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Monday, 10 January 2011

A quick post

I don’t seem to have enough hours in the day recently; so much to catch up on, and get done; but I will get there, eventually.

Jim has made a great recovery, and is back to his normal self.

Now, some pictures.

There have been a few colourful sunrises so far this year. This was from my local lake, at the start of the year. Todays would have been better, had I got there in time. Never mind.

 A Shoveler, in a rare moment. Its bill is not shovelling!

 My favourite Black Swan. Always poses for a picture.

 Not to be outdone, a Canada Goose, posing too.

 A Coot, being still, and not fighting for a change.

 And to finish, a female Reed Bunting.

Hope your week is a good one.


  1. That's great news about Jim. Glad to hear it. Beautiful photos, as always. You're introducing me to birds I've never heard of before, let alone seen.

  2. Kieth I love the Sunrise.. It is breathtaking,
    All the birds you find really have me in aww.
    I need to learn the secert of getting them. I do have some nice one but nothing like you .
    Stay warm. It is cold here and I need to go out. Lots of snow here in my part of Canada. Snow I like.Spring will be lush, full of Geese and lots of water.
    Im trying to stay warm. My fire neve goes out in the house . Its just extra heat.
    Have a good day and thanks for stopping.

  3. Great photos. But more important Jim is back to normal. That must have been on your mind all the time. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River.

  4. Hi Keith...that's great, Jim is back to himself, so are you of toast. lol
    Some wonderful photos..I like the up close, look you in the face ones !!

  5. Nice set Keith, really like the Reed Bunting.

    Glad to see Jim is back to normal :)

  6. Thanks Linda. Now Jim is much better, I can start to concentrate on other things more. :)
    Glad you enjoy the birds from here.

    Lisa, thank you. I just can’t imagine what it must be like with so much snow, and freezing temperatures like you have there. Keep that fire going :)

    Thanks Gary. Yea, a big weight off my mind now. I can start to get on with other things now.

    Thanks grammie. Toast is quick and easy lol
    Yea, I’m glad Jim made a good recovery. He had me worried there.

    Thanks Trevor. I was really pleased how that came out too.
    Amazing what some good light can do. :)

  7. Hi Keith,
    Cool that Jim is doing better.
    You got nice pictures there... I love the shoveler and the geese portraits!

  8. Thanks Chris. The geese just love to pose, and make it so easy :)

  9. Superb shots once again..........The only Black Swan I ever knew was a hooligan. Would have eaten the camera the dogs and me given the chance......some swans are like that as are some geese. They are all good fun though.

  10. Good old Jim bobs, that bit of news has brought a big smile to my fizzog even on this cold and miserable day. Looks like you got all the birds posing and eating out of your hand. Delighted for ya Keith

  11. Great news about Jim. I love the Black Swan Keith we have had a pair for a few years here in Northwich Cheshire. Sad news is all the goslings (up to six) always get predated. Take care mate.

  12. Thats about the best coot photo Ive ever seen, and a super shovel shot as well..great news about JIM..give em a rub for me...

  13. Thanks Adrian. They do seem to have a reputation.
    I must say that the two I've encountered have been very friendly.

    Thanks Debbie. Jim's fast asleep at the moment; getting ready for more mischief now he's on the mend. lol

    Thanks Andrew. A real shame about the Black Swan goslings. They're such beautiful birds.

  14. Thank you Dixxe. Glad you liked the Coot shot.
    And Jim is getting plenty of fuss at the moment lol

  15. Good all round news Keith. Bird photographs superb as usual and the sunrise deserves a special mention.

  16. Thanks a lot for telling me about Jim, back to normal, ah. Your pictures are beautiful.

  17. Thanks Trevor. Appreciate your comments.

    Bob, thank you :)

  18. Excellent pictures, see you also caught a bit of the elusive blue skyalso as well as some great birds.! Good to see Jim has recovered so quickly.

  19. Lovelly sunrise, and i love the canada geese image...she's funny looking ;)

  20. So glad to hear that Jim is doing well. It's always worrisome when our furry friends are ill. Beautiful sunrise.. just amazing colours. And the birds photos.. as always are perfect.

  21. I am so so so glad Jim is back his normal self! :)

    These photos are all stunning...I really love the Canada Goose. :)


  22. Thanks Bob. A short spell of sun, but most welcome. It makes such a difference to pictures.

    Thanks Dominic. We've had some lovely sunrises recently.

    Hilary, thank you. Yea, Jim is doing great now. He gave me quite a scare though.

    Thanks Jen. Jim's up to his old tricks again; sneaking on the sofa when I'm out. He must be much better lol

  23. Hey Keith glad to hear old jim is back to normal. The photos you posted are awesome, thanks for showing them to us.

  24. Thank you Horst. Yea, Jim is back to his usual self now. Gave me quite a scare at the time.

  25. Wonderful photos of all of them! I really like the black swan and the shoveler.

  26. Thank you Mary. The Black Swan that visits my local lake sometimes, is a real favourite of mine.

  27. I adore the first one - the view is amazing!

  28. Thanks Joanna. That's from my local lake. I spend a lot of time there.