Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Down on the water

Things are a bit manic at the moment, with a new hard drive to get back to how I want it, trying to learn how to build a website, looking for work that don't exist, and trying to take pictures in-between.
I never used to struggle with all this life crap, so what's different now?

Some water and birds.


 This Canada Goose gosling was biting his older brother, for some reason.

 Cygnets, eagerly waiting for mum to bring some food to the surface.

 Greylag Goose

 Some more of those goslings

And I'll finish on two pictures from a sequence.

A few days ago, I was watching some cygnets feed in a small group, when one broke away, and began to swim off, bobbing its head as it went.
Coming towards it, one of the parents, also bobbing its head, like a mutual greeting.
As they got close, they almost touched bills, swam close together, and then joined the rest of the family group. A touching moment.

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Friday, 24 June 2011

Friday flowers

Or, Floral Friday.

First one will be a profusion of poppies, a plethora of poppies, .................

Ok, I'll stop with this nonsense. There is a word for this kind of thing; but it's not the one I have in my head at the moment.
Anyway, something new for me. This might last as regular feature; or might not. But for now, I give you,

Friday Flowers 

Ok, let me know if you prefer Friday Flowers, or Floral Friday.

Have a great day, and weekend.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Today I'll......

...........start with a flower.

 Because I can. A wild Geranium, of some sort.

Ok, the birds.

 A female Blackcap with lunch. It looks like a female Banded Demoiselle has met its end.

 A young Chaffinch.

 Some young Greylag goslings, snuggling up to mum.

 A young Robin.

 An older, and wiser Little Owl.

And to finish on, a young Heron, that hadn't learnt that he has to fly away from me yet.

See lots more birds from around the world, courtesy of WBW.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Time to sort out things

We've finally been issued our notice at work, so we now know when our respective last days will be. Mine is September 11th, so a few more weeks with some money coming in; after that, who knows.
This week has been spent working an early shift, (and tomorrow), trying to get a CV together, (in case I need one), looking for any jobs that are out there, (nothing), and making a website, (torturous when you ain't got a bloody clue what you're doing!).
And blood tests next week, and then a cardiac clinic; to see how I'm doing, I suppose.

Not had any time to visit my local lake properly, which was a bugger, because there was a Little Tern there Thursday morning, and I missed it. I've been each day to leave the seed though, on the way to work, and the burnt out picnic table has been replaced; and I've had to replace the peanut feeder that the squirrel has eaten.
Plus I've not had much time to catch up on everyone's blogs either; sorry.

So some pictures, but from the last couple of weeks I'm afraid.

 A Sedge Warbler

 Coot and chicks

 Mallard duckling, of dubious parentage. Rather beautiful, I thought.

 Coot chicks

 Canada Geese goslings

 Blue Tit

 Common Gull. The one with the broken wing, from my local, that I've become rather attached to. He's survived against all the odds.

And finally, one to go out on..........

 Mute Swan and cygnet

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Great Crested Grebes

It's that day again........WBW.

I've featured these birds before, but they're such beautiful and interesting birds, you got them again!

At my local lake, I'm fortunate to have a few families of these beauties around at the moment, and this particular family, have given me some wonderful picture opportunities.

The two adults have 3 healthy chicks, that are growing fast; and that's due to the expert fishing skills of the male. He is a great provider.

Although sometimes he does seem to bring rather large fish,

 and the young ones sometimes struggle to swallow them.

This particular morning was no exception, and after struggling with the poor fish, for what seemed ages,

dad eventually decided to have it himself.

A fascinating few moments spent in the company of these lovely birds.

For more birds, from around the world, click on the link here.


Friday, 10 June 2011

Here comes the weekend

A few to go into the weekend with.

 I seem to have a lot of pictures of geese at the moment, for some reason. These are Canada Geese goslings.

Here's another, a little bigger, with his mum, or dad.

And another proud mum.

Female Mallard, with her young.

Ok, enough of the 'cute' stuff for now.

 A Little Grebe.

 Black-headed Gull, with something for a nest, maybe?

 A Robin, with a snack.

Pied Wagtail, posing this morning.

 Canada Geese goslings. Growing up fast now.

And last one from a noisy adult.

Have a great weekend, whatever you are doing.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Well, I've managed to get some new pictures over the last few days, and the first one is what I'm using for my current header, over on the other blog.

 It looks to me, like he's wondering why he hasn't got a signboard just for him.

A great day out with Trevor yesterday, to a place called RyeMeads, produced a few interesting pictures. Here's a couple.

 This one's a favourite of mine; a Canada Goose gosling, with mum, or dad.

We saw plenty of geese, and ducks.

 Here's a rather wet Gadwall. It rained a bit while we were there.

A Whitethroat posed for us;

in fact, I think they were one of the most numerous birds there.

Same day, but in my garden,

a beautiful Feral Pigeon. Often overlooked; how can you overlook such a handsome collar.

A couple from today to finish on.

I spent a great moment watching a family of Great Crested Grebes.

One parent carried some young on her back, and the other brought a fish along for breakfast.
(A couple more pictures, and a short video, on my other blog).

And I'll finish with a juvenile Robin.

He seemed as fascinated by me, as I was of him.

Lots more birds from around the world can be found here, as part of WorldBirdWednesday.

Have a great week