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Friday, 18 February 2011

More computer woes; but sorted now.

I think there's only one thing worse than having your hard drive pack up, and that's not being able to access your e-mail account.

Had both recently, and I'm wondering what else can possibly go wrong now.
The computer is gradually getting back to normal; I've got most of my stuff back on it now, but then a couple of days ago I couldn't access my e-mail account. What a nightmare. All sorted now, hopefully, so I'll start to try and catch up with everyone eventually.

A few pictures for now, work later, and maybe over the weekend I can begin catching up.


Blue Tit

Great Tit

Marsh Tit

Coal Tit

Long Tailed Tit


Mute Swan



Enjoy the upcoming weekend.


  1. Hi Keith,
    I guess this is how we realized how much dependent from our computer we are ;-) I hope everything will go nicely now... you got a nice selection of pictures congrats! I guess I do not have to tell you which one I really love ;-)

  2. Thanks Chris. Computers can run our lives at times; I'm lost without mine lol
    Slowly getting there now.
    And talking of Waxwings, I saw a large flock this morning, but no pictures unfortunately. A superb bird though :)

  3. wowI m so happy to see your pic, specially the swan, wow, so nice, have a safety time, big hugh Kathrin

  4. You take such beautifully clear photos Keith. A great selection here.

  5. Gorgeous photos Keith, every one of them! I would so like to get a really good view (and photo of course) of a Nuthatch, I am very envious of that one ;) The Treecreeper too is such a difficult bird to capture but you have managed it beautifully.

    Sorry to hear you are still having computer problems, we all rely on them so much these days and when something goes wrong it is horrible. I would be lost without mine.

    Have a good weekend Keith, I hope the weather is kinder to you than it looks like it will be here!

  6. Your pictures are so close-up & beautiful as always,phylliso

  7. HI Keith..I thought maybe you were bogged down in work--Ive just finished a large project so now I feel like a bird out of the cage--
    Awesome photos in your post today I love all the tits..and that tree creeper shot has stunning light on it!

  8. Keith, when I first read your comment to Chris, my mind substituted "ruin" for "run." I don't think I was too far off, either.

    I love all these images, but especially the one with the coal tit in the pine tree. Such beautiful composition.

  9. Hey Keith, How have you been?We were back fromn our vacation by New years but with the kids keeping me so busy did not have any time to visit bloggerland.Feels good to be back even though for a short while.Sorry about your computer.Bet you will be in track soon:)Amazing capures as usual and love the Swan in flight. Will be back soon and have a great weekend!!!


  10. Great news about the forest debacle, but for sure the Government will have some other devious plan tucked away up their sleeves.

    I can remember a time when people were saying that computers would make our lives easy and they would remove all the stress and worry!!

    Superb set of pictures Keith. :) Shame about the Waxwings this morning though. :{

  11. Great close ups. I'm always amazed by how much the coal tit looks like our chickadee. Glad to hear your computer is up and running. Boom & Gary of The Vermilon River.

  12. A very enjoyable series! The Coal tit just knocks me out! Composition, detail, everything.
    Computer problems are like a virtual toothache, it effects everything. I sure hope your computer problems are coming to an end!

  13. Hi Keith...well...are we having fun...lol!!
    But you have some fantastic photos posted today, but unlike Chris..I like them all ..well lol..I am leaning toward that cute little Long Tailed Tit..well the Nuthatcher is adorable to..ya..there all fantastic!! lol ; }}
    Hugs! Hope the weekend gives you time to work thing out.

  14. Superb pics Keith... and so glad your PC's responding to your TLC!! well done

    (PS... could you sort mine out too please ;) )

  15. The Treecreeper is a belter.
    A nightmare reconfiguring but unfortunately for me it's a biannual job. Suspect there's a good business to be had..........'I'll just phone my little man.' Pop round and sort her computer instead of cutting the grass or emptying cotton buds from drains.........I'd rather do the latter.
    All the best.

  16. Keith, As usuall, great images. Good to hear about the forest as well.

  17. Thank you Kathrin. I was pleased how that swan picture came out. :)

    Thank you John. Appreciate that.

    Thanks Jan. I got lucky with that Treecreeper; he didn’t move about too much lol
    The computer is almost there now; I just need more hours in the day now :)

    Phyllis, thank you. :)

    Thank you Dixxe. I’m hoping to catch up with everything properly tomorrow. Time seems to go twice as fast as I get older.

    Linda, I think you’re right; run and ruin go together here lol

    Shantana, good to see you. Hope you are all keeping well. That’s the good thing about blogs, we can dip in and out, and it’s like we’ve never been away.
    Enjoy your weekend too :)

    Trevor, I remember that prediction too. I think I rely on mine too much lol
    The media player packed up as well, and I was totally lost without it.
    I think the Waxwings saw me coming this morning :(

    Thanks Gary. I’m sure our Coal Tit is the same family as your Chickadee. Lovely birds, both of them.

    Springman, thank you. Computers are a real pain when they go wrong. They certainly raised my stress levels lol

    Thanks grammie. I don’t know how I managed without a computer in the past lol
    A day off work tomorrow, so I hope I can catch up a bit; but the madness continues on Sunday, I’m back at work :(

    Thanks Tricia. Yea, I think I’m in the wrong job. Should have got into computers when I had the chance lol

    Cheers Adrian. I think I dislike computers as much as I like them; if that makes sense.

    Thank you Dale. A great ‘people’ victory with the forests; so far. ;)

  18. wonderful photos, great news about the forests, we have no forests nearby but quite a lot of woodlands, they have already started selling off some of the greenbelt, it is going to be a constant campaign "methinks".

  19. Great photographs of the woodland birds...I have posted the four tits myself lol. The Tree Creeper is great....I hardly ever see one let alone get to photograph it.

  20. As always, I'm almost as impressed by the backgrounds as the birds. Save that coal tit photo for a Christmas card, it's perfect!

  21. Thanks Denzil. I think you're right; this bunch in power would sell their grannies,if they could.

    Trevor, the tits are a lovely family of birds aren't they.

  22. JoLynne, thank you. The small birds are such great acrobats :)

  23. Oh dear, your computer has gone for a check up. The group of birds are extremely good, lovely bunch.

  24. Wow!! These photos are stellar, Keith!! ...all of them. It's hard to pick a fav (maybe the first nuthatch and the creeper...). Have a wonderful weekend and thank goodness your computer is on the mend.

  25. Thanks Bob, glad you enjoyed them :)

    Thank you Kelly. I'll start trying to play catch-up now lol

  26. Superb images Keith so sharp. Enjoy your weekend its a bit damp in Cheshire but the birds are telling me spring is on the way.
    Take care.

  27. Thanks Andrew. Been a terrible day here too.

  28. Thanks Pete.
    Not a good day for pictures today though. :(

  29. Great serie, love the blue tits and the Treecreeper!

  30. Hi Keith, always a pain when the computer plays up. Great selection of images though now your back on line

  31. Computers can be a nightmare at times! I feel your pain...still not happy about loosing a few a my pics last year...oh well.
    Lovely pics Keith!

  32. Thanks Dominmic. I had some good light for the Treecreeper.

    Thanks Bob. Long job of catching up now, and getting everything back on it.

    Thanks Dave. I don't seem to have much luck with computers. This is the second time in about 18 months lol

  33. don't you just hate it when the computer is not working right? we really depend on it.

    all your photos are so good Keith. have you ever thought of producing a book? (or have you already)

    the treecreeper is a cute little guy and the swan in flight...... wow!!

  34. You're so right Doreen, I found it hard without the computer. Now my bad luck seems to have moved to my washing machine. Electrics and me just don't get on lol

    I've thought of doing a book; one of these online ones, where you upload the pictures. Just not got round to it yet. I'll have to give it a go :)

  35. How wonderfully different all your woodland birds are. What a treat it is to blog and be able to visit different places through your eyes!! Lovely shots. ~karen

  36. Lovely post and sorry to hear about your computer woes! It's amazing how dependent we've become on them, and how easily things can go wrong with them! Anyway, really lovely shots. I especially like the treecreeper. They are such fun little birds. I've enjoyed watching our local brown creepers on many occasions, but unfortunately never when I've had a camera with me.

  37. Thank you Karen. I'm glad you enjoyed them :)

    Thanks Pat. Just got the long process of putting stuff back on the computer now. Seems to take forever lol

  38. The tits and the swan are so wonderful and nice! Thank you for sharing this images with us. Hugs from Luzia.

  39. Marvelose photographs, you have a very good eye.

  40. Thank you James. Appreciate your comment :)