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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A brief post

World Bird Wednesday, and I didn't really want to miss it.

Anyone who follows my other blog will know I've got a problem with my computer.........it died over the weekend, so I'm down to my trusty snail of a laptop. I've searched through some previously posted pictures, and come up with this bunch.
By next week I should be back to some sort of normal.

Hope you enjoy them.

Pair of Red Crested Pochard


Mute Swan

Pied Wagtail

Grey Wagtail

Male Goldeneye


More birds from around the world, by clicking the picture below.


  1. Beautiful as always, Keith. I hope your computer woes are resolved quickly.

  2. Sorry to hear of your computer woes, Keith. Hope the computer doctor will be able to restore your data. Meanwhile, I enjoy seeing some of your older photos. Even if I had seen them before, they would be worth another look. These you've chosen for today are all lovely. The mute swan is becoming a pest at some of our local lakes, but most of your subjects are totally unknown to me.

  3. A very nice series of photos. The close-up of the swan is beautiful. Hope your computer problems get fixed soon!

  4. Thanks Hilary. I'm missing it already lol
    I rely on it so much.

    Thanks Linda. I'm hoping to get the computer back by the weekend; then the work starts, putting everything back on. lol

    Thanks Mick. Computers are great while they're working :)

  5. Neat shots of a grand assortment. I hope your computer is up to snuff soon. Did you ever think you would miss one so bad. LOL MB

  6. Thanks Maria. My computer is my main source of entertainment..........yea, I'm totally useless without it lol

  7. Nice collection of birds Keith. I really like the Wigeon photo. Nice color and composition. I feel for you on the computer problem. What a pain putting all your info back on and trying to get everything working again. Good luck. Try not to get too frustrated.

  8. Grand images. Good luck with the machine.

  9. The computers died sometimes...this is very annoying.
    But these birds are beautiful. My favorite is the third.

  10. Great bird shots, but I am more concerned about your forests. Is there any way of getting them onto the World Heritage list? I know it is a lengthy process but it could stop the government in its tracks.

    Even though I have little hope of seeing them for myself, I feel very strongly that they will be lost to generations to come. They have stood this long and for a momentary gain will be no more. That is environmental vandalism. i do hope you can mobilise the whole country to stand up to the money-grubbing government.

  11. Beautiful shots, everyone of them, but, the Shoveler is outstanding, in it's usual pose.

  12. faced with adversity of the moment.... you did well.

    Hope your back up and running at full speed soon.
    PS my PC is slow and lumbering and very frustrating.... But it keeps me going for now. The partner and kids have all got their own laptops and I got relegated to this pile of junk...lol

  13. They are gorgeous, as usual. WOW!
    I love the variety of duck species!
    Sorry about your computer - what a nuisance :(

  14. Great set of photos Keith.Super Pied Wagtail shot, a challenging bird to photograph as they are rarely still for very long!

  15. This is an excellent set of pictures Keith and I hope you will be running on a nice new machine next week ;-)

  16. Thanks Larry. I think I could be in for a long weekend lol

    Thanks Adrian; fingers crossed.

    Thank you Kozma. Computers are great when they are working, terrible when they break down :(

    Arija, the petition for saving the forests grows bigger each day, but I think our government are so arrogant, they will do as they want. Like you say, it is environmental vandalism.

    Thanks Bob, glad you like them. :)

    Thanks Dave. I’m hoping that by the weekend, it will be back to normal.

    Nicole, thank you. :)

    Thanks Trevor. Yea, they nip about a bit don’t they lol

    Thanks Chris. :)

  17. Don't we feel awful when our digital wings are suddenly clipped :-)
    It was nice to learn a few names thanks to your inviting photographs.

  18. joco, thanks. Yea, not till we don't have the computer, that we realise just how much we rely on it. lol

  19. Super shots!! All amazing...love the perspective on the Wigeon you must have been IN the water for one...Glad you made it for the WBW!

  20. For a stand in it's a great post. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  21. Sorry about your computer issues...lucky you have an old standby though. I always enjoy your photos!

  22. These are lovely photos! The second shot is particularly pretty with the colors in the background. Hope you get your computer back soon!

  23. HI Keith... I always love your Swan photos and this one also!!
    I really like the Pied Wagtail too..a good one!!
    Hope all is well with you and the computer fixable without any loses!!
    Enjoy your toast.. Hugs lol

  24. What a stunning photo of the Pied Wagtail! Beautiful also the various ducks. Hope you get your computer back up and running.

  25. Bl---dy computers, hope you get it fixed soon, favourite is the golden eye image.

  26. Nice set of photos. Hope your computer issues are resolved quickly.

  27. Hope the PC is up and running soon Keith. I believe in this post your have shared some of the best birds to see in the UK. Take care.

