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Sunday, 10 April 2011

The new gear

I'll get back to a proper post soon, and some visits; I've a few days off coming up. That'll be when it rains, probably.

For now though, I thought I'd share the new stuff with you.

The new camera; Fuji Finepix HS20

A bridge camera, with lots of features.

The important ones are the 30 times zoom lens, and the HD video capability. And compared to the Canon, it's as light as a feather.
It's taking a bit of getting used to, but seems Ok so far.

The other bit of new kit, is the computer.

A real beast! It didn't fit on my existing computer desk, so it has to sit on the floor.

It's made up of the following; although none of it means jack to me. I'm not techy minded.

Intel quad Core i7 processor, 3.2 GHz
ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 460 graphics card
Intel® Desktop Board DX58SO
6GB RAM memory
60GB SSD hard drive, for programmes and operating system
2TB Hard drive for video, pictures and documents
1TB Hard drive for music. I like a bit of rock now and then ;)
And Windows 7

 My messy desk.

It's a pretty fast machine, but the leap from XP to 7, is taking a bit of getting used to.

I don't like the way it makes its own folders when I import picture and video files to where I want them to go, and a couple of other minor niggles, but I guess I'll get used to it in time.

Work is still quite hectic, with meetings and things. The end draws near, and I still ain't got a bloody clue what I'm going to do yet. 
A most welcome day off work today, and the sun shone. I spent a few hours at my local lake, and now I should start to sort through the pictures. A few are on my other blog, and here's a couple for here:
These were with the Canon. 

 A shy Blackcap

 A Tulip, from my garden

I'll catch up with everyone eventually, and in the meantime, enjoy whatever you are doing.


  1. Better than Christmas. A great processor and 6 GBytes of ram. no going brewing tea for you now. I'm not sure about bridge cameras but they will displace DSLR's very soon. A good time to buy I think. Looking at the reviews I suspect you have chosen wisely.
    PS. Ditch word verification it's a pain for me.

  2. Can't wait to see some images from that new Bobby Dazzler of yours!

  3. It's good to treat yerself now and then :)
    It's pretty fast; it's up and running by the time I've opened a bottle ;)

  4. Thanks Jillsy. I've a few to sort out at the moment, but I'll do a post soon. :)

  5. WOW Thats a great Camera! I use a Kodak Bridge although I would love a new DSLR Canon with a 500 mm lens but I cant carry that around! I have an old Minolta 35 mm with a 500 lense of course its a film camera but its HEAVY so I know a DSLR would be the same. My Kodak has a 24X zoom...
    BUT When I saw the photo of your desk...I thought I was seeing double I GOTTA send you the photo of mine you will be amazed!

  6. I had a Fuji some time ago, great camera but it only had 10x zoom. Not so useful for nature photography though.
    I tried to help a friend with his computer but Windozy 7 was so different to XP I was no help at all.

  7. Ohhh, I love the tulip! I never had a chance to photograph them here and now it's too hot and they are all gone. :(

    I got a bridge camera too (for Christmas) and I got the Fujifilm HS10, which I chose because of the zoom lens and the video too. I am still learning the controls, but one thing I wanted was to be able to control the camera like a DSLR but not have all the weight or have to change lenses...and I cannot stand the manual focus! It enlarges the middle part of the screen so you can see it better, and I cannot tell if it is in focus or not. UGH.

    Takes some getting used to, I guess. Let me know if you figure out any tips/tricks and I'll do the same for you!

  8. Sondra, my desk is a bit untidy; full of notes and stuff. I'm not sure what's on there lol
    I'll be interested to see yours ;)
    The camera seems OK so far. Need more practice with it though.

    John, Windows 7 is good, and I'm sure it'll be better when I get used to it.

    Thanks Jen. My Tulips are just starting to flower here. ;)
    Have to agree on the manual focus of the camera; it is a bit strange! lol
    Certainly will pass on any tips. :)

  9. I wish you a good luck with all that things and I m happy to see your nice photographies
    big hugh Kathrin

  10. Oh congrats on the new gear. Looking forward to seeing what you will do with it. Love that tulip shot.. it's a beauty.

  11. Ooooh, smart new gear :)
    I'ts always nice to treat yourself. Have fun. ;o)
    Great Tulip shot.

  12. Thank you Kathrin. It's like learning all over again :)

    Thank you Hilary. I was pleased with the Tulip shot. I think I need more practice with the new camera though lol

    Thanks Trevor. Just need some time now to experiment with it all ;)

  13. I wish for you very many good pictures you make with the new gear.

  14. I just hate that - did I loose my comment - and was a long one. let me know if you didn't get it and I'll by email.

  15. Welcome back Keith... I've missed you!

    The processor you have was recommended to me also by a very knowledgeable young man in Curry's!! Seemed to think it was just the ticket for anyone wanting to edit and process pictures. I shall be interested to see what you think of it - and Windows 7 too !!

