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Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year starting

But I’m afraid these are from the end of last year. Not got round to sorting out today’s efforts yet.

I’ll kick off with my favourite Swan

 The Black Swan, from Australia; but this one commutes between my two local lakes.

 Long Tailed Tit sheltering from the snow.

 Great Tit sheltering too.

 Female Mallard, coming in to land

 Siskins, taking a break from feeding.

And finally a beautiful redhead

 Female Goosander.

Enjoy the start to your New Year.


  1. Excellent variety Keith full of rich colour. The snow really adds to the images where present.

  2. Thanks for starting my New Year off right with these portraits, Keith. You seem to be on a firstname basis with these birds. As a redhead, myself, I particularly like the final shot. ;-) cheers,

  3. Beautiful collection to start the New Year :)
    And see a bittern on the first day of the year ... 2011 will surely be a good one :)))

  4. Keith these are wonderful images,you are a true craftsman.
    Happy Birding 2011.

  5. Thanks Bob. :)

    Thank you Wilma. Glad you enjoyed them :)

    Thank you Pescalune. Yea, the new year started well :)

    John, thank you :)

  6. Absolutely, beautiful photos!!!! Boom & Gary.

  7. That little LTT looks as cold as the snow. Nice collection there Keith and glad to see the Black Swan still has its place in your blog.

  8. These are gorgeous, but I've come to expect that when I come here. Feel free to repost images like this any time. They're worth a second look.

  9. Hi Keith...your photos are always great no matter when or where..
    I really do like the photos of the Great Tit..(so cute adorable face there)...and the Long Tailed Tit.

  10. I wish you a happy new year and all good luck, your Photographs allways are so excellent and wonderful ! big hugh Kathrin

  11. Those are all beautiful. I can see why you're partial to the black swan.

  12. I always enjoy your entries. The little birds hold dear to my heart, so fluffed for protection from the cold. Always a treat to visit you, Keith.

  13. Beautiful set of pictures Keith, especially the Black Swan.

  14. A brilliant series of photos Keith.

  15. Thank you Gary. :)

    Thanks Tricia. Yea, I've got a real soft spot for that Black Swan :)

    Linda, thank you :)

    Thanks grammie :)

    Kathrin, thank you :)

    Thanks JoLynne. Yea, he's a beauty :)

    Thank you Dar :)

    Cheers Trevor.

    Thanks John :)

  16. Wow that black swan portrait is a masterpiece Keith... Gorgeous! Happy new year BTW ;-)

  17. Thanks Chris.
    Happy New Year to you and your family too :)

  18. Love the picks for today! Also like the large format photos--that little long tailed is so CUTE!!

  19. All wonderful but I especially love the closeup of that swan. Beauty!

  20. Awesome photos, Kieth. THE Long Tailed Tit is such a sweet little bird.

  21. Thanks Dixxe. Thought I'd have a change for the New Year :)

    Thanks Hilary. He's a real favourite of mine :)

    Thank you Horst. Yea, they are lovely little things. :)

  22. I wish you (and Jim) the healthiest and happiest New Year Keith :)

    The photos are fabulous, so nice to see the Siskins, I keep hoping for one in the garden but nothing so far.

    I also enjoyed your 2010 highlights video, all great stuff, I think my favourite was the Grasshopper Warbler.

  23. Thanks Jan.
    Hoping for some news soon on Jim.

  24. Just a stunning collection. I love the Swan and the birds in the tree with the snow. You have a very lovely redhead.. She is a beauty.
    I love your start to the New Year.
    Have a most wonderful 2011.

  25. What a lovely start to 2011! All of them are beautiful but I'm fascinated with the Black Swan. The Long-Tailed Tit and the Siskins very pretty too :)

  26. Thank you Lisa. The birds got me off to a good start this year.

    Müge, thank you. The Black Swan is one of my favourites :)

  27. the long tailed tit is so cute! so little and all fluffed up for the cold. have a good new year Keith!!

  28. Thanks Doreen. Hope the new year is a good one for you.