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Monday, 15 August 2011

Monday Macro

My last week of work starts very soon this morning. A mix of early and late shifts, so blogging might be a bit erratic.

Anyway, for today, while I have a few macro's, here's another butterfly. This species is a lovely little visitor to my garden every year.

Holly Blue

Have a good week. 


  1. I love the Holly Blue, it moves rapidly from flower to flower, brilliant photo.

  2. Holy indeed, what a divine little visitor to have to your garden each year, again, memories.....If only all the places I miss so deeply were within walking distance..

  3. Mukava 'maanatai-macro'.
    Compositiokin on 'osunut' kuva-alalle.
    Vakaa-käsi - maanantaina...!

  4. A very pretty picture to start the week :)

  5. oh, good luck with your last week there. a rather melancholy shift to one's life...

  6. Great close up of the really small ones!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  7. ...love the tattered wings...and the light shining through them.

  8. Thanks Bob. Sometimes they're a bit too rapid lol

    Thank you Gemel. Glad you enjoyed this, and the memories. :-)

    Eko, thank you :-)

    Cheers Dave.

    Thank you Tim.

    Thanks Theresa. I think it will be a long week lol

    Thanks Gary.

    Elizabeth, thank you.

  9. The Holly Blue lays its eggs on ivy so it's worth looking there if you can find the same branch!

  10. No surprise today. One I've yet to see. great picture.

  11. You keep getting some very clear backgrounds. That really helps to show off the subject.

  12. Thanks Scriptor. The bottom of my garden is covered in ivy, and gets wilder every year. A haven for insect life.

    Thanks Trevor.

    Only place I've seen them Adrian, is in my garden.

    Thanks John.

    Reena, thank you.

  13. They are not easy to find and even more difficult to photograph, nice macro Keith. Don't over do it this week at work. (They can't sack you)

  14. Lovely butterfly. I've not had the good fortune to see one yet myself.

  15. Cheers Roy. I can't wait for the end of the week :-)

    Thanks Adam :-)

  16. That is so nice, and the bit of shiny spiderweb gives it dimension!

  17. Lovely backlighting on that flutterby! Wonderful macro

  18. Brilliant photo of a slightly ragged Holly Blue Keith! You did well to get one perched up, they are always on the move when I see one!
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  19. I love this little jewels! Hugs from Luzia wishing you a good new week.

  20. Thanks Robin.

    Thanks John. Yea, I waited ages for this one to settle.

    Lucy, thank you. :-)

  21. Fantastic shot of this tiny creature!