Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Friday, 24 June 2011

Friday flowers

Or, Floral Friday.

First one will be a profusion of poppies, a plethora of poppies, .................

Ok, I'll stop with this nonsense. There is a word for this kind of thing; but it's not the one I have in my head at the moment.
Anyway, something new for me. This might last as regular feature; or might not. But for now, I give you,

Friday Flowers 

Ok, let me know if you prefer Friday Flowers, or Floral Friday.

Have a great day, and weekend.


  1. Whatever you call it, Keith, it's gorgeous! Great job.

  2. Grand shots............it's got to be Floral Friday.

  3. Wow.. So very beautiful.. I love your POV. Stunning.

  4. HI Keith...oh my goodness..I think I love you lol
    These are just gorgeous...one of my very favorites the Poppy ..the colors are great !!
    So did my love for flowers rub of on you, you old softy lol..and not even a bird in site!!
    How about "Fridays Flora"!!
    Hugs ♥ Grace

  5. Awesome flower photos, love the Poppies.

  6. I love these flowers. I prefer Friday Flowers, it is straight from the heart.

  7. Thank you Linda. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Thanks Adrian. First vote cast :-)

    Lisa, thank you :-)

    Grace, thanks lol
    Yea, I must be getting soft. :-)

    Horst, thank you :-)

    Thanks Bob. :-)

  8. i'm with bob. straight shot Friday Flowers. :)

    they're just absolutely stunning. your shots are gorgeous. can't wait until next Friday!

  9. Great job, Keith. Photographing flowers is different than birds isn't it? Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  10. Great shots of the poppies. Friday Flowers is a great idea! I think you should keep doing it. These are all beautiful and brightened my morning.

  11. That red practically glows! i love the idea of Friday Flowers. :)

  12. Floral Friday sounds fine to me. Good idea to concentrate on various views of one species. Grand shots.

  13. First of all, I love poppies. And your shots are amazing! I would say Friday Flowers but it's really up to you :) Greetings.

  14. Lovely images Keith... I don't need a specific day to view beauty.

  15. Absolutely beautiful Keith, what a feast for the eye.

    Floral Friday I think. Either way the photos are gorgeous!

    Hope those tests went OK.

  16. Thank you texwisgirl :-)

    Thanks Gary. At least the flowers don't move away when you get close lol

    Thank you Gail, glad you enjoyed them.

    Elizabeth, thank you. :-)

    Thanks John. The one species idea sounds good :-)

    Thank you Joanna.
    Have a relaxing weekend :-)

    Thanks Andrew

    Thank you Jan.
    A bit bruised after the blood test. Should have the results soon. :-)

    I've had a quick count on the votes so far;
    Friday flowers......................5
    Floral Friday.........................3
    Friday's flora.........................1

  17. These are wonderful shots! I've enjoyed you bird photos and now it looks like I'll have to check for Friday Flowers!

  18. How about TGIFF--Thank Goodness Its Floral Friday!
    LOVE those poppies, Flora is right behind Fauna in my Book of What is Great about being alive!!

  19. Magnificent set of pictures Keith... These are very beautiful red shots and I would prefere Floral Friday ;-)

  20. Friday Flowers OR
    Friday's Flowers for me...
    both slip easily off the tongue

    and the Poppy Pics are amazing :D

  21. I vote for lasting feature. Wonderful poppies! Happy spring.

  22. They're beautiful, and I'm happy to say they're blooming here too. Maybe we're finally catching up.

  23. They're beautiful! I'm happy to say they are blooming here, too, so maybe we're finally catching up to the rest of the world.

  24. so splendid images!! touching and very poetic!

    wish you a nice Summer weekend,

  25. Thanks Pat; glad you enjoyed them

    Thanks Sondra. :-)

    Thank you Chris

    Thanks Tricia

    Thank you Sallie. I hope I can remember to do it next week lol

    Thanks JoLynne

    Isabella, thank you :-)

  26. So beautiful! My favourite shots are #3,4 and 5. They look like paintings.

  27. Looks like you've found a new niche. Well done -- hope to see more. :)

  28. I hope this becomes a regular feature, Keith, because your florals are stunning. My fav is the third...and the first...maybe the second... :-)

  29. Thanks JM :-)

    Thank you Nancy :-)

    Thanks Kelly :-)

  30. Really nice and colorful images, love the use of wide framing ;)

  31. Fabulous Friday Flowers!

    Thanks for the pick-me-up. =D

  32. How very beautiful! Poppies always make me smile.

  33. All I can hear in my head is the Wicked Witch saying "Poppies" over and over. Great photos!

  34. Thanks Arija :)

    Thank you Mike :)

  35. wow! that first shot is fantastic. I planted a poppy plant this year, hope it looks as good as your shots when it blooms. it is white with dark purple center.

  36. Thanks Doreen.
    Your poppy sounds lovely. You'll have to get some pictures when it blooms.