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Friday, 17 June 2011

Time to sort out things

We've finally been issued our notice at work, so we now know when our respective last days will be. Mine is September 11th, so a few more weeks with some money coming in; after that, who knows.
This week has been spent working an early shift, (and tomorrow), trying to get a CV together, (in case I need one), looking for any jobs that are out there, (nothing), and making a website, (torturous when you ain't got a bloody clue what you're doing!).
And blood tests next week, and then a cardiac clinic; to see how I'm doing, I suppose.

Not had any time to visit my local lake properly, which was a bugger, because there was a Little Tern there Thursday morning, and I missed it. I've been each day to leave the seed though, on the way to work, and the burnt out picnic table has been replaced; and I've had to replace the peanut feeder that the squirrel has eaten.
Plus I've not had much time to catch up on everyone's blogs either; sorry.

So some pictures, but from the last couple of weeks I'm afraid.

 A Sedge Warbler

 Coot and chicks

 Mallard duckling, of dubious parentage. Rather beautiful, I thought.

 Coot chicks

 Canada Geese goslings

 Blue Tit

 Common Gull. The one with the broken wing, from my local, that I've become rather attached to. He's survived against all the odds.

And finally, one to go out on..........

 Mute Swan and cygnet

Have a great weekend.


  1. sorry to hear about the job situation. i hope you'll be able to find another to suit your needs.

    the photos are lovely. those baby coots are so darn ugly, poor things!

  2. Beautiful birdphotos again. My favourite is the second and the last.

  3. Hi Keith...well at least you have a date that you can plan around!!
    So you start with that!!
    Those Coot babies are comical looking,and cute all at the same time lol.
    Love the last one...it so darn adorable!!
    The gull has amazed me how well it has done!!
    Chin-up my friend~~ Hugs!!

  4. I have never seen Coot chicks before and I'm amazed! How ugly and cute at the same time, love them. :-)

    Sorry about the bad news on top of this post. These are such difficult times and no one can take anything for granted. I wish you all the best in a near future.

  5. Change is hard! I finally got a job after looking for 4 yrs! I have been working from home but that sort of fizzled out and wasnt giving me enough income..SO Im back to doing what I gave up in 2001--Upholstery but its OK, if it pays my way then thats all it has to do!
    GREAT photos as usual, those COOTS are a HOOT!! Hope you get it all figured out I thought maybe you would be getting early retirement-

  6. Lovely photos. Glad your gull is surviving. Good luck with the blood tests and CV.

  7. Sorry to hear about your job situation. I recently went through something similar. Thanks for making me smile today though, with these wonderful pictures.

  8. These are lovely photos of birds - full of life. I wish I could take bird shots like this. I hope that you get the job problem sorted out soon. These are hard times.

  9. I'm sorry to hear about your job.

    You could always sell these amazing photographs! :)

  10. Wonderful images!
    Keeping my fingers crossed that everything millwork out for you!
    All the best

  11. Thanks everyone for all the good wishes for the future :-)

    Texwisgirl, thanks. Yea, the Coot chicks have a certain beauty about them lol

    Thank you Kozma :-)

    Thanks grammie. Maybe I can start to organise myself a bit better now ;-)

    JM, thank you. :-)

    Thanks Sondra. Early retirement would be good, but it might not pay all the bills.
    Maybe something will turn up over the next few weeks.

    Thanks Omi :-)

    Elizabeth, thank you :-)

    Thank you Jenny. :-)

    Thanks Jen. Sounds like a good idea :-)

    Thanks Robin :-)

  12. The coot chicks are little crackers. Good luck......drop an e-mail anytime.

  13. I do hope everything turns out for you, and as always, your photo's are a complete joy to see :o)

  14. Those Coot chicks!! :) Lovely photos throughout Keith. Nice to see the gull, a real brave little soldier ;)

    I read and enjoyed the previous post but see I somehow forgot to comment... sorry :(

    I do hope things sort themselves out for you and particularly that the medical side is satisfactory, that of course is the most crucial thing.

