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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Some news

Had some news at work today that we were expecting, (so many rumours), but when you hear it, it still comes as a shock. Our warehouse is closing, and just under 1,000 people will be made redundant. All gone by August/September. A new warehouse will open further north, in Daventry. Cheaper to run; of course.
Thanks Tesco. Every little helps.

So, just a few pictures today, while I try and get my head round this.

Reed Bunting

Blue Tit



Great Crested Grebe



And there’s more birds from around the world, by clicking on the picture below, 


  1. Sorry to hear that news, Keith. I hope all will work out. Gorgeous bird shots, as always. That Goldfinch is a beauty!

  2. I am so sorry to hear of your job evaporating and hope sincerely that you find something suitable in a hurry.
    Your worries certainly have not impacted your photographic skills. Your pictures are beautiful.

    Good Luck!

  3. I'm afraid these are scarey times at the moment, even when you have a good lot of years in... the payouts are tiny. It's fairly quiet where i work too and the grapevine is always pessimistic. Hope things work out for you Keith

  4. Sorry about the news of the labor layoff. Terrible.

    But your bird photos are just wonderful!!! Beautiful! Especially love the little chaffinch.

  5. Great photos Keith, but bad news. That's a bit of a bugger.
    So building a new distribution centre costing thousands of pounds instead of using the one they have is saving money is it.?? Tesco have obvious money to burn.

  6. All those birds are beautiful but I especially like the Blue Tit. Sorry about the layoffs. Hope you can sort something out.

  7. Thanks Hilary. The news wasn’t a complete surprise, but still a bit hard to take in. Never mind; more time to watch the birds. :)
    The Goldfinch is my favourite. I was pleased with that one.

    Thanks Arija. Maybe I’ll retire from the work scene as gracefully as I can lol

    Thank you Debbie. It seems loyalty to a company these days counts for nothing.

    texwisgirl, thanks for you comment. Glad you like the pictures. :)

    Thanks Roy. Yea, the greed of some companies is amazing. Still, they’ll get theirs. A long way down when you're at the top.

  8. Thanks Mick. Tough times at the moment. I'll keep doing the lottery :)

  9. Oh goodness! I am really sorry Keith,that is bad news. Looking at it from a different angle though, could this be the time for that totally different change in direction for you? I still think you should be looking into getting into something that uses your photographic talent. Just imagine doing what you love each day and getting paid for it. I appreciate it isn't easy to make the breakthrough but would be worth a try, you have nothing to lose. Of course if you get a nice redundancy payout you can just take it easy :)

    On a flippant note you could always relocate to Daventry and have Draycote as your patch :)

    Beautiful photos here again. They are all lovely!

  10. oh I hope the best because of your job, I m so sorry about that !
    The birds are so beautyful, big hugh Kathrin
    we say toi toi toi means good luck !!!

  11. Sorry about the job situation, but, and there is a more birdwatching!!!!!! I love the Goldfinch and Great Crested Grebe, they are fantastic.

  12. Jan, Draycote would be a great patch to have lol
    I might look into this photography lark ;)

    Thank you Kathrin; and thank you for the good luck wish.

    Cheers Bob. Yea, the birds will have no rest soon lol

  13. As long as you're finacially OK. Look at the positive side more time for more interesting pursuits and maybe second careers. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, canada.

  14. I feel for you Keith. As you know I live in Cheshire and for years we had a Tesco warehouse in Winsford. This was replaced by anall singing and dancing new one in Middlewich. Only 3 or 4 miles from Winsford so they all kept their jobs.
    You probably know the rest..........
    Back to your real talent mate...birds. You have added some stunning images as usual.

  15. Sorry to hear that news Keith; something will turn up. Lovely shots... Goldfinch and GC Crebe are stunning.

  16. Thanks Gary. The only way to look at it I think :)

    Cheers Andrew. The greed of Tesco will be their downfall.

    Thanks Angie. At least I only have myself and Jim to worry about.

  17. Your goldfinch is different from what we call a goldfinch in the States and the grebe is not one I have seen.
    As for your news, I can't help but wonder, when business has eliminated the middle class who will buy what they are selling?

  18. Thanks Martha.
    An excellent point you make there.

  19. Oh no, I hope you get something sorted out soon!!! The pics are fantastic, the Goldfinch is so clear its incredible. I take it you are at the Fenny Lock site? I work for G4S and I pick up the money from the canteen there so if you see a blue G4S driving about near the canteen pop over and say hello if you can. I hope your luck changes soon!!

  20. Hi Keith...well my friend that bites...but you will be hearing from me one that!!
    Focusing on these wonderful photos...they are a marvelous...the Goldfinch and the Reed Bunting I really like!!

