Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Friday, 4 March 2011

Into the weekend

Apologies for not catching up with everyone, but I’ll get there eventually. Got rather a lot going on in my head at the moment  lol

I spent most of today at my local, Caldecotte Lake. The weather was dull at first, but was brightened by a flock of 40 Waxwings. The pictures weren’t up to much, but there’s a couple I put on my other blog.
Later in the day, the sun came out; and so did the birds. Here’s a selection from today.

I couldn’t resist a caption for the first, a Long Tailed Tit.

 “Alas poor Yorik…..”

 Goldfinch eyeing up one of the feeders.

 Robin, singing in the sunlight.

 Male Reed Bunting

 Male Chaffinch


This last one is not from today, but taken there a couple of days ago. It’s one of my friends from the lake.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Cracking pictures Keith. Nice to hear that there are still Waxwings about but it looks like I am going to go another season without seeing any. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Okay. I think, when the colonists came to America, they should have brought some of your birds with them. We have some beauties, but that doesn't keep me from wishing we had some of yours. But I guess I'll just have to enjoy your birds through your photography. Keep them coming.

  3. Hi Keith..Being from this side of the pond I not exactly sure what the caption on the first means, but that is a fantastic capture!
    It's expression is priceless, and that little foot..love it!! The Robin singing ...your buddy lol...all great my friend!!
    Hugs of encouragement!!

  4. All of them are so beautiful - the quote on the first one was priceless!

    Your robins and goldfinches are so different from ours in the US but gorgeous nonetheless. :)

  5. These photos are fantastic, Keith.. and the caption hilarious. I'm so impressed with how full of personality your bird photos always are.

  6. You know, there's just not enough Shakespeare in bird blogs these days! Great job!

  7. Thanks Adam. I was surprised to see the Waxwings; I thought they would have gone by now. Nature is full of surprises.

    Thanks Linda, very kind of you. You did the get the Starling though lol

    Thank you grammie. The quote is part of an oft-misquoted line from Hamlet ;)
    Couldn’t resist it for that picture. Off to see my friends there again soon.

    Texwisgirl, thank you. The birds the world over are real gems and stars aren’t they :)

    Thank you Hilary. Appreciate your comments. I thought the quote fitted perfectly; hope Will doesn’t mind lol

    Thank you Phyllis, I’m glad you enjoyed them. I was pleased with the mornings trip.

    Cheers Dave. Totally agree lol

  8. Supeerb opening shot.............well spotted. He's obviously visiting from Stratford.

  9. "One touch of nature makes the whole world kin" (Ullyses). (sorry,I couln't resist a quote in return!!).

    Keith, what a great set of pictures :) The one of the Reed Bunting is just perfect for a magazine cover!

    And the best one? No.1.... No.2.... No.3........ ;)

  10. A very appropriate caption for the LTT. That really made me laugh.

  11. Hi Keith,
    That photo of the Long-tailed Tit is fantastic! No other word for it!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  12. You must have been there a good day with all those birds. The singing Robin and the Goldfinch are beatiful pictures.

  13. What a great caption Keith, very imaginatively thought of, I'm still chuckling :)

    Beautiful photos (of course), I think my favourites have to be the Robin singing its heart out which always puts a smile on my face and the second Goldfinch, just gorgeous! I also love the Crow, I have a soft spot for them, they have such character in their faces.

  14. Cheers Adrian. They're great little characters those Long Tails :)

    Thanks for the quote Trevor; a good one :)
    I was pleased with that Reed Bunting myself.

    Thanks John. Couldn't resist that quote lol

    Thank you John (Hedgeland Tales). He posed perfectly :)

    Thank you Andor. Yea, spent a few hours there. It's a great place.

    Thank you Jan. I was very pleased with the results from that visit.

  15. Hello Keith...
    It has been a while for me. I stumbled into your name on Andor's blog and thought..."I remember this name." And here I am.

    I am thrilled to make your acquaintance again. I still like your photographs very much. I like your cropping too and while the species are different the names are similar to some of the birds that we have over here.

    If you pop in on my place, you would see more birds at http://mybirdsblog.blogspot.com/ than at any of the other blogs.

    Have a nice weekend. It is pouring rain here in Ohio where I live.

  16. Thanks Abe; good to hear from you again. Glad you enjoyed the pictures :)

  17. HM, you're the king of perfect backgrounds, and I like the emotion portrayed in this post. It's nice to see a robin singing. Won't happen here for a while...

  18. Some beautiful birds there! And, yes, a fantastic caption.

  19. Thank you JoLynne. Our little Robin sings nearly all day, and most of the night. :)

    Thanks Mike :)

  20. Nice shots, something about the Reed Bunting shot that I really like.

  21. I'm behind in visiting as well Keith...you are sharing some terrific photos today..SO sharp and perfect, I love the long tailed tit and I always love the Goldfinch and the chaffinch--
    AND your buddy mr crow--

  22. great shots Keith. I love the first one. seems you are getting much closer to the birds.

  23. Thanks Mike. A nice uncluttered background to the Reed Bunting; I was pleased with that one.

    Sondra, thank you. I'm sure I'll get the Crow on my shoulder before long lol

    Thanks Doreen. They certainly are putting a lot of trust in me, and it's great to be able to get so close to some of them.

  24. Thank you Sarah. Amazing what some sunlight can do :)

  25. All good but that crow shot is great!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

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  27. Pretty birds and beautiful photos as always dear Keith! Have a great week, ciao! :)

  28. Teuvo, thank you.:)

    Müge, thank you, glad you enjoyed them.
    Hope your week is going well too. :)

  29. Stunning shots! I, too, love bird watching and trying to capture shots, although yours have got mine beat hands down! This month I'm doing a "Tweets Around the World" Tweeter Board and you are most welcome to join in!

  30. BTW...here from Hilary...Congrats on POTW!

  31. Jillsy, thank you very much for your comment, and the invite. I'll sort something out; thank you.

  32. Fabulous shots! Each bird has its own personality!

  33. Another very enjoyable series.

    I've only seen Long-tailed Tit once when I was in France, a very interesting bird.

  34. you must immediately be deemed as master photographer to all birds!!
    these shots are amazing
    the detail brings the viewer closer to the bird and for me it makes me love them even more

    congrats on POTW

  35. Ladyfi, thank you for your comment. :)

    Thanks Harold. The European birds have whiter faces I believe, but they are lovely little birds.

    Dianne, thank you for your kind words. Appreciate them.

  36. Here from Hilary's. Beautiful photos. Congratulations on your POTW!

  37. ds, thank you for stopping by, and your comment.

  38. Great timing, the capture on top is amazing! Isn't he the cutest thing?

  39. You captured some beautiful shots!

  40. Thank you JM. They certainly are cute :)

    Kelly, thank you for your comment :)

  41. Love the first shot haha so cute!