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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

An update

Ten straight days, crazy shifts, and mind numbing meetings, are beginning to take its toll. I’m knackered! And that’s being polite.

A much welcome day off on Saturday, then another 7 day stretch, a day off, then 4 more days, and finally I get a week off. Hope I last that long.

Still not decided what I’m going to do once work finally ends, but that’s not till about August or September, so a few weeks yet. A couple of things I have done, is spend some money though.

A friend is building me a new computer, to replace this unstable one I have. The new one will be quite a beast when it’s done, and so it should, it’s cost a bloody fortune. The second treat is a new camera.
Money that should maybe be spent on the future; but what the heck.

I’ve never had a sensible head on my shoulders, so I figure why start now.

I haven’t managed any pictures recently, but here’s a couple for now, from a few weeks ago.



Off to work soon, till 10 p.m., but I’ll try and catch up with everyone later.

See ya.


  1. Congrats on your new computer and on these two beautiful pictures. I've not been able to take pictures neither lately ;-)

  2. Very beautiful photos dear Keith! I wish you the best for your work. Please remember, when one door closes another one opens!

  3. ;) Wild Keith is back ! lol
    Bet you will do lots of great things with new cam and computer !! Even if .....
    Yeah I know ... no sensible head ;)

  4. Yeah, why not splash out and enjoy yourself. As they say you can't take it with you.
    Any plans for the week off?

  5. Beautiful...one of my favs the Goldfinch! WORK bahummmbuggg--try to hang in there, are you close to retirement,maybe I have 4 more yrs before I can officially retire..till then I have to do all sorts to make ends meet--
    OH do tell us about your new camera--

  6. Great photos!! I really like the fuzzy feather quality of the first. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  7. Gorgeous photos Keith! How exciting, the prospect of a new camera and new computer, don't spend all that redundancy money at once... but then again, to hell with it... why not? :)

    Pleeeeaaase don't work too hard Keith!

  8. Think of the new computer and camera as a business investment into your new career. Those photos are lovely.

  9. Thanks for the dose of beauty today - hope your crazy schedule will calm down a bit again, but good that you're paying for new toys!!! :)

  10. Don’t work too hard Keith; just remember,you can’t do too much for a good boss. lol.

    Aah, a new computer and camera eh, does this mean we’re going to get 'even better' videos now?

    Take care mate. :0)

  11. Hi Keith, so what camera are you thinking of getting.

  12. ...with a new camera and new computer, you will be flying! These are both gorgeous photos. I love the robin and the thorns showing on the blackberry(?) cane.

  13. I am please to see that you are going to spend your money on a new computer and a new CAMERA. The Goldfinch and the Robin were marvellous. I'll see you the next time.

  14. New camera???? Good for you. Good to see your back or still here I guess it is.

  15. A couple of lovely photos to keep us going. Take it easy on Saturday, though I bet you will be visiting your favourite haunt at daybreak lol.

  16. Hi Keith, with that much work you deserve to reward yourself with a new camera and computer, have a great week off and hope you get some great images.

  17. Thanks Chris. Hopefully have the computer by Friday :)

    Thank you Müge; I hope you’re right :)

    Pescalune, thank you. One day I’ll grow up sensible lol

    Cheers Frank. Hopefully a few trips out on the week off, but nothing planned yet.

    Thanks Sondra. I’m not too far off for retirement, and I could take early retirement now, on my company pension. An option I’m thinking about.
    The camera isn’t released here yet; about April/May. It’s the Fuji FinePix HS20.

    Thanks Gary. The Goldfinch is a lovely bird.

    Thanks Jan. yea, I need to slow down a bit, to enjoy the new toys. lol

    Thanks JoLynne. That sounds a good idea :)

    Texwisgirl, thank you. Can’t beat a bit of ‘retail therapy’ lol

    Thanks Trevor. Yea, the camera shoots HD video, so it should look a bit better lol

    Roy, the camera is the new Fuji FinePix HS20. It looks the dogs wotsits ;)

    Thank you Kelly. New toys help to brighten the days lol
    Yea, the Robin is on a Blackberry bush. Amazing how they always manage to miss the thorns.

