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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Some recent stuff.

This may, or may not, be the last post for a while.

I’ve got so much going on at the moment, with redundancy meetings, trying to sort out my own future, as well as other peoples, and the computer still behaving erratically.

And no day off from work in sight until next Saturday, April 2nd.
Gonna be a long few days.

So, here’s some pictures for now.

First up, my friendly Crows.

 These are from my local lake, and are always there, waiting for me to feed them.

 A Treecreeper, that hung around long enough for a couple of shots.

 A pair of Great Crested Grebes, that were in the middle of some courtship.

 A lone Avocet, that turned up at one of the local lakes,

 and a Teal, from the same lake; Willen.

 Back at my local lake, Caldecotte, one of the Mallards, that’s taken to ambushing me when I turn up there.

And finally, one of the many Black-headed Gulls there.

More birds over at WBW 


  1. All nice but the Great Crested Grebes are just fantastic.

  2. Wow.. just beautiful. I LOVE the crows.. and the grebes are amazing. I hope things get sorted out as best they can, Keith.

  3. Thanks Mick. Their courtship displays are fascinating to watch.

    Thanks Hilary. I'll be glad when all this is over. Think I'll take a holiday then lol

  4. A great set Keith.
    Keep plugging away. Things usually turn out for the best as long as one doesn't just accept what is presented to you.

  5. Great set of images Keith. The Crows are super.

    Keep your chin up mate,I'm sure things will sort themselves out for the good in the end. ;0)

  6. So very cool!!! Love the Great Crested Grebes! The crows aren't shabby either.:)

  7. I agree with mark, these are all superb, but the photograph of the Great Crested Grebes in mid-courtship is stunning!
    Hope everything gets sorted out and things return to `normal` for you soon.
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  8. Really great set of pictures. Hope you manage to get things sorted - finding work and getting sorted is a full time job in itself.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  9. A perfect set of images. Beautiful and well done.
    Have a nice day.

  10. Gorgeous photos as always Keith. I do hope that things soon work out the way you would wish.

  11. great shots of the treecreeper. That´s a tough one to catch. Usually I jst get the body but no head visible. :) And the grebes are really showing off. :)

  12. Wow great serie, the pair of Great Crested Grebe is awseome. The flying gull is also a incredible picture ;)

  13. Hang in there daylight is gonna shine on you soon--GREAT photography of some fine birds!!!

  14. Excellent photos Keith. I didn't think a Mallard could look agressive but you've managed to find one that can!

  15. Lovely! Those Grebes are incredible! All of the shots are great - loved that aggressive mallard!

  16. Hi Keith....Photos as always are wonderful!!
    The Mallard is about to stumble over himself to funny!!
    The second one of the Crow is a great one..and I like the Teal pretty fellow!!
    Thinking of you my friend and hoping things get a little better for you soon...Hugs!!

  17. Love those crows and the grebes. In fact loved all the photos. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  18. Nice capture! I like the flying gull!

  19. Thanks Adrian. I’ve got a few weeks left yet, to make a decision.

    Thanks Trevor. The Crows are real stars :)

    Thank you Jean. The Grebes seem popular :)

    Thank you John :)

    Stewart, thank you :)

    Fotokarusellen, thank you :)

    Thanks John :)

    NatureFootstep, thank you :)

    Thanks Dominic :)

    Sondra, thank you. :)

    Thanks Adam. That Mallard is a real softy really lol

    Thank you texwisgirl :)

    Thank you grammie :)

    Thanks Gary :)

    Kah-Wai, thank you :)

  20. Your header is so lovely!
    It always leaves me breathless to see how different localities in the world have such remarkable wildlife... and yet, we seem to all have similar varieties of seagulls.

  21. Thank you srp. The universal seagull; yea, couldn't agree more ;)

  22. Great pics and keep that chin up, things will get better and all will work out. Don't stay away too long some of us are waiting to see the "Rest of the story" as we used to hear from Paul Harvey on our local radio.

  23. Thanks Dale. Yea, the big thing at the moment for me is time to sort things out. I'll get there eventually. :)

  24. Good luck, I hope things work out GREAT for you! And as always, awesome pics... :)

  25. Keith your Blog is outstanding,hope you come out of the storm undamaged.
    I've been there,so i know what it's like.
    You are a top guy,love your work,and your photography.
    Keep posting,and smiling.