    Love the tulip....

  16. nice to get some new, faster toys! great photos - love that tulip!!!

  17. Hi Keith, yes the camera should be great for what you do, especially with the video etc.
    The PC, well you could probably control a Moon Shot with that.{:)
    That Tulip is truly amazing, a great photograph that would win any competition.

  18. Thanks Kozma. I need to practice a bit more I think ;)

    Keeping the DSLR Pete. The Fuji is good; but not a match for the Canon lol

    Ginger, only got this comment, sorry. Always enjoy an e-mail though :)

    Thanks Tricia. I'm told the set up will allow me to edit pictures and videos, without any problems. So far, so good. Windows 7 takes some getting used to though.
    I did have Office 2010, but it wasn't backwards compatible with other versions, so I put 2000 back on.

    Texwisgirl, thank you. I was pleased with the Tulip. The new toys seem to be working Ok; for now. :)

    Thanks Roy. I think the PC will probably outlive me lol

  19. It's a new computer, a new camera and what else do we get, oh, I nearly forget, the Blackcap and Tulip.

  20. Thanks Bob. I just need a few more hours in the day now lol

  21. Wow did you treat yourself. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  22. Wow a lot of new gears to be familiarized with Keith... Let's hope everything will be fine for the new Cam and the new computer... Tulips!!! Gosh we have nothing yet, not even leaves on the trees! And now that I'm writing we have a huge snowy-icy storm!!!

  23. Well now...aren't you uptown Rad now?
    I don't know you all that well but instinctively feel that you darn well deserve these new toys..er...I meant much needed gear.:)

  24. Crikey! That's as big as our hub at work (well, it looks it!). Good to see you are having fun Keith. Fab!

  25. Awesome photos, Keith, and nice camera and computer, I'm jellous. I love the Techi stuff. I hope you get a new job, as soon as the old one is done. That would be great.

  26. Hi Keith, great photos! That Tulip is breathtaking!!

    I was fascinated by your new toys ;) I love seeing what kit other people have. My golly! That computer is a serious bit of stuff, 2TB for photos etc...WOW!!! I can see you are going to have great fun, well done, you deserve it :)

    I have been dithering over upgrading my Canon for ages now but am so worried about the weight, that is a real issue for me and I can't afford to make an expensive mistake, just not sure what to do.

  27. Congratulation on the new Comp. and Camera.. Wow. I need that comp. and badly. Soon maybe.
    Love your images. Stunning. Cant wait to see more and more with your new cam.

  28. Thanks Gary. I kept telling myself it was good therapy lol

    Thanks Chris. Wow, snowy-ice storm! Our winter seems so far away now.
    Take care.

    Thanks Jean. They were the 'must have' purchases lol
    Just have to re learn now.

    Angie, it is a fair size. I think the old case would sit inside :)

    Thank you Horst. The techi side of things I'm hopeless at. A very good friend built it all for me.
    Jobs are a bit scarce here at the moment unfortunately.

    Thanks Jan. The Fuji is a pretty good camera; it packs a lot into a small package. I'm still learning with it, but it certainly is light. I still prefer the results from the Canon though.

    Thanks Lisa. I could do with a couple of days just out with the new camera. Hopefully soon :)

  29. that new pc looks a beast, be interesting what you think of your new camera, changed to windows 7 about 12 months ago and find it really good, great shot of the tulip, good luck on the job front

  30. Impressive monster your new computer !! Wow - lol !!
    Lookinf forward to the wonderful photos you will take with new cam
    Enjoy and have lot of fun with your new toys ;-)

  31. Thanks Denzil. Hoping to give the camera a good testing soon :)

    Pescalune, thank you. Yea, it's quite a beast! lol

  32. ...both of these shots are stellar, Keith. Love all the shadows in the tulip. (Looking forward to what you get with the new camera. Being lighter is a huge plus...)

  33. Thanks Kelly.
    The new camera is taking a bit of getting used to, but I'm gradually getting there.

  34. Gorgeous Tulip shot! Hope I get to see a Blackcap one of these days :)
    The computer sure looks impressive! One of these days I'll get a decent computer again too,.... at least a decent Laptop ;)
    Cool camera! You'll get used to it soon :)

  35. Thanks Nicole. I'm slowly getting used to the camera ;)

  36. Uaaaaaahhhhhh, you don´t know how a real messy desk looks;-)) Congratulation to your new camera! hugs from Luzia.

  37. Thanks Lucy. I'm glad I'm not alone with the 'messy' desk lol