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Monday, 13 December 2010

A few from Caldecotte Lake

This little selection was all taken at my local, Caldecotte Lake. It seems to be the only place I visit just recently. Well, it is good.

A Greater Scaup, that turned up a couple of weeks ago.

Part of the lake that was frozen, and covered in a hoar frost one day last week.

Two female Goosander, part of a group of up to a dozen birds that have been at the lake for a while now.

and the male Goosander

One of the half dozen Moorhens that have taken to sitting in trees just recently.

female Pochard; one of many at the lake.

and the male Pochard.

And finally, for now,

a cheeky Robin. Always keeping an eye on what’s happening.

Enjoy the rest of your week


  1. You certainly have a nice selection from the lake and building a good list as well. Hope your week is hassle free. FAB.

  2. First time I've ever seen a Moorhen up a tree.
    I will be up at Derwentwater and I swear all that will be there are Mallard, Greylag, Canada Geese and Blackheaded Gulls. It amazes me you get such variety. I love Robins, it's as if they pose.

  3. Cheers Frank. It's a great spot. I could spend hours there.

    Thanks Adrian. Always makes me smile when I see the Moorhen up trees.
    If you're ever down this way, I'll give you the tour of the local. It's a great place.

  4. Lovely shots the Pochard are great

  5. You are certainly getting your fair share of Goosanders Keith, haven't seen any at this time of year yet. Can you send a few up.{:)

  6. Nice to see you're enjoying the lake again. I agree with the Moorhens!!~~sitting high and off the ice is nice. The robin is the sweetest thing.

  7. A great day for you. All the photos are good, but the Moorehen, and the Robin are favourites of mine. Boom & Gary.

  8. Nice selection Keith. I love the frosty view of the lake and the Coot is different! Hope you are doing okay.

  9. Good selection Keith, really like the Goosanders, could be more cold weather inbound to freeze it all again!

  10. Great photos! The scenery shot of the trees and the house is gorgeous!

  11. Thanks Mark. For once they didn’t disappear to the middle as I got close. lol

    Goosanders galore Roy. Great to see the males in their salmon pink. I’ll see if I can get some to fly up to you.

    Thanks for your comments Dar.
    Hope you are well.

    Thanks Gary. The Robins are such friendly little birds.

    Thank you Angie. Yea, making progress. The walks round the lake really help. :)

    Thanks Bob. More snow on the way, they tell us. Hope not.

    Thank you Nicole. A hard frost or snow, makes everywhere take on a new look.
    Great for us, but tough on the wildlife.

  12. This is a very interesting lake. The picture from the Pochard is my favourite.

  13. Thank you Kozma. It is a marvellous lake, very rich in birdlife.

  14. I love the landscape with this frozen winterdress! And the little robin is stunning in this red "Roter Hartriegel" we call it in Germany. A stunning image! Have you feed him?
    Hugs from Luzia.

  15. Thank you Lucy. The frost makes everywhere look magical, like this.
    The little Robin had some seed after his picture was taken; I always have a bag of seed in my pocket for the birds when I'm out this time of year. My little thank you to them, for giving me so much pleasure through the year. :)