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Friday, 5 November 2010

Stockgrove Country Park

Went there yesterday, and always an enjoyable visit.

 The trees were looking splendid, in their autumn attire,

and one of the big attractions is the lake. Usually a few Mandarin Duck there, and yesterday, I wasn’t disappointed.

 I didn’t count them, but must have been in excess of 40 birds. The most I’ve ever seen there.

There are always plenty of dog walkers about; even more at weekends, and a lot of people leave seed for the birds along the posts by the paths, and at the bridge, that crosses the lake.
The birds have really cottoned on to this, and they are usually more than willing to pose. As well as the usual garden birds, occasionally something different turns up.
Yesterday was no exception; a few Siskin, and a small flock of Redpolls. Crap pictures, but pleased to snatch a couple for the records.

Siskin getting a drink

Lesser Redpoll, hiding

Another star bird yesterday, was a Marsh Tit.

 A little more co-operative.

A few of those about, and some Coal Tits.

Flying in to snatch some food.

Great Tit and Blue Tit, finished off the tit collection,

and a small flock of Long Tailed Tits at the far end of the lake; but they managed to evaded my lens.

Not the Chaffinch though, he was happy to pose,

A very enjoyable couple of hours, rounded off with a toasted cheese sarnie and coffee in the café. Well worth the visit.

Enjoy the weekend


  1. Lovely to capture the Autumn colours which seem much more evident this year. And some great little birdies too... well done on the Siskin - haven't seen one yet this year! or a Redpoll!! :D

  2. Thanks Tricia. The colours have been exceptional this year; everywhere, it seems.

  3. You certainly got a few, with the Redpoll, Siskin and there is my favourites, Mandarin Ducks. You coupled up them with the scenery, really good.

  4. Great shots again vibrant colours of the Mandarin are excellent.

  5. Glorious Autumnal colour there Keith, it looks like a very nice place to visit too. I have still never seen any Mandarins round here, they do look so exotic!

    Lovely photos! I've never seen a Redpoll. I did have two Siskins in the garden a couple of years ago at the same time as a whole lot of Bramblings, no camera though and never seen either bird since :(

    There seems to be a lot of ringing round your way, I noticed all three of the last birds were ringed. Do you think that female Chaffinch had the horrible finch disease or was she just fluffed up against the weather?

  6. Thanks Bob. It's always a good place to visit.

    Thank you Bobbster. Their plumage borders on the outrageous lol
    Beautiful to see on cloudy day.

    Thanks Jan. The Chaffinch did seem very lethargic while I was there, but was eating a bit.
    There is a fair bit of ringing goes on at the park sometimes. These birds are so well fed through the year by the public, I don't think they go very far. Can't blame them lol

  7. What a great bird is the Mandarin Duck. Never seen one in real life but even I would not fail to recognise it.

  8. Looks a lovely place for a nature ramble Keith. The Mandarin is gorgeous. LTTs are the very devil to capture. Lovely capture of the Marsh Tit.

  9. What a super outting--super shot of that mandrin...wow to die for!! Looks like a very nice spot for birding!!

  10. Adrian, those Mandarins are stunner's. Strange to think they nest in holes in trees too.

    Thank you John; a really good place to visit.

    Dixxe, thanks. Usually get some good birds there.

  11. awesome park to visit! the ducks are so pretty and unique. I have never seen one around here. how nice people leave seed for the critters.

  12. The mandarin ducks are perfect in their autumn coloured design. I think it´s the best time in nature of the year. Wish you a nice sunday and a wonderful new week. Hugs from Luzia.

  13. Thank you Doreen. It can get very busy at weekends and school holidays, but the birds are still 'helpful' for pictures, most of the time ;)

    Lucy, thank you. It's a very colourful time of year, just right for pictures. :)

  14. A great mix. I see your Chaffinch has some jewelery.

  15. Thanks Harold.
    There are a few birds there with rings; they do a bit of ringing there sometimes, and a lot of the birds don't seem to go very far.