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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Down on the water

Things are a bit manic at the moment, with a new hard drive to get back to how I want it, trying to learn how to build a website, looking for work that don't exist, and trying to take pictures in-between.
I never used to struggle with all this life crap, so what's different now?

Some water and birds.


 This Canada Goose gosling was biting his older brother, for some reason.

 Cygnets, eagerly waiting for mum to bring some food to the surface.

 Greylag Goose

 Some more of those goslings

And I'll finish on two pictures from a sequence.

A few days ago, I was watching some cygnets feed in a small group, when one broke away, and began to swim off, bobbing its head as it went.
Coming towards it, one of the parents, also bobbing its head, like a mutual greeting.
As they got close, they almost touched bills, swam close together, and then joined the rest of the family group. A touching moment.

More bird moments at WBW



  1. all of your images are just beautiful, but those last two just made my heart quicken. absolutely loving and lovely...

  2. love all the baby shots Keith. and the story with the last two shots. very nice!

  3. texwisgirl, thank you. The swans provided a lovely moment.

    Thanks Doreen. It was great to see the swans behave like that.

  4. Love them all. Brilliant photography

  5. Such sweet photos--especially of the cygnets touching bills.

    Hope you get your hard drive in order soon as that cannot be fun.

  6. Great photos and the last two are beauties!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  7. Thank you Lisa :-)

    Thanks Gail. Third time with the hard drive, in 3 years now. I'm getting an expert lol

    Thank you Gary :-)

  8. Magical story book shots Keith. The intimate nature of the last two could almost make me forget the Greylag goose on the daisy covered hill. Not quite! Superb shots all. You are on your A game!

  9. The cygnets were adorable ..great photos! And the last two ... swoon

  10. These are beautiful. I could look at these photos all day. It's like I'm right there. You capture the moments so tenderly.

  11. Lovely babies, and terrific photos.

  12. Awesome collections. I just love all the juvies. The cygnets are really cute.

  13. Thank you Springman, appreciate your comments.

    missing moments, thank you. The swans in the last were delightful to watch.

    Thank you Elizabeth. I'm glad you enjoyed them :-)+

  14. Thanks Bob :-)

    Thank you Eileen. :-)

  15. Things will work out and the images are great as usual. Sorry, I come by often but seem to comment seldom... no excuses.

  16. Glad you were able to squeeze some time for these wonderful shots! I really like the Cygnets!

  17. Thanks Dale. There never seems to be enough time to do all the things we'd like to do ;-)

    Thanks Robin. The cygnets make great subjects :-)

  18. Hi Keith...you are getting soft.lol...the last two photo are adorable...I wonder just how many people realize the love a careing that there is in wildlife..hmmm!!
    The Greylag Goose in the field of daisies I really like ( of course there are flowers)lol
    Of course the little water babies are great!!
    I posted Mom and baby Mallards this week,but nothing like you wonderful photos....your the man lol
    Hugs ♥ Grace

  19. You look very suave and sophisticated in your hat today Keith :)

    Sometimes I think life is just one long struggle but then I look at Nature and your lovely photos and it doesn't seem too bad. Hang in there, it'll all work out in the end!

    Speaking of photos...what a lovely selection. My favourites are the first of the Swan and cygnet, it really is a very tender moment. Of course it could have been getting a telling off for straying away :) Also the cygnets waiting and watching expectantly and the Greylag among the flowers.

  20. thats true love, so fantastic your pics, big hugh Kathrin

  21. Grace, thanks. Yea, a big softy lol

    Thank you Horst

    Thanks Jan. Yea, the hat was a treat to myself. I must stop spending money lol

    Thank you Kathrin :-)

  22. Lovely images Keith.
    You do a great job showing the world the UK's wonderful wildlife..

  23. Such a wonderful group of photos! You are such a talented photographer.
    The Greylag Goose in the daisy field is spectacular and you caught such a tender moment between the cygnet and its parent!

  24. Once again fantastic images,excellent photography Keith.

  25. Once again super shots Bob,outstanding photography.

  26. LIKE THE NEW AVATAR............I love seeing baby animals and birds. A great set.

  27. Hiya,
    A feast again today.
    Never realized Canada Geese could be so cute when they are goslings.
    Snap as to the hard drive problems. I too thought I had learned by now:-)

  28. it's a real pain getting a new hard drive set up as you want it - been there ......

    Great shots as always but the gold star one for me must be the group of cygnets clustered round the parent's head. A one off chance for a composition like that. It would look great on the Countryfile Calendar - if they still do the competition each year. I gave up watching when they moved its timing and dumbed it down.

