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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sunday morning

There are some very good blogs out there, and some times you come across a post that make an impression on you.
I don’t usually do this, but Debbie, of dfg photography, has a post that I guarantee will move you. Have a look.

Ok, the other day, myself and fellow blogger Trevor, of Three Counties Herald, had a very enjoyable day at RSPB Sandy. An early start,

because we were searching for the recent Redpoll sightings, and possible Waxwings. No good on either, but we still managed an enjoyable days birding and a few pictures. And despite the forecast of rain, it was like a summers day. Wall to wall sunshine.

Mistle Thrush at one of the car parks for the offices.

A few recent pictures from elsewhere now,


 Long Tailed Tit


Pied Wagtail

And to finish, a video I took this morning, at my local lake. A pair of Coots, which were having a rather vicious scrap.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend


  1. Keith the Long Tailed Tit is a good shot the wee things are faster than the Goldcrest. Superb video. A week ago I suggested Country File. Upgrade in order............Move over Attenborough....There's a new kid on the block.

  2. Superb. You probably see more birds than I do at the moment. It is quite quite around... Nothing seen this morning!! You got nice pictures and thanks for the link..

  3. Great video Keith, where was the referee? I`m sure some of those hits were against the Queensbury rules

  4. Adrian behave! lol

    Thanks Chris. I guess I'm lucky here. Always a few birds about.

    Thanks Trevor. Yea, it was quite a vicious scrap. There were a couple of Coots came to watch; they're such a rowdy lot!

  5. the first photo...WOW!! I always love your images. the long tailed tit is gorgeous! have a great weekend yourself. :-)

    Barnes and Noble is a fantastic place. if you ever come to Michigan I'll take you there.

  6. Crikey! I thought those Coots were never going to stop, what a stroppy lot they are and the one rubbernecking made me laugh, I thought at one point it was going to start a fight of its own with the fourth one which appeared! Great video Keith.

    Lovely photos as always. Glad you had an enjoyable day at Sandy.

    I followed the link, an incredible story! I was so glad it had a happy ending, I would have wished I hadn't looked otherwise but I trusted you not to show me something awful :)

  7. Didn't realise pilons could be so photogenic, nice one

  8. I wondered if they'd stop too Jan. Seemed to go on forever.
    Glad you enjoyed the link. I found it very moving, how the others looked on in despair. I'm glad it had a happy outcome.

    Debbie, anything looks good in the mist; even me lol

  9. Amazing. Someone must have said something the other didn't like. Didn't know Coote could be so feisty. I love that they called in a referee.... not that he was helping much.
    I came over from My Reflections As I Shutter Along. Love your photos.

  10. Farmlady, thank you for stopping by, and commenting. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit.
    The Coots here always seem to be fighting over something.

  11. Thank you SO much for linking to my Long-tailed tit entry. I'm touched!

    Love all your photos but that video is something else! I've seen Coots chase each other across the water before but have never seen a full-on fight. It was intense!

  12. Debbie, you are most welcome. That was an amazing post, with a great outcome. The sight of that poor bird stuck, and his family looking on, so helpless, was very touching.

    Glad you enjoyed the Coot fight. They certainly went at it.

  13. Great video again Keith, , like the Long Tailed tit shot also, good stuff there they don't normally stay still for long.

  14. Great serie, the video is very interesting! I had nevdr witness this behavior!

  15. Thanks Bob, they are quick little movers lol

    Thanks Dominic. I've watched them fight on a number of occasions, but not usually for this long.

  16. I love the birds, and the berries set them off beautifully.

  17. Thanks JoLynne. I think the berries give them a seasonal touch.

  18. Love that Pylon shot Keith. Reminds me of Aliens.

  19. I am just blown away by your photography!Wonderful shots!
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  20. Cheers Trevor. The mist seems to give an eerie feel to a lot of the usual things we see. lol

    Springman, thank you for the invite, and your comment. I'll certainly have a look at that.

  21. I thoroughly enjoyed catching up on all the posts I'd missed Keith. Great stuff matey !

  22. Great photos--I love that little robin such an amazing shot! Getting ready for Thanksgiving here...hope your weeks end is thrilling!!

  23. Cheers Nick. Glad you enjoyed them :)

    Thanks Dixxe. Hope your Thanksgiving goes well :)