  26. The second picture is my favourite and the last but all are beautiful.

  27. The crows are looking really friendly:-)) I think your food is delicious and they know it.....
    In Germany we say "Gut Ding will Weile haben". In my "bad english" I translate it as "Good things (results) will take their time". And so I wish you time enough to find your way. Hugs from Luzia.

  28. Brilliant photos, shame about your reduncany.

  29. These are some amazing images that you've posted today. Those great crested grebes are totally fascinating, and that gull in flight is just stunning. Great job.

    I'm so sorry for what you're going through at work, Keith, not to mention the computer problems. We'll miss you if you must take a break, but we'll still be here when you get back.

  30. Good Sir,
    You have given us a treasure trove of your wonderful photography. It was Oh! Oh! Oh! as I scrolled down the page. The attack duck picture shows your humor is still intact in spite of the challenges the corporate world has besieged you with. If you must take a leave of absence take my best wishes with you. You are my compadre, be encouraged!

  31. Hi,You have no idea how happy I am to come upon your fantastic blog!I dare say the last photo of a Black-headed Gull is the best bird-in-flight shot I've ever seen,so close and perfectly frozen!:)

  32. Sorry to hear these are your last posts for a while, because these are great photos!

  33. Thank you Nicole :)

    Thanks for your kind words John :)

    Kozma, thank you :)

    Thank you Lucy, and for your good wishes.
    Your English is far from ‘bad’ :)

    Thanks Bob :)

    Thanks Linda :)

    Springman, thank you for your comments and wishes :)

    Amila, thank you, and thank you for stopping by. :)

    Thanks Mike :)

  34. Well Keith, I'm going to miss your posts and those superb photos you always share with us. My philosophy on troubled times is that there is a reason for everything that happens in life. Some things that seem terrible at the time, we find out later were for the best. One door may close as another opens to a better future. Best of luck Keith!

  35. Lovely photos again Keith, the grebes really are looking splendid at the moment.

    I hope things work out satisfactorily, take as much time as you need, we will all be here waiting and anticipating your next set of beautiful photos :)

  36. HM, these photos are stunning. The gull in flight is amazing, and your lower-motion shots show such detail. I also love the mallard attack.

  37. Great group of wonderful photos! I envy you the Crows - I cannot get a decent shot of the ones around here. They are way too wary.

  38. Wow beautiful shots! Especially like the grebes courting and the gull in flight.

  39. Thanks Larry. Hopefully I won’t be absent for too long. It’s just that I’ve got so much to try and sort out at the moment.

    Thanks Jan :)

    Thank you JoLynne :)

    Thanks Pat. The Crows over here are usually wary of people, but these guys have got used to me, (they’re from my local lake), and I can practically touch them.

    Thanks Ryan :)

  40. Superb collection Keith. I do like the Crows and the Treecreeper is a very difficult bird to photograph...Hope things turn out well for you in the future.

  41. You got some wonderful shots, Keith. I love the Crested Grebes in their baroque-looking plumage. Hope things work out for you soon!

  42. Keith, I'll be praying for you! For everything to work out just right, and a nice break when you've sorted it all out.

    Beautiful photos!

    Hang in there...sending you and Jim big hugs! :)

  43. Thanks Trevor :)

    Hilke, thank you :)

    Thank you Jen :)

  44. Great stuff Keith. I hope you can solve your problems as soon as possible!

  45. Thanks Andor.
    Slowly getting there :)

  46. All shots are wonderful, but I have to mention the cute and funny Great Crested Grebes as well as the flying Gull at the bottom. Gorgeous!
    Take care and try not to work too hard... :-)

  47. ...sounds like a good deal of stress is coming your way. Thank goodness for birds. They sooth so much!! You have a gorgeous collection here too. This Halloween I started painting crows and totally fell in love with them. They are gorgeous when you study them up close. I love your photos of them.

  48. Thanks JM :)

    Thanks Kelly. It's all very tiring at the moment. I could do with a holiday lol

  49. Oh, I hope your Life goes back to normal soon!
    You almost made it to April 2nd - hang in there!
    The photos are gorgeous!
    I would love to see the Grebes!