  28. Thanks Dixxe. I didn’t want to miss WBW :)

    Thank you Gary :)

    Pam, thank you. :)

    Thank you Pat :)

    Thanks grammie. I’m getting used to toast.
    My washing machine is playing up now!

    Hilke, thank you. :)

    Thanks Bob :)

    Sally, thank you. Hopefully the weekend will see the return of the computer.

    Thanks Andrew :)

    Cheers Dave :)

  29. Hope you get it sorted soon Keith. Great shots as usual.

  30. Excellent shots. I really like the Wigeon.

    Hope you get your computer back up and running soon.

    Adam @ My Life Outside

  31. You are one tough bird yourself!
    My favorite is the Pied wagtail. Great DOF, composition and pose.
    I just can't get my mind around your government selling off your forests. If you happen to know of an organization us non-English folks can contact to help raise awareness please let us know. I can't sign the petition without a postal code.

  32. I find myself looking in my books to know more about the birds in your world I may likely never see.Your pictures are always beautiful.
    Do you know what berry bush that is that the waxwings are eating from? You caught the beautiful feathers on their wings & tail.
    I pray for your forests as well as our own here.We have deer but now we are getting coyotes & bears & wildlife here that has not been here before as they are getting run out of their habitats.Lucky for me,having them in my forest,not so lucky for them when people get trigger happy.
    Hope you & Jim get your computer working right again,phylliso

  33. Super selection my friend. Hope it's not too stressful sorting out the failed PC.

  34. your images are always amazing no matter how you post them! hope your computer problems are fixed soon.

  35. What a adorable bird the Pied Wagtail is.
    Nice collection too.
    Anna :)

  36. Thanks Trevor :)

    Thank you Adam :)

    Thanks Springman. I’m not sure if there is a link for people outside the UK to sign.
    Our politicians are so arrogant though, I think a couple of million signatures wouldn’t change their minds. I e-mailed my local MP expressing my concerns about the sell off, and got the ‘standard’ patronising reply.

    Phyllis, thank you. The Waxwings were on a large Cotoneaster bush, but they also have a liking for Rowan berries.

    Cheers Frank. I’m dreading the thought of trying to re-install everything lol

    Thank you Doreen :)

    Thanks Anna :)

  37. New to your beautiful blog, so I'm thrilled to see your re-runs! But I'm sorry for the reason you had to go into your archives -- I hate computer problems. Hope you get everything fixed soonest. And I'll be back to see your posts, new or old. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  38. Sorry about your computer but this shots are amazing as usual!

  39. wish i could dip into my archives and come up with photos like that, great stuff.

  40. Thank you Sallie, glad you enjoyed the pictures. :)

    JM, thank you :)

    Thanks Denzil :)

  41. Great series.

    I'm pretty sure the machines are out to get us (or was that the Terminator movies)

  42. These are all pretty great! The wagtail and goldeneye are probably my favorites. Great series of pics!

  43. Harold, I think you're right about the machines. I was an hour away from a back-up! lol

    Thanks Jill :)

  44. Lovely shots! Hope everything with the computer gets sorted out soon
    : )

  45. Thanks Sarah.
    I hope the computer isn't going to take too much longer.

  46. wow....I LOVE that Wigeon photo. The very low angle is cool, and that on the swan too. Good luck with the computer. It's always such a pain when they go down!

  47. Thanks Kelly.
    I'm hoping the computer comes back today, so I can get on with putting things back on it.

  48. Great serie, the Male Goldeneye is simply awseome!

  49. Thanks Dominic. They have such a lovely courtship ritual too.

  50. Some beautiful shots- and lots of comments to boot!

  51. Thanks Mike.
    I need to get another post sorted soon. It takes so long on this laptop though lol

  52. Dear Keith, I hope your computer problem is fixed now. Thanks for this beautiful serie of photos but more importantly thanks for informing us about that crazy UK government project of selling public forests! We had/have similar projects in Turkey and look where we are now: Our government wants to build a third bridge over the Bosphorus and for this purpose the last big forest in Istanbul will be destoyed! Nature friendly people and NGOs protested and went to the court for justice but the government is decided to cut the trees to build motorways!:( I hope forests of Great Britain will have more luck!

    Best regards,

  53. Thanks Müge. Hopefully it won't be too long now; I really miss the speed and convenience.

    It seems governments the world over have crazy ideas, and put money before conservation. Our planet can only take so much abuse.

  54. They are all little miracles! Hugs from Luzia.

  55. Thank you Luzia. :)
    Computer is sorted now, so I can hopefully start to catch up.