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Saturday, 4 June 2011

May roundup

Not had much chance to get out this month yet, so a few random ones from last month, before they get put away.

 Singing Dunnock

 Common Tern

 Canada Goose family

 Mute Swan, coming in to land

 A bit of a fight

 A young Blackbird

And to finish, a couple of some young Blue Tits. The birds that fledged a few days ago in the garden, visit each day, but I noticed these were from another family.

I'm off to work very soon, but whatever you are doing, do it well, and enjoy it.

Have a good weekend.


  1. those are all beautiful. love the rain falling in the last 2 shots. and wow that's a lot of goslings!!!

  2. Breath taking! I adore the goose family. And the swans are incredible captures.

  3. Great shots, Keith. I especially liked the one of the fighting swans.

  4. Excellent set of pictures Keith. I love the swan shots and I'm happy to see you are getting the chicks. It has been starting in Iceland too...

  5. Thats a great shot of the Tern Keith.

  6. Wonderful photos!! I love the bright gold lichen on the branch by the singing dunnock--beatiful babies too!! Happy JUNE!

  7. An excellent round up Keith! I love the Dunnock and the rather bashful looking young Blackbird.

    Was that the swan fight you had to break up or are they all at it down your way :)

  8. Thanks Theresa. I think the goslings were from two families. I love the way they all look out for each other.

    Thank you Elizabeth. The geese are so photogenic at this time of year.

    Thanks Linda. The fighting swans were quite viscious.

    Thanks Chris. A great time of year with all the new life emerging.

    Thanks Roy. They're a bit easier than Swifts lol

    Thank you Sondra. I hope June is as good as May was :-)

    Thanks Jan. Yea, the swans were the pugilists from the other day. A lot of chasing across the water at the moment, but these two really meant business; or at least one did.

  9. Great photos, the best are no.1 & 2, they are my favourites.

  10. Thanks Bob.
    Hoping to get some pictures later, and tomorrow.

  11. What a lovely set of picture, Keith. I particularly like the ones of the feeding Blue Tits in the rain.

  12. Goods shots Keith the common tern is a stunner, and good to see I am not the only one who takes pictures in the rain!

  13. The fighting swans are my favourite pic in this post. But the gooes family are lovley:-)) Hugs from Luzia.

  14. Thanks Emma. The little Blue Tits make great subjects.

    Thanks Bob. Yea, a drop of rain don't hurt lol

    Thank you Lucy. The young geese grow up so quickly.

  15. Hey Keith,
    How have you been?I have been pretty busy with the little one keeping me on my toes.What a treat to be going through your posts.You have captured the swans beutifully and I love the tern in flight.
    We are making plans to visit UK sometime in July.Dates not yet final.Would love to catch up...

    So long have a great weekend.


  16. Some great pictures there Keith lets hope June is a good month :)

  17. Thanks Shantana.
    I imagine Hiya is growing up fast now.
    It would be great to meet up with you and your family if you make it over here.

    Thanks Scott; I hope so.

  18. Great images, love the swan fighting!

  19. Thanks Dominic. It was a spectacular, but brutal sight to see.