Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Saturday, 4 December 2010

From the vaults

I don't have very much new stuff at the moment, so I've raided the archives for a weekend post. I have posted these before; they're are all from January this year, so apologies for that. Still, it will give an idea of what's about at the moment.

Water Rail

Tufted Duck, male

Goosander, female

Goldeneye, male

Lesser Redpoll, male, I think

Smew, male

and to finish, a seasonal Robin.

Enjoy your weekend, keep safe and warm.


  1. No need to apologize for these lovelies.

  2. Thanks Hilary. Hope I can get some decent new stuff soon though :)

  3. I can hear the Waxwings at Woburn calling out to you Keith. Still there yesterday.

  4. Beautiful birds again. My favourite is the second photography.

  5. It is akin to nailing a jelly to the ceiling trying for new material at the moment. These are grand and well worth re posting.

  6. Rob, I'd love to go there, but I've just got back from Caldecotte, and now I've got to go to work

    Thank you Kozma :)

    Cheers Adrian. Thick fog here now, can't see a bloody thing! lol

  7. Old shots or not there still great. Suck in with cold/flu so look forward to posts such as yours Keith.

  8. The last one is simply gorgeous:)

  9. Hey Keith,
    Looks like I have really been behind:(
    Well, but see how time flies and you are already (I'm sure)much better and of course your love for nature and birds can NEVER keep you from recovering fast:)You are definitely in my prayers and you take care.As usual great images.We leave for home on 8th Dec (my dad fell down and dislocated his knee...and is recovering and just waiting to be by his side).We have a family wedding and also plan to visit a few wildlife places but I really don't know how much Hiya will let us enjoy.Anyway this is her first visit home and her grandparents are waiting for her:)so long take good care of yourself and have a great Christmas and a lovely New Year!!

  10. All are excellent, but I think the Robin is my favourite.Boom &Gary of The Vermilon River.

  11. Hi Keith..Wonderful photo's....but would expect nothing less...Smew is a pretty bird!!
    The sun it out here and it is snowing at the same time...just like those snow globes you shake ...real pretty!!
    Forgot you hug yesterday so double Hugs today!!
    enjoy your weekend!!

  12. The lighting is perfect on these shots..so very important and the difference between a good shot and a great one! Im really falling for the Male Goldeneye--super. ;o)

  13. Thanks Bob. Hope you feel better soon, nothing worse than feeling rough this time of year.

    Thank you Joanna :)

    Shantana, thank you for your thoughts. Recovery is going well.
    Hope your dad makes a full recovery quickly.
    Enjoy your break. :)

    Thank you Gary :)

    Thanks grammie. Wish there was sun here; just thick fog :(

  14. Thanks Dixxe. He's a lovely duck when seen up close.

  15. such excellent pics, have a nice time, big hugh Kathrin

  16. Thanks Kathrin.
    Enjoy your weekend :)

  17. That goldeneye is well named; what a startling bit of color. I'm glad to you're getting to the lost treasures in your archive.

  18. Sorry Keith, I've got all behind again but thought I had commented on your last post as I definitely saw it. Anyway I particularly liked the Mandarin Duck (I still haven't seen one myself) and the Great Tit.

    No harm in showing these photos again they are beautiful, the Robin looked just a tad grumpy :)

  19. Oh I'd love to see a male smew Keith. I've only seen a female once over here... A rare bird in Iceland you can imagine... I love your glodeneye and gossander shots too, but that robin mate, is wonderful!

  20. I love your photos. you always show me birds, etc that are not common around where I live. thanks Keith!! Happy Holidays!!

  21. You have great stuff in your vault! The Tufted Duck is awseome ;)

  22. Thanks JoLynne. He's a beauty, with that eye.
    Glad you enjoyed the old ones.

    Thanks Jan. Hopefully I can get some new stuff soon.

    Thanks Chris. The Smew is a bit of a rarity here too. Always causes great excitement when they turn up.

    Thank you Doreen. That's one of the great things I like about blogs; I get to see so many different birds, that I'd never see otherwise. Thanks.

    Thank you Dominic :)

  23. Reruns are always a welcome companion; lovely shots!

  24. Lovely pictures there, you've some good ones in the vaults.

  25. Thanks Bob. Good to have the vaults at times like this :)

  26. The Smew is making me a bit green, I've never seen a wild one. Well done!!

  27. Thanks Harold. They are a bit of a rarity here, turning up in the winter months, sometimes only staying a day or two, before moving on.