    Thanks Bob. Yea, I couldn’t waste the money on bills lol

    Thanks Dale. A few more weeks, and then some time to rest a bit. :)

    Cheers John. Yea, that’s the plan. Get round the lake before the boats and joggers lol

    Thank you Bob. I’m looking forward to the time off.

  18. Spend your hard earned cash on whatever pleases you. My advice but from a man that has had a mortgage for 33 years and still has 10 to go.

    You don't have to publish this but I just wanted to give you support. Take care mate.

  19. Well Keith reading about the Fuji, it looks pretty special and very suited to what you do especially with video as well. Good choice. I started with a Fuji "Bridge" camera S5500, it was very good an reliable back then and the technology has come on leaps and bounds since. At least you wont need to lug that 100-400mm lens around so much. (The fuel costs for the "JCB" is getting worse by the day) {:)

  20. Andrew, thank you. Appreciate your comment.

    Cheers Roy. Yea, it does look a lot of camera for the money. The video was a big attraction for me, and the zoom lens.

  21. I just went through a bunch of your photos on flickr and I'm just blown away by your photography! Each image I saw, I just gasped at the beauty! I'm adding you to my reader now!

  22. hi keith, sounds a bit hectic to say the least, i suppose it gives you a bit of time to work out what you're gonna do in the future, hope it all turns out to your liking, great shots, maybe you could channel your thoughts in that direction, you certainly have the skills.

  23. Jill, thank you for your kind words. Appreciate them.

    Denzil, thanks. It sure is hectic ;)

  24. A new camera and a new computer sounds like a good opportunity to me! You should sell your photos!

  25. I see that your UK robins look quite different from those in the US - Pacific NW. Ours are a bigger, longer bird with a heavy yellow beak. Interesting.
    Congrats on the PC. As to spending money now - hey you never know what tomorrow will bring and the camera will give you pleasure now.
    As always, am envious of your photo ability.

  26. How interesting that the "Goldfinches" and "Robins" in your country look so different from the ones here in the states. Great captures!

  27. 2 very nice images...as always here. You are constant on quality ;)

  28. Thanks Shelley. That would be my dream job lol

    Rustedgranny, thank you for stopping by, and leaving a comment. Appreciate it.

    Thanks Jean. They do look very different, don't they.

    Thank you Dominic :)

  29. Wonderful little winged birds. The little Goldfinch is a beauty. Have a wonderful day and get out with your camera. :)

  30. Quite a treat the two birdies, my word!

  31. Oh dear, I feel your pain work related, hubby did some similar shit for the last 8 months, is now off for a short while and will be doing a worse one for the coming 3 months, we shall see).
    Hope your time will pass fast & you'll catch some good sleep in between! Stay safe!

    Love those tiny wee fellows, cuties!

    Re computer and camera: Why not. You never know what the future will bring and NEEDING somethings is always relative ;)

  32. Oh jeah, a new computer, a new camera - that´s really good news first! Only a few days and you can show us the results of the new camera;-) The little robin on this post is absolute lovley! Last weekend I have hat a "magic moment" with a robin in the garden. I will show it in the next post.... A good new week and a lot of nice moments from Luzia.

  33. agreed.... you only live once. Unfortunatly its the work that pays for the days out I guess so think positive... its the means to all the good things in life.....
    so Good luck with the PC and the camera and happy days ahead

  34. Sorry for late replies;

    Thanks Lisa. The camera had its first test today :)

    Thank you Amila :)

    Thanks Nicole. I just have to get used to them both now lol

    Thank you Lucy. I'll look forward to your Robin post.

    Thanks Dave. Yea, it's good to have a spend sometimes :)

  35. Both are great shots but especially the Goldfinch!!