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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Part Two

Part two of  'A Little bit of English Countryside'

Wilstone Reservoir.

A favourite of mine, the local birders, and the birds.
Amongst some of the birds seen, were Little Egret, plenty of Canada Geese flying in from the surrounding fields, and a juvenile Black Tern skimming over the water.

No pictures taken from here this trip worth showing, apart from this one,

 Roy's bike?

but some video to give a flavour of the place titled part two.

The final destination was College Lakes.

  We'll imaginatively call this, Part Three

Picture shortage again, so hopefully video will capture the feel.  

It may be the 'flagship' reserve of the local Wildlife Trust, but I think too much money, (my money, because I'm a paying member), has been spent on a fancy visitor centre, and a luxury hide.

The visit kicked off to a good start with a Hobby circling the lake, and then making a half hearted attempt to chase down some circling Swallows. What a turn of speed he had! No video, I was too enthralled watching.
He quickly gave up though, and continued riding the air, scanning the area below.
A Buzzard sat atop a tree, until he was dislodged by  a couple of Crows, and that was probably the real highlights.
The view from the 'wonderful' hide produced a Moorhen, and a couple of Mallards.

My own view, and just a personal view, is all the renovation and tarting up of the place has had a detrimental effect on some of  the bird life. The place has become a sterile playground.

I walked round half of the reserve, and then gave up in disappointment, and turned back to the car park.

part three

(My visit produced 22 different birds; the birds outnumbered by the large amount of young screaming kids and mothers enjoying the sunshine.
Don't get me wrong, I don't mind kids; but not when I'm trying to watch some birds and wildlife. Take 'em to the bloody park; not a nature reserve.)

Maybe I've turned into a grumpy old git.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. Hi Keith i know what you meen about the kids lol not been about latley pc died had to get a new so had no way of downloading pics anyway back now hope to bump into you soon :)

  2. The bike was very nice lol. Otherwise, a lovely trip around there. Thanks Keith.

  3. A wonderful look round.........the visitor centres are growing like the plague as are the information boards. They always seem to inform me what they would like to have on the reserve and rarely what is there. Perhaps they are for the birds a sort of welcome doormat.

  4. Cheers Scott. Thankfully the kids will soon be back at school.
    Might see you round the lake some time.

    Thanks Bob. Wilstone is a great place for the birds.

    Adrian, couldn't agree more. The finishing touch on these boards would be some bird crap. :-)

  5. Great guided tours Keith.

    I agree with what you say about College Lake it gets more sterile on every visit. I think BBOWT have gone too far with their 'flagship' reserve and turned it into a 'cheap' (no entry fee) day out at the 'park' for families and kids with no interest in nature!

    Very disappointing! [;o(

  6. well, the tinge of color starting in the trees and the sights and sounds of the geese certainly put me in the mood for fall. sorry to see the waters so low - reminds me of here in Texas, unfortunately...

  7. p.s. loved that line "tarting up the place". :) sometimes simple is definitely better...

  8. Totally agree Trevor. It used to be such a good reserve too.

    Thanks Theresa. Yea, I think they should leave well alone in this case. :-)

  9. I dont remember getting that far down the road Keith. {:)
    The Canada fly past was brilliant.

  10. HI Keith...well if the water is low I certainly will give them whats in my basement at the moment and what will be later lol
    Wind is blowing hard enough for me.. some gusts have made me a little uneasy!! It is just really getting going here!!

    I love the Roys bike picture...who knows lol

    I do like to hear the Canada Geese...when they come back here in the Spring I darn near kill myself to get outside to see the wonderful formation of a V and hear them honking.. just sends a tingle up my spine ...a great feeling!!

    Well you got in a good walk and it was interesting to see the countryside there!!
    Be careful going after butterflies...no rolling down hills ; }} lol


  11. Cheers Roy lol

    Thanks Grace. I love watching the geese, and hearing the racket they make.
    Take care in that wind ;-)-

  12. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful

  13. Yeah why spend money? Birds n Wildlife wont be making use of that visitors center--why not put the money to use buying MORE land to preserve insdead of pimping up what they got--

  14. A fantastic documentary... your patch is lovely to see.

  15. A wonderful documentary Keith... I really enjoyed viewing your local NR's..

  16. Thank you Gemel. Glad you enjoyed it :-)