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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Weekend Waxwings

As I came out of the doctors on Friday, I saw a sight better than any medicine I’ve been prescribed.


And they were practically at the bottom of my road.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The day before, at a local retail park, there were another group, about 100 strong. A short video from that morning.

Enjoy your weekend


  1. brilliant, great photos, never seen a one in our neighbourhood, or anywhere else for that matter.

  2. Great set of photos Keith. I bet you were surprised to see this wonderful sight so close to home, and as you say, seeing these birds is a whole lot better medicine than any doctor can prescribe.

  3. Great photos Keith. Watching these wonderful birds really is a tonic isn't it!? All the best, Phil

  4. Lucky youuuuu !!!!!!! Lol - am terribly jealous ;)
    Wonderful pictures Keith - thanks !

  5. Brilliant shots Keith. Still none here - I'll swap you half a dozen of my Blackbirds for a couple of Waxwings ;)

  6. Ha ha...
    Is like at my job, on friday....ha ha
    Wonderful close up!
    I wish you a happy, healthy weekend!

  7. Keep posting these beautiful birds. One day I'll see one for myself.

  8. Another great capture Keith. Well done.

  9. Thanks denzil. There's certainly a lot about this winter. Just a matter of time perhaps?

    Trevor, it was amazing to see them; and the sun was shining too lol

    Thanks Phil. Great medicine these birds.

    Thank you Pescalune. I've been so lucky seeing these so far.

    John, they seem to be everywhere here, at the moment.

    Thank you Wind. All the best to you too. :)

    Cheers Adrian. Hope you get to see some soon. They are great birds to watch.

    Thanks Roy. None down my road today though lol

  10. These shots are beyond awesome!! I love the last one seeing the bird with the prize in his mouth..thats the icing on the cake!! The wax-wing flocks cause such excitement--at least I sure get excited with they come swooshing around me--Great Job Keith!!

  11. What a beautiful sight, especially as when gets really tired of winter's doldrums! And you managed to capture them so well.

  12. Beautiful, Keith. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Thank you Dixxe. They are a great bird to see. Always exciting to see them.

    Merisi, thank you. Their sight and sound really brightens a winter day. :)

    Thanks Linda. Glad you enjoyed them.

  14. Hmmm!! I'm sure you can guess what an unflattering shade of green I am, if this keeps on I shall just have to come and move in with you Keith, you are a Waxwing magnet ;)

    Wonderful photos! (She says between gritted teeth) :)

  15. Thanks Jan lol
    It's been unbelievable this year. They seem to be everywhere.
    I'm making the most of it while I can :)

  16. Thanks for the wonderful pictures!
    Best wishes and a nice weekend,

  17. Thank you for stopping by Moni, and your comment.
    Hope your weekend is good too :)

  18. A stunning series of images - gorgeous!

  19. Thanks Mark. They are beautiful birds to share company with.

  20. wow, I love to see that, big hugh and a very nice weekend, Kathrin

  21. Beautiful bird photos! The fifth is my favourite.

  22. Absolute quality Keith, how lucky was that, at the end of your road?

  23. Thank you for theese wonderful photoes.

  24. Brilliant photography, you didn't missed any. A good trip to the doctors?

  25. beautiful birds!!

    I have just awarded you "The Stylish Blogger Award". Hope you don't mind!


  26. Sweet goodness, they are gorgeous!
    Lucky you you had your camera with you!
    And hope the doc visit was nothing serious!

  27. Thank you Kathrin. I’m having a lazy weekend :)
    Hope yours is good too.

    Kozma, thank you. I finally managed to get some pictures with them eating berries. :)

    Bob. I couldn’t believe it when I saw them. If only they would drop into the garden; be a great garden tick. lol

    Thank you Dominic :)

    Bjørg, thank you for your comment, and following. Appreciate it.

    Thank you Bob. The birds seemed to be everywhere.
    The doctors was Ok. Just a check up really to see how I’d done since last year.

    Doreen, thank you for your comment, and nomination. :)

    Thank you Nicole. It was great to see these birds again.
    The doctors was just a check up. They’re keeping an eye on me since my heart attack lol

  28. Wow - what an amazing sight. Love the photos in your previous post too. Just stunning!

  29. Nice Bohemians. I had my first this year in a flock of 126, which I was able to count in photos, thankfully. Then, I had two more sightings in a matter of days after the first encounter. I love your double swan banner shot.

  30. Thank you Robin. They are exceptional birds aren't they.

  31. Words fail me... you lucky wotsit Keith lol :D

    At the end of your road too........
    and great pictures..

    (expires in a heap!!)

    (and it's good to get a pic of the back tail feathers... wonderful marking and colouring)

  32. Those are some beautiful birds--I can see why they'd brighten your day.

  33. Thanks Tricia. Yea, couldn't believe how close they were to my garden. Almost a garden tick! lol

    Thank you JoLynne, they are beauties.

  34. I'd love to see these birds - never have ..

    I guess they do not appreciate our neck of the woods.

    Lovely photos.

  35. Thank you Petrus. They have a habit of turning up at supermarket car parks, and city centres; they love the berries on trees.
    Good luck on finding some.

  36. I love to see these beautiful birds gobble up the berries. We'll see a huge flock fly in during the fall and consume a whole tree full of berries. And they sound nice too.
    A bit of "natural" medicine!!

  37. Thanks Andrea. Yea, they are certainly the best medicine. It's been a great winter for these visitors here.

  38. Oh more magic..I have never seen one, but I have only been bird watching in the past 5 years and mostly in my yard around the woods and pond...They really perk up a snowy day here in NY..speaking of which I have bird baths to fill. The weather has been fridget and the feeders busy....Michelle

  39. Thanks Michelle. Beautiful birds to watch. I hope you get to see some soon; and keep warm ;)

  40. Oh, what I wouldn't give....
    You must have been on such a high.

  41. Thanks Jo. Yea, an amazing experience to see these beautiful birds.