi Keith... the Mallard is a very nice photo!!
    Nice colorful Mandarin but every time I think Mandarin duck I think of Oriental restaurant!! lol

  9. What a lovely set of pictures for the weekend, Keith. The Robin is my particular favourite. Hope you are well and work ok, if you returned to work yet that is. Take care.

  10. I love that first shot. all the colors and patterns work for me.

  11. Great serie of images, love the robin shot, and the Manadrin is awseome ;)_

  12. You too enjoy the rest of the week-end. The mandarin picture is beautiful but I also love the tits and the robin! Well done Keith. I went to see the bohemian today but none were there, it was too windy to see anything!

  13. Very nice tones on the Grey Heron image Keith

  14. Oh, this a absolutely wonderful pictures!! The swan and the robin are simple stunning!!!

  15. Keith, the male Mandarin is really colourful and great set of images. Will surely let you know in case we make plans to visit UK next year. This year Hiya is to young to let us enjoy...lol

    Have a great weekend.


  16. They are all gorgeous Keith! I have never seen a Mandarin Duck apart from in books, blogs etc. but I have always thought they look like they have been made from patches of felt :)

  17. Thanks John. The male Mandarin is so outrageously colourful isn’t it.

    Grammie, the Mandarin is way too exotic to eat lol

    Thanks Emma. Still off work at the moment, but hopefully can go back in a couple of weeks.

    Thank you Ginger. Nature made a good job on the Mandarin.

    Dominic, thank you. :)

    Thanks Chris. Hope you get to see the Waxwings again soon. Beautiful birds.

    Thank you Matt; appreciate your comments.

    Veredit, thank you very much. :)

    Shantana, thank you. I look forward to a possible visit.
    Have a great weekend too

    Thank you Jan. I think when Nature created the Mandarin, it was high on life. lol

  18. A really nice pictures, especially the Mandarin Duck and the Heron, they are outstanding.

  19. Hi Keith some great shots again, the swan cynet is my favourite with an excellent bit of side lighting.

  20. A great series of birds. I love the mandarin, the gaudiest of the ducks. It seems to have become pretty common in parts of the U.K.

  21. Keith beautiful collection.
    I fell in love with a little robin, so adorable.
    BTW you really did start with nice splash of colors, nature is amazing to create such beauty.
    Hope all is well, Anna :)

  22. The Mandarin is again superb but I must admit the Mallard is the best.

  23. Thank you Bob :)

    Thanks Bobbster :)

    Thank you Harold. Yea, there’s a few places where the Mandarin has become quite common; but other areas it’s a real rarity. I’m lucky to have a colony very near to me.

    Thank you Anna. The Mandarin is so colourful.

    Thanks Adrian :)

  24. Oh that Mandarin is super!! Great swan portrait!

  25. Thanks Dixxe. That Mandarin certainly stands out in a crowd ;)

  26. A great set of pictures, with a wonderful shot of the Mandarin. I saw a male Mandarin yesterday, was getting my camera out when someone further up the lake got out some bread. All the birds made a mad dash for the bread giver including the mandarin so I decided I would try for a shot later. Of course later when I returned to the car the place where I had seen the Mandarin, there was no sight of it.
    I did see a pair of Black swans with very young cygnets, have posted some pictures on my blog.

  27. Thanks woodpecker.
    I find it amazing how quickly the ducks and geese quickly associate some people with food.
    Had a look at your Black Swans; hope the cygnets survive our winter.

  28. The colours of the Mandarin duck are so wonderful! And the little Robin is looking so sweet:-)) I wish you a fine new week and send hugs from Luzia.

  29. I can sure tell you when I visit here and see these fine birds you capture I smile and just love your view. Someday I hope to get some as good as you . It take hard work and I see that just what you do.

  30. ...I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It went way to fast for me. I loved the photo of the Tit hanging on the leaf and the mallard about to splash into the water--what a cool shot!

  31. Lucy, thank you. Hope your week is a good one too. :)

    Lisa, thank you very much. Really appreciate your kind words.

    Thanks Kelly. Time just goes too quickly these days.

  32. Love the color in this post, and the swan portrait :). Hope you are feeling well, wish you the best!

  33. Thanks Hillary. Hoping to go back to work soon, if the doctor lets me. I think I'm about as right as I'll ever be now lol