Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Friday, 22 July 2011

Friday Flowers

I thought we'd go all mellow yellow today.

I'll start with a Lily, taken in my garden last month.

While I'm in the garden, this next one has got some yellow in it.

I think it's a Nemesia of some sort. I love the red and yellow.

Back out in the outdoors, a cheery flower that seems to grow in any grass, or lawn.


A wet day when I took this next one.

 Common Bird's-foot Trefoil.

And to finish, back in the garden, and something to hopefully bring some sunshine where it's needed.


Hope the sun shines where you are; and have a good weekend.


  1. Brightened a Friday morning.....thanks.

  2. Flower are always nice.
    Thank you for sharing, and yourself have a good weekend. Anna :)

  3. Again...they're all beautiful. My personal favorites are the second image (so, so pretty) and the sunflower. What an interesting perspective of that one.

  4. These are so lovely and cheery. I love that sunflower best.

  5. Freedom friday best night of the week
    again. Hurrah. Bet the birdies will make a great feast of your sunflower seeds. Have you grown many sunflowers Keith or just the one?

  6. Just what I needed to cheer me up - lovely flowers.

  7. A beautiful colour yellow, a brilliant series.

  8. i SO wish i could trade some of our heat and sun for some of your rain. these are beautiful. nice to see lush growth. :)

  9. The sun is CERTAINLY shinning here! Whew! Lovely flowers today. The sunflower close up is beautiful.

  10. Hi Keith...you know I loved this post...flowers lol
    Nemesia hybid and the pink is also Nemesia , I can't remember all those family names lol
    We would get along great with our gardening : }} You could pull the weeds lol
    Loved them all!!
    Hot here 90 degrees and not even 9:00am yet!!
    Sweaty hugs..lol

  11. Thank you Adrian. It's been a good morning here. :-)

    Anna, thank you. Enjoy your weekend.

    Linda, thank you. I love the colours on the second :-)

    Hilary, thank you. I love Sunflowers; always so cheery.

    Debbie, I had quite a few Sunflowers, but a big green caterpillar ate most of them. I've got four left, so the birds should enjoy the rest.

    Thanks John. Hope you're well.

    Thank you Bob. Such a cheerful colour I think.

    Theresa, we could do with a bit more sun over here. Not too much though lol

    Thank you Elizabeth. I think you have all our sun allocation over there lol

    Thank you Grace. Our sun has hid behind clouds now.
    Keep some of the 'weeds'; the birds enjoy them. :-)

  12. Looks like you're a gardener as well as a photographer. Those are beautiful.

  13. Beautiful images! Lots of great color and different perspectives. Love it!

  14. Super colour set Keith. Lets hope the sun takes the hint. [;o)

  15. Thanks JoLynne. I've dabbled in gardening in the past lol

    Thank you Gail :-)

    Trevor, it's started raining again here lol

  16. What a great finish Keith, beautiful piece of sunshine. It definitely brightened my day. Thank you.

  17. Thanks Larry. I love sunflowers :-)

  18. OH thanks for this so fresh looking...love the sunflower center!!

  19. All looking lovely .... yellow such a happy color! Wish I had some sunflowers .. might have to plant them next year.

  20. Yellow flowers are uplifting to one's Spirit! Thanks!

  21. Thanks Sondra. They are certainly photogenic.

    Reena, thank you. Sunflowers are worth planting; even the birds love them :-)

    Thanks Jean. I always think of yellow as a 'smiling' colour.

  22. beautiful flowers! the red and yellow is my fav also. I have a lily called Asiatic Tiny Sensation in my flower garden. it is red and yellow.

  23. Beautiful images of your flowers Keith and I also love seeing Sunflowers.

  24. Thanks Doreen. Great colour combination, red and yellow.

    Thanks Andrew :-)

  25. Mellow Yellow. That was a song by Donovan I think Keith. Cant imagine you were one of the "Flower Power" set though.{:) Apart from the free love that is.{:)

  26. Takes me back Roy. If I could go back, I would. Great times.

  27. What a beautiful group of yellow flowers!