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Friday, 26 August 2011

A little bit of English Countryside

A bit of a change today.

(For a lady half way round the world, but missing a bit of England. Hope you enjoy it Gemel)

A few days ago, I had an enjoyable day out at three different places; all within a 30 minute drive from where I live.

I started at Ivinghoe Beacon; a prominent hill and landmark in the Chiltern Hills, standing 233 m (757 ft) above sea level. Some fantastic views on a clear day, and my intention was to get the sunrise.

Next stop was Wilstone Reservoir, just up the road. A mixture of water, farmland and woods; it's part of the 'Tring Reservoirs', and a great place for birds. It was constructed in 1802 to provide water for the Wendover Arm of the Grand Union Canal.

Finally I stopped off at College Lakes, a nature reserve managed by the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxford Wildlife Trust. Once a chalk quarry, College Lake has been restored over 20 years into a mix of different habitats and is now one of their flagship reserves.

Maybe I should do this in 2 or 3 parts; it might turn into a monster; especially with the video.

Ivinghoe Beacon

After making my way to the top, I was ready to die. I struggled to get my breath, and my chest felt a bit tight. It certainly got the heart pumping!
The anticipation of the rising sun was growing, as the sky took on a red hue.

And soon the sun rose on the horizon.

The view from the top of the hill was pretty good.

 The early morning mist shrouded the landscape like water.

As the sun climbed the sky, everything took on a brief golden glow.

An amazing amount of Harebell adorn the summit too.

Birdlife from the top of the hill included Kestrel, Sparrowhawk, and a large flock of Linnet, that took a liking to a particular tree.

A few butterflies; amongst them this one,

 Common Blue

And then the easier walk down towards the car park. The sun, now higher in the sky, backlighting the trees in the distance.

Next stop, Wilstone Reservoir I'll do that in part two.

A video, to try and capture the 'feel' of the morning.

Enjoy the upcoming day and weekend.



  1. Rohrerbot, thank you. The light made all the difference :-)

  2. Breathtaking photography.
    Your Golden Glow is amazing. It needs to be put on Canvas and shown.
    You live in the most beautiful place.

  3. You caught the golden hour here. The fourth image is a real beauty.

  4. PS.......A beautiful video....you should have banged on the camper door.

  5. Great photos, my favourites are the first & second photos.

  6. Thanks Lisa. It was well worth the early start for the light.

    Cheers Adrian. I can't help thinking your expert editing on that one would have made it better.
    Yea, I rather fancied that camper :-)

    Thanks Bob. It was a great sunrise :-)

  7. Stunning images Keith. Superb photography.

  8. This is a wonderful series about a great day. I'm especially fond of the first image, the dark portions of the land set off that early sky. Well done!!

  9. HI Keith...totally breathtaken photo's and video, well worth the effect..!!

    The sunrise is lovely,but I think I do favor the 4th photo!!

    Hugs: Grace

  10. i caught the feel of the place with your first few beautiful photos. wow! nice to see the video too and to hear your lovely voice! :) looking forward to the other parts of your hike!

  11. Thanks Roy. I couldn't go wrong with the subject matter though. :-)

    Thanks Harold, appreciate your comments.

    Thank you Grace. The early morning light is hard to beat. :-)

    Thanks Theresa, glad you enjoyed it.
    Dunno about lovely voice though lol

  12. The "golden glow" image was worth every step of that difficult walk. Thanks for sharing.

  13. The photos are gorgeous and I loved the video and your charming narration. :)

  14. A beautiful post Keith, great images and video.
    I'm afraid the Beacon didn't look quite so photogenic when I followed in your footsteps about six hours later! maybe I should try and get out of bed a bit earlier. lol. [;o)

  15. Thank you Linda. It was certainly was for me :-)

    Thanks Gail. Not sure if charming is the right word for the narration. Going up the hill some got deleted lol

    Trevor, I'll lend you Jim. He gets me up early every day lol

  16. A lovely post Keith
    Beautiful landscape images and another great clip..

  17. Thanks Andrew. We do live in a lovely country. It's just the people in power that let it all down.

  18. SOME really lovely countryside there Keith!! Gorgeous sunrise it was worth that uphill climb for sure!! Very nice to see you including more landscapes Awesome!!

  19. Yet another quality post, your epic climb was certainly worth it, great shots, not seen to many sunrises this summer!

  20. Keith I don't know what to say, thank you seems a little empty. It was just the sort of adventure I would do, like the one I did recently in Bali, heading out to witness the rising sun, it was wonderful to walk through the English countryside again, seeing the mists, the deer, the birds, such a beautiful way to begin my day.

  21. Thanks Sondra. Maybe I should try more landscapes lol

    Thanks Bob. A tiring climb, but good exercise :-)

    Gemel, glad you enjoyed it. :-)

  22. You captured some beautiful light in every landscape shot. Great job.

  23. Friend of HK, thank you. :-)

    Thank you JM :-)

  24. What an awesome place and your photos outstanding ... looking forward to the rest of your hike!

  25. Thanks Reena. It was a great day out, although a little tiring.

  26. Such a beautiful place-
    I enjoyed the lovely video!

  27. Thanks John :-)

    Marissa ♥, thank you :-)

  28. Wonderfull serie, the 2 first image are awseome ;)

  29. Thank you Dominic. Appreciate your comment.