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Friday, 29 April 2011

A farewell to April.

The eve of the weekend, and a new month looming; so the last few from April.

I'll kick of with a couple of flowers

 Cowslip. These have almost finished here now, but they've been a real treat to see.

 Wood Sorrel. A lovely flower, that carpets a woodland floor.

 Ullswater. A reminder of the great time I spent in the company of Adrian, recently.

A selection of birds.

 A Wren. This tiny bird was really scolding me. I think I may have inadvertently wandered too close to her nesting site.

 A Moorhen, taking a stroll in the April sunshine.

 An Oystercatcher. One of a pair, that are hopefully breeding at my local lake.

 Song Thrush, posing in the sun.

 Lesser Black-backed Gull. I hope. My gull ID's leave a lot to be desired at times.

 Pied Wagtail. At the waters edge, of lake Ullswater.

And to end this selection, another shot of the Dipper, that I was so pleased to see recently.

Enjoy the weekend.


  1. That Dipper is so good Keith. The Pied Wagtail is great shot to.
    Did you climb that hill.??

  2. Wow that's a fantastic farewell to April and this dipper shot is simply splendid! The whole set is beautiful thought!!! I love the first one a lot!

  3. I am hopeless when it comes to gull ID's. Love the wood sorrel shot. I've planted quite a bit of it in my yard.

  4. Hi Keith...the wood sorrel is lovely and I like those little white flowers too!!
    Wonderful ode to April...the Dipper photo is very nice!!
    I would not live under that hill, but it very pretty !!
    Weekend Hugs!!

  5. Cheers Roy. Seeing the Dippers were one of the real treats for me Roy. I climbed all the hills; with my eyes lol
    Climbing stairs is about my limit now.

    Thanks Chris. It's been a great month; and one day still to go.

    Theresa, thank you. I love the boldness of such a small bird.

    Thanks Mike. I'm glad I'm not the only one with gull ID trouble lol

  6. Almost missed your comment grammie; you snuck in while I wasn't looking lol
    Enjoy your weekend :)

  7. I like the wagtail reflected in the water. I also like the oystercatcher among the tiny flowers.

  8. Great set Keith. The Pied Wagtail and the Dipper are excellent.
    Lets hope we continue to have some more wonderful wildlife watching for May ;)

  9. You have had a superb month...........good to see you.

  10. Such a variety of colorful blooms and birds, Keith. Just lovely.

    Will you be dancing around the Maypole tomorrow? :)

  11. Thanks JoLynne. The Oystercatchers are very striking with their orange bills and eyes.

    Thanks Trevor; let's hope so.

    Adrian, it's been a cracker of a month; even had new birds this morning round the lake.

    Thanks Nancy. A rare and awful sight to see me dancing lol

  12. Lovely set Keith. In spite of you work load you have gathered a great set of photos this month.

  13. Thanks John. It's been a great month. :)

  14. Hi Keith,
    April has been a funny month and not in the `ha ha` sense of the word. We have had far less rain than we should have, 95% less where I live, however the birds have still been arriving in their droves and the flowers have been blooming and the trees bursting forth with their promise of things to come!
    A lovely group of shots to celebrate an `unusual` April!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  15. Pretty good serie, love the flower's and the Wagtail ;)

  16. Great series, Keith!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  17. Hi Keith!! your bird shots are always fantastic. like the touch of a few flowers also. I am in awe of the pic of Ullswater. now that mountain behind the house is a bit intimidating. all I can think of is a mud slide or avalanche. beautiful though.

  18. A lovely selection Keith! The Dipper is my favourite but they are all beautiful.

  19. Thanks John. Yea, it's been a very good month here, with some lovely sunny days.

    Dominic, thank you :)

    Thanks Gary :)

    Thanks Doreen. I think I could live with that threat there; such a beautiful area.

    Thank you Sarah :)

    Thanks Jan. My favourite too :)

  20. I love the flowers. We dont have anything like that here in my part of Canada so when I opened your page I was in aww and love your view . Stunning and Outstanding as always. A Dream away for me and I hope not too far away.
    Lovely beyond words.
    I love the Wood Sorrel. A wall hanger for sure.
    Happy May Keith and I still at times want to call you swamppy.. That wont do :)

  21. Thanks Andrew :)

    Thank you Lisa. I don't mind what I'm called; even insults lol
    Swampy; that brings back some good memories :)

  22. The last photo of the Dipper is my favourite, Keith, and the hill with the house is in the second place of my imaginary scale. I am looking forward to your welcoming of May :-)

  23. ...hope you had a good weekend, Keith! Love the Oystercatcher...and the cowslips...and the wren is adorable. I love the composition with the lichens showing so well.

  24. Thanks Petra. I've made a start with May; but I need to take a short break :)

    Thanks Kelly. Weekends never last long enough lol

  25. Happy May day Keith!! You started out with a BANG..good for you--I cant think of a better way to spend the day!! LOVE that Dipper shot..

  26. Thanks Sondra. It was great to see and get pictures of the Dipper. A bird I'd not seen in years.