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Sunday, 17 April 2011

A quick Sunday post

A brief post for today, and then early tomorrow I'm off to meet up with fellow blogger Adrian, somewhere in the Lake District.

I understand there might not be internet or phone signal while we're there, so some catching up to do when I get back.

Just a few pictures for now.



 Blue Tit


 House Sparrow


 Willow Warbler

See ya when I get back. Got a bag to pack now.


  1. Have q wonderful break Keith - you deserve it :D

  2. Gorgeous pics as always, Keith. You and Adrian - two of the best blogging photographers out there. I can only imagine the results. Enjoy!

  3. Hi Keith...Love the first photo,but of course I am a flower nut!!
    The Primroses here a in pots lol..you could sell them for $5.00 for a 4inch pot..lol
    Very nice photos of your feathered friends.
    Have a great time on your time away. Big Hugs!!

  4. Thanks Tricia; I'm really looking forward to it.

    Thank you Hilary. Got me blushing here lol

    Thank you grammie. I thought you'd enjoy the flowers ;)

  5. Hi m8 hope you have a good time hopefully bump into you again round one of the lakes :)

  6. Great series!! Youi are so far ahead of us weather wise. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  7. Hi Zeph; cheers. Yea, I'm usually wandering around the lake most days. :)

    Thanks Kerri :)

    Thanks Gary. It's been very sunny here today, almost like summer :)

  8. Love the flowers and the birds. First time I have enjoyed seeing a House Sparrow. Is it true that they are declining in the UK and Europe? You can have the ones here in the states back.

    I really like your capture of the Willow Warbler singing!

  9. Lovely birds, Keith. Especially the Blue Tit and the Wren. Wonderful spring climate :) Greetings!

  10. Thanks Jean. Yea, unfortunately the numbers of House Sparrows are in decline; some places have none at all now.
    They used to be so common when I was a kid.

    Thank you Joanna. It's been a lovely day here today.

  11. I love your look at spring keith, what a pretty world!

  12. Have a nice time with Adrian. Beautiful photos.

  13. Thanks Springman. It certainly is a wonderful world, to use one of "Satchmo's" most famous songs.

    Thank you Bob. Looking forward to it.

  14. wow that s so nice, I m happy to see that have a great time, big hugh Kathrin

  15. Great set of images Keith.
    Have a good time in the Lakes and I hope you manage to get lots of super subjects to photograph and video.
    I look forward to seeing them when you get back {;o)

  16. A brilliant set to keep us going. Enjoy your visit.

  17. Lovely selection my friend.

    Have fun in the Lake District but remember it takes a bit longer up there to walk all around the lakes!

  18. Great work Keith!
    Have a great time out there!

  19. ...have fun on your trip. You have a lovely series here...love the Cowslip...

  20. Hope you will have a wonderful day :)
    These pics are awesome Keith ! Don't even know which one is my fav !!
    And can almost hear the birds singing !!
    Great work :)

  21. Beautiful flowers and birds,Keith,I'm sure you'll have a lot of interesting stuff to show when you get back!

  22. Lovely photos Keith, always so difficult to pick a favourite but for me it has to be the Willow Warbler, beautiful!

    I assume you are safely there by now. Have a great time, you deserve a break :)

  23. Wish I could be there with you and Adrian to just sit and listen and learn.

  24. Wow I love the attitude of the wren a lot, but the blue tit is also very nice... I hope you enjoy the break!

  25. The blue tit image is a work of art!

  26. the wren is so cute! have fun and enjoy your trip.

  27. Thanks everyone; I had a great time.
    I'll just do some quick replies for now, and try to sort out a post for later.
    Not unpacked yet lol

    Kathrin, thank you. Had an excellent time.

    Thanks Trevor. Got some good pictures, I think. Haven't sorted them properley yet though.

    Thank you John. It was sunshine all the way :)

    Cheers Frank. Some beautiful lakes up there. We stayed at Ullswater.

    Thank you Dave :)

    Thanks Kelly :)

    Thank you Pescalune. Had a great time, and took hundreds of pictures lol

    Amila, thank you. Long job now of sorting through all the pictures :(

    Thank you Jan. Yea, there and back now lol
    Just a quick visit.

    Thanks Dale. We had a great time. :)

    Thanks Chris. :)

    Thank you Dominic :)

    Doreen, thank you :)

  28. I love primroses but I have never seen them to grow wildly. I usually buy some in a pot in spring and after their flowers are gone I replant them into the garden. But they never appear next year...

    PS The shot of the Chaffinch is No 1 for me, the bird splendidly personifies a pretentious and well-off man :-)

  29. Thanks Petra. We have quite a few Primrose growing wild here. They are a lovely sight.