    Have you tried approaching any of the bird or wildlife mags on a freelance photography basis?

  15. Looks like the babies are growing up! I love the coots.

  16. Deborah, thank you. I'm a great believer in 'something will turn up'. :-)

    Thanks Jan. Nice idea about the mags.
    I've a couple of pictures in this months Bird Watching; didn't get paid though lol

    Thank you JoLynne. They grow up fast.

  17. A beautiful birds, especially the Sedge Warbler, he is lovely. I haven't seen one this year.

  18. Thanks Bob. I've not seen so many this year myself; but plenty of Reed Warblers though.

  19. Great series Keith. Sorry to hear about work, but maybe you can now do something you want to do. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  20. Nice selection again Keith, good luck with the job search, I will be leaving mine next March also!!

  21. My best wishes for the future Keith but I am sure you will find a solution.
    Beautiful images as always.

  22. Love the Mute Swan shot...and the others as well.
    Good luck with the job search, we're thinking good thoughts for you.

  23. Sorry to hear that Keith, I do hope something will turn up soon for you.

  24. Thanks Gary. A hobby that pays would be great :-)

    Thanks Bob. Sorry to hear about your job too. The country's going down the pan I think.

    Thank you Andrew :-)

    Thanks Dave :-)

    Cheers Roy. I hope so :-)

  25. Love the photos, wowsie! Especially the coot chicks. Something I yet have to see :)

    Well, I sure wish you the Best of Luck for all your endeavors. Blood tests AND work related!
    And I hope you get the webpage sorted out as well. It IS a pain in the *you know where*...!

  26. Lovely birds,old photos or not,and the crested Grebes are fantastic too! I hope you'll find some thing interesting to occupy yourself with,now that you are reaching a turning point,and best of luck!

  27. Keith - good luck for whatever comes your way; be nice if you could find a job relating to wildlife photography eh!

    Love the swan and cygnet picture; another of those "parent and child" moments I feel :D and as for the female Mallard - she's very exotic!

  28. I'm sorry about your job ending in September, and hope there's something perfect for you out there soon.

    I love all of the photos of young. I've never seen coots before, much less babies. Beautiful shots, all of them.

    And don't even think of worrying about blog visits. Do what you need to do.

  29. Thanks Nicole. I'm gradually getting there :-)

    Thank you Amila. More time for photography :-)

    Thanks Tricia. Something will turn up :-)

    Thanks Hilary. Glad you enjoyed them. :-)

  30. Wonderful images, especially the Coots.

    Fingers crossed for your work situation!

  31. Gosh, sorry about your job! I know this is no consolation, but at least you know. I'm wondering week to week what will happen. I hope and pray you will find something very soon. Lovely photos!

  32. Best of luck with your job search. I have been though this. Wouldn't it be nice if you could sell your photos? They are excellent!
    I always like seeing your Blue Tits. Those Coot babes are so darn ugly but are so adorable.
    Love your last shot. You have a great eye!

  33. Thank you Gail. I've a couple of job ideas at the moment. :-)

    Jean, thank you. :-)

  34. Sorry about the situation- I wish you luck! Excellent series of photos.

  35. Such a wonderful assortment! I love those baby coots! I've never seen one!

  36. Thanks Barb. They have a 'certain' beauty about them. :-)

  37. Wonderful photos! Glad to see the injured gull is hanging in there. I sincerely wish you the best in your search for a new job.

  38. Thanks Pat. The gull seems to be surviving quite well so far.

  39. Sorry to hear about your job. My husband has just lost his job so I know how you feel. I'm sure you will find something soon. It's just a matter of time. Be brave:) Greetings!

  40. Thanks Joanna. Tough times ahead, the world over.
    I hope your husband finds some work soon, especially with the little one coming along.

  41. I love the chicks..Wonderful photography.