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Friday, 8 July 2011

Friday Flowers

Purple and prickly.

But first, something green and soft, 'cause I need some help with the ID.

I found this on a Willow, at the edge of my local lake. It looks like a ball of moss. No idea if it's growing there, or a nest of some sort. Any ideas? 
I've since found quite a few, of varying sizes. 

Ok, purple prickly time.

A very random selection, mostly various thistles. First up is a Teasel though.

Enjoy the rest of your day. 



  1. A grand set.......I have seen those balls in trees......always assumed it was mistletoe but it isn't.

  2. wow....the second-to-last photo is stunning (I love that butterfly!). It makes me think a little bit of the way mistletoe grows...very cool!

  3. Lovely shots! Sorry I can't help with your ID.
    I'm always taken with Thistles! Something very appealing.

  4. Beautiful. Beautiful.
    I love the first . It looks like a heart and the last has always been a fav wildflower for me. . Lovely post

  5. PS. It's better than I thought. I missed the Hoverfly......Magic.

  6. The flowers are wonderful on friday and the butterflies too.

  7. Lovely prickly ones :) I love thistles ! Your pics are beautiful Keith - as always !!
    Wish you a nice day :)

  8. The growth in the first photo reminds me of sphagnum moss. I've always thought of it growing on the ground but apparently it does grow on trees as well. I bet Phil would know what it is.

    Nice series of shots of what I spent hours pulling up in the wilder part of my 'garden' as it was getting out of control. lol

  9. Lovely close ups...
    The first image has be stumped also.

  10. It sure looks like a nest to me. I'm sure you'll keep a watchful eye/lens on it for us. Lovely thistle pics

  11. just beautiful. i don't know what the moss is, but i love the almost perfect heart it forms here. :)

    and thistles possess some amazing beauty, even if they're a terrible weed. and what they don't possess themselves, they certainly attract.

    lovely way to start my morning! thank you!

  12. Purple and prickly.... and perfect! Beautiful photos again Keith.

    The mystery item is some type of Lichen I think.

  13. Breath-taking butterflies. They're so beautiful.

  14. Thanks Adrian. I'm still puzzling over the mossy stuff.

    Thank you Kelly :-)

    Robin, thank you :-)

    Thank you Lisa :-)

    Thank you Kozma :-)

    Thank you Pescalune :-)

    John, I think you may be right here. It certainly looks like moss, of some sort.

    Thank you Andrew :-)

    Thanks Hilary. There's a few of these about, and various sizes.

    Theresa, thank you. (nice pic too)

    Thanks Jan. I think either you or John are probably right about the ID.

    Thank you Elizabeth :-)

  15. Keith, I wonder if it's something like this.. found in southern U.S.


  16. Can't help with the ID Keith, but I think Jan is on the right track.
    Nice S/Tortoiseshell.

  17. Hi Keith...don't have no idea what the that is. It does remind me of the moss and lichen family,but growing like that on a tree???
    It has a heart shape to it lol!
    Teasel ...I have a patch of it on the back side of my property...I don't know how it got there,but it just started grwoing there and I love it!!
    Love the photos even though thistles can be nasty to touch they are pretty and add a butterfly ..and ta-da perfect photo lol!!
    Hugs my friend!!

  18. Hi Keith, It's a type of Gall, similar to Robins Pincushion on Roses, Oak Apples on er.. Oak and Witches Broom in Birch. Caused by an insect laying eggs under the bark. Think a Gall Wasp.

  19. Hilary, it does seem very similar. A fascinating link, thank you.

    Thanks Roy. A bit of a puzzle this one.

    Thanks Grace. Glad you enjoyed these.

    Thanks Rob. That does seem to be the one.
    Fascinating. I've never noticed it before, and now I'm seeing it on lots of trees around the lake.

  20. Nice and glorious. The first one, well, I don't know, but the rest, I love them. The best is the Small Tortoiseshell, truly beautiful.

  21. Purple and perfect, great images Keith.

    I dipped on the I.D. I'm afraid. :-{

  22. I found you on Texwisgirl and the moment your site came up I knew I would be a follower. Wish I could help with the id. Sorry. Great photos, thistles seem to attract birds, bees and a plethora of moths and butterflies. Thanks. I'll be back.

  23. I tell myself that my digital camera helps me to SEE and that I see more beauty because I am always looking for photo ops in the small things of nature --- but your eye and photos SEE so much more than me or my camera ever dream of.

    So lovely! Tx for sharing.

  24. Thanks Trevor. I think Rob's 'gall' is probably right.

    Hiya Larry, thanks for stopping by and following.

    Sallie, thank you. There's so much to see every day isn't there. :-)

  25. The moss has made a perfect little heart! I Love thistle..its such an amazing plant...and what a shot with the bee zooming by --Awesome flowers in your Friday post Keith!

  26. Lovely photos, the gall is amazing, what a lovely shape it has to it

  27. Thanks Juliet. It's the first time I've really noticed these; now I'm seeing them all the time.

  28. I would say it's a Tilladsia species (air plants), but as far as I know they are found only in the tropics... Actually I started collecting them not long ago and have now 12 different species, some of which have already bloomed and I keep them outside. Lovely set of shots.

  29. Thanks JM. It does look very similar to an air plant, but unfortunately we don't have them growing in the wild here.
    Fascinating plants though.

  30. That top pic just needs a trim up on one side and it could be entered for random hearts in nature.

  31. Thanks Debbs. I didn't really notice the heart when I took it. lol