  21. Hope things improve for you Keith. Who knows..when one door shuts..another opens. I agree with you and others....the Goldfinch is a beauty.

  22. Thanks David. Yea, that's the site; seems it's made the local news this evening ;)
    I'll look out for your van.
    The Goldie was a favourite of mine.

    Thanks grammie. Guess I'll have some extra time on my hands soon ;)

  23. Thanks Trevor. Hope there's some open doors ahead lol

  24. I love them all, but Goldfinch is my favourite!

  25. Your chaffinch looks somewhat like our goldfinches in the winter.Our goldfinches turn bright yellow in the summer though.Your goldfinches there are so pretty with their red masks.
    I`m so sorry about your loss,it is a worry.I wish you could find something in photography & writing,you are so good at this.Best of luck to you,at least you have some time to figure it all out,phylliso

  26. Disappointing news Keith. Even though you know it’s coming the finality of it is always a shock. (Been there done that!)
    I hope things pan out O.K. for the future. I’m sure whatever the outcome birds and photography will still be high on the agenda.

  27. Sorry, forgot to say great set of pictures , as always :)

  28. KIETH...DONT feel defeated FEEL Exhilarated for your new freedom--and YOU WILL get what you need all you have to do is AKS for it, believe it, and recieve it!! IT works Ive used this method for the past 3 1/2 yrs and Im still OK--I asked the Universe to provide me with what I need to be happy and it does...BUT you have to allow it to come to you and not try to MAKE it come to you.
    Now the PHOTOS are stellar I too love the Goldfinch and the GREBE is a beauty!!

  29. Aw Keith - not good news and I'm sorry to hear that! You don't deserve that at all!

    I echo Jan's sentiments... have a go at selling some of your pics... they are certainly worthy of the commercial market..

    Whatever you decide my friend, I wish you well

    (and I still turn green looking at your pictures; )

  30. I'm so sorry to hear about your job situation, Keith. My husband and I both lost our jobs to outsourcing, so I have an inkling of what you're facing. I do think you could make money with your photos, but whether enough to support yourself is another question. :)

    Now, to your photos...I love the come-hither look in the goose's eye. And I have never seen such a stunning goldfinch. Such colors! Ours are black and yellow, which is still quite beautiful; but this one is really amazing. And your photo does him justice.

  31. You got a beautiful series of birds, Keith. Helps me to get familiar with many European birds. Losing a job is a big blow any way you take it. Maybe it will push you into a different, more rewarding direction. You never know. I hope though something will turn up for you soon!

  32. Oh Keith..I am so sorry!! Geesh is such a struggle these days..we are just barely keeping ahead of things..some months..not so much!! Hoping something comes to you quickly! Hugs to you hon!
    The pictures..well wonderful as always..I do so love your birds!!

  33. Ugh, sorry about the bad news. I hope stuff looks up! On the other hand, you've got some great shots here. I really like the grebe and the bunting!

  34. Well that takes the biscuit, the cheap milk. They must be the richest company in the UK.
    I'm shopping at Morrisons from now on.
    Try to smile.

  35. Sorry to hear about the job - reading this in Australia puts a real face on what I read in the Guardian on line. Good old capatalism!

    Photos as good as ever. Stewart M - Australia

  36. Oh Keith ... am sorry to hear that :(
    Even if it was more or less expected - it's certainly not easy to realize !
    Keep on the lottery ;-)

  37. Oh dear Keith. Making more money for fat cat bonuses and shareholder payouts always comes before the loyal work force these days. It would be great if you can afford to retire (gracefully or otherwise) and have the time to enjoy what you like doing.

  38. sorry to hear of your work closing. is the new place too far to drive or are they hiring all new people?

    great images! love the last one.

  39. Thanks Joo. That’s my favourite too. :)

    Thanks Phyllis. You’re right; our female Chaffinch is very similar to your Goldfinch.
    The job loss has been a strong rumour for a while. I’m just glad we finally know. Time to think about what to do now.

    Thanks Trevor. Not sure what I’m going to do yet; another drink maybe lol

    Sondra, thank you. Yea, I think I’m going to be doing a lot of positive thinking for a while ;)

    Thanks Tricia. Maybe time to rekindle my old market trading skills lol

    Thank you Linda. The photography would be a good way to make an income, but it’s a tough market out there. Have to see what happens.
    Glad you like the Goldfinch. :)

    Hilke, thank you. A couple of days off first, then I start deciding on the future.

    Thank you Sarah. I’m sure something will turn up :)

    Thanks Jill. Yea, things can’t get any worse lol

    Cheers Adrian . Yea, my shopping loyalties have changed now.