  29. All beautiful but the last two are very special.

  30. Great pictures Keith, the one of the Goslings is a stunner, well one there and good luck with the work search. My hard drive crashed a couple of weeks ago a right pain! Still sorted now.

  31. Did you get wet for the first one? That's usually how I come back home when I do these low angle pictures ;-) This mallard shot is wonderful Keith, but the two fo the lovely moment are also gorgeous!

  32. What super, uplifting photos Keith. The one that really got me is the shot of the cygnets looking into the water waiting for mom. That is an incredibly beautiful photograph!

  33. Esther, thank you :-)

    Thanks Andrew :-)

    Thanks for your comments Pat, appreciate it.

    Thanks John :-)

    Thank you Adrian. Hope it's not too scary lol

    jocodeane, thank you.
    I needed a bigger HD to put the programmes and system on; thankfully everything else is on extra drives. :-)

    Thanks John. I watched Countryfile on i-player last year, (no tv), because a friend of mine reached a the final 12. I know just what you mean about dumbing down though. It seems the fate of most things these days in the mistaken belief that it makes it more popular.

    Thank you Mick. It was a lovely moment to see.

    Thank you Bob. I think we rely on computers too much these days. I certainly do lol

    Thanks Chris. There's a great spot at my local lake where I took the first, without getting wet lol

    Thank you Larry. Nature gives us some great moments at times.

  34. How lovely for you to be able to observe the family interaction of the swans. Those are the special moments when watching sentient beings, when you are given a little look into their emotional inner life.

    Adorable cygnets and great captures throughout.

  35. Hi there - very nice set of pictures - for all the cuteness of the swan pictures I still find myself liking the duck picture most! Somehow they get overlooked at times, but I think they are a splendid birds - males esp!

    Cheers Stewart M - Australia

  36. Was the Greylag the model for Mother Goose? Your capture is very frame worthy.
    All the babes are sweet but the last 2 shots the sweetest.
    You really have a knack for catching great moments in nature!

  37. What great photos. I do love the kissing photo - parent and child. You got it just right.

  38. you've catpured some great images there Keith!! I hope all the other stuff gets sorted and it will just takes time I guess...Have a great Wednesday

  39. Fabulous images and post Keith! Love those gosling photos.

  40. Thank you Arija. It certainly pays to just watch for a while sometimes.

    Thanks Stewart. I agree. A lot of birds are overlooked just because they are 'common', or 'plain looking'. They all have their own magic.

    Thank you Jean. Very kind of you to say :-)

    Thanks Bill. Birds are such fascinating animals.

    Thank you Sondra.
    Hope it's cooler where you are now. :-)

  41. I love those swan shots. There are much feeling in tham.

  42. Wonderful shots. I love the swans. I just don't see many of them around here. And, of course, the youngsters...precious.

  43. Lots of pretty cut eimage here! Baby birds are such cutties...great shots ;)

  44. Great shots, some really nice eye-level perspective! I adore that greylag goose in the flowers, it has such an interesting angle. Really nice!

  45. NatureFootstep, thank you. It was a lovely encounter with the swans.

    Thank you Tammy. I'm lucky to have swans on almost any stretch or patch of water here.

    Thanks Dominic. Yea, they make great subjects.

    Thanks Pat. The low angles are good, but difficult to get back up again some times these days lol

  46. Great post, Keith. Lovely heart-warming images of the cygnets and goslings.

  47. Totally beautiful captures. I love strolling with you through your nature via your photos (especially with the weather being the way it is over here right now).
    Why things are more of a struggle these days I don't know.
    Maybe because so many things are sapping our energy, the greedy, needy things around us?
    Sometimes I just want to pack a bag, grab my little family and move to a hut in the woods,....
    Best wishes to you!

  48. Thanks Nicole. Your idea sounds perfect to me :-)

  49. If I find a good spot, I'll let you know ;)

  50. You crushed my heart with all your beautiful pictures. They are not really only "some birds and water". They are telling stories of all them- And I think you are presenting your shots wonderfully now and...you very handsome man at you profile picture! Bravo to all your work!

  51. Fantastic photographs here, I love the photographs of the goslings and cygnets. :)

  52. Marias, thank you for your lovely comments. :-)

    Anna, thank you :-)

  53. All shots are wonderful! The third one is my favourite, what a capture.

  54. Thanks JM.
    I quite like that one myself :-)