Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Some pictures

Just a few to go out of the weekend with.

 Pied Wagtail

 Grey Wagtail

 Common Gull


 Long Tailed Tit


Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  1. Wow.. what a beautiful collection of lovelies. Great photos, Keith.

  2. Great Images. Now, where have you been? Ya, we noticed the break and lack of word...

  3. Thanks Hilary :)

    Thanks Dale. Work has been rather tiring recently, and all I've felt like doing is sleeping.
    I think I need new batteries. lol

  4. Lovely set of images Keith. Hope you’re soon up to full charge. ;0)

  5. These brightened a wet dawn for me thanks.

  6. Yep, they are beauties, the best one is the Bullfinch, I love Bullfinches.

  7. You seem to be upping the ante recently with your camera skills that grey wagtail is a corker. Hope he doesn't put too much weight on that one leg whilst he looks ups, they look so skinny and fragile. Nice work

  8. all are great but I think the bullfinch is my fav in this bunch. he is all fluffed up and lookin good! have a great Sunday!

  9. All of them beautiful again Keith and really not possible to pick one over the others but just because I hardly ever see them these days I'm loving the Bullfinch, such a distinctive little chap!

    Looking at your reply to Dale, I hope you aren't overdoing it Keith, I have always thought you don't seem to get much rest, listen to your body...not to Jim ;)

  10. Thanks Trevor. Got a couple of days off soon, so I'll be lazy lol

    We had a sunny dawn here Adrian, and now it's raining. Typical weather.

    Thanks Bob. Yea, they're lovely birds aren't they.

    Thank you Debbie. Their legs don't look strong enough to support their bodies; so thin.

    Thank you Doreen. I was pleased with that one too.

    Thanks Jan. Yea, I think Jim is the boss here lol

  11. Going down the line trying to guess the bird before scrolling to see you captions--- I missed only the Bullfinch but got 100% of the rest...SUPER photos Keith!!

  12. Hi Keith...your photo of the Bullfinch I think is the best I've seen yet, very pretty colors and I think I have falling in love with the Long Tailed Tit. They are adorable!!
    Hope your okay...♥ Hugs!!

  13. Great set of images, looks like you've been out enjoying the welcome sunshine.

  14. That's good going Sondra; well done. Thanks :)

    Thanks grammie. I've a lot of catching up to do, but yea, I'm not too bad. The Bullfinch is a lovely bird, but very secretive at times.

    Thanks Paul. Yea, we don't get enough sun. :)

  15. I often tend to think how plain and dowdy our native birds are but as your great pictures show there are some very colourful birds about.

  16. All beautiful, Keith, as usual. The bullfinch is stunning, but then there's not a bad one in the bunch. You make it difficult to pick favorites.

  17. Brilliant images Keith. You caught some great light on that Common Gull.

  18. Thanks John. We do have some beauties in this country, don't we. :)

    Linda, thank you. You'll have me blushing lol

    Cheers Roy. That gull was back at the end of January, on a sunny day.

  19. Love all the photo`s Keith, but particularly like the one of the Long-tailed Tit, beautifully composed!
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  20. Nice images Kieth, particularly like the Pied Wagtail and my Fav.... the very pretty Common Gull.... a fine Gull!!


  21. I like those! The last two are my favorites, maybe because I can relate to the fluffed-out feathers. I know how they feel--it's cold here, too.

  22. Excellent Keith, looks like you got a break from the drab grey skies of late.

  23. Thank you John. They're quick little things aren't they. Never still for long. lol

    Thanks Dave. Yea, gulls are often overlooked. I find them a real challenge to ID, and get the exposure right.

    Thanks JoLynne. I think spring has arrived here; hope it stays.

    Thanks Horst :)

    Thanks Bob. A little sun makes such a difference doesn't it.

  24. Some great shots as usual Keith. This weekend made a nice change to actually have some sun and blue sky about. Long may it continue.

  25. Just a great series Keith. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  26. The sun was lovely Adam; but back to rain here today. Oh well, good while it lasted.

    Thanks Gary, glad you enjoyed them.