    Thanks Stewart. Like Adrian says, they are one of the richest companies here, the number one supermarket; and treat their staff like crap.
    Maybe I should write a book…….

    Thanks Pescalune. Think I’ll get double tickets lol

    John, I think retiring disgracefully sounds a good idea ;)

    Thank you Doreen. We were told we could apply for jobs at the new place, but the wages would be less, the terms and conditions would be less, the cost of travelling would be more…….I don’t fancy having to lower my standard of living, to keep them in profits. I’ll take the money, and enjoy it while I can :)
    My favourite shot too Doreen.

  40. Oh no, Keith! 1000 people...that's crazy...so many jobs (and then to cut pay and perks too...). I hope they give a nice severance package so you can enjoy a bit of off time before finding something new. Good luck...
    (lovely photos...)

  41. So sorry to hear your bad news. Hoping everything turns out all right for you. Glad you found time to share these lovely photos! I love them all, but agree that Goldfinch shot in the sun is really nice!

  42. Thanks Kelly. Nearly 15 years I've been with them; but the money I get won't last long. It certainly won't pay off the mortgage. Maybe I'll pitch a tent at my local lake. lol

    Thanks Pat. A popular picture that one :)

  43. Mr. Keith,
    The depth of these photographs is spectacular, that feeling and look that the third dimension is tangible in a two dimensional medium is the masters touch. Your art and your heart are well expressed here. I grieve with you on the loss of Tesco's presence in your community. I don't see how any company in its right mind could afford to lose a person like you. Suzanne and I are wishing you strength and wisdom!

  44. Springman, thank you for your comments and very kind words and thoughts.

  45. Sorry to hear the news Keith, know how it feels having been there with Debbie 3 years in row. Hope you get sorted soon, all the best, Paul.

  46. Your photos are, as always, amazing! Such detail and beauty! Very sorry about the work situation. We have had to hold our breath a few times over Hub's job but have been lucky so far. If I find a magic wand, I'll wave it your way. In the meantime, I'm gathering up all the positive vibes I can and sending them your way!

  47. great shots. Looks like you had some sunshine. At least when it comes to photography. :)

  48. I'm so sorry. Immerse yourself in your natural surroundings until you get a good grasp on this. There may come a time when you can say that it was a blessing in disguise! ~karen

  49. I am sorry about the bad news and the layoffs. Employees everywhere are losing big time, benefits seem to be disappearing. I wish you the best, maybe you can enjoy some time off. Your photos are gorgeous and very well done. The crested grebe is awesome.

  50. Sorry you got bad news today. I'm sure it's a scary time, but if I were writing this story I'd make it the beginning of a brilliant photography career. Just saying.

  51. holdingmoments/Keith, First...your pictorial of your songbirds is outstanding! You really have a great eye.
    Second...My heart goes out to y'all who will affected by the closing of the Tesco. I don't really know you but I do have a feeling that you and yours will have nothing to worry about. Now is the time to do what you love.

  52. Oh that is not good Keith... economic news is not good anywhere right now -- scary times.

    I hope/know you will find the right place for you sooner rather than later.

    Your pictures are beautiful and yet it seems almost trivial to comment on them right now. As what you are going through is really almost a grieving situation.

  53. Thanks Paul. Got the first of many meetings soon, to try and reach a good deal for everyone.

    Pam, thank you for the comment, and the good vibes. :)

    NatureFootstep, thank you. Could do with some more sun lol

    Thanks Karen, I think you are probably right :)

    Eileen, thank you. Maybe time to take things a bit easy now.

    JoLynne, thank you. A good idea, I think.

    Thank you for your kind words Jean. Appreciate it.

    Sallie, thank you. I think the camera will be getting a lot more use soon :)

  54. lovely pics !!

    hopefully you get a good pay off and can claim your pension? hope the later doesn't offend :D

  55. Fantastic shots as usual! The goose looks so funny. :-)

    Sorry about the news. It happens everyday here, the unemployment tax rate is now 11,2%! The situation was never this bad... Scary times!

  56. Thanks Pete. I'm thinking of taking early retirement, and maybe find a part time job. Yea, I'm getting too old for this work lark anyway lol

    Thanks JM. Certainly is scary times, and likely to get worse.

  57. I´m sorry about this news, but I can see a oportunity for going early retirement. With a part time job you could enjoy your bird watching every day. I`m looking for the joy you could have..... and we, seeing much more wonderful images from you:-)) Hugs from Luzia.

  58. Thank you Lucy. That's just how I see it; more time to enjoy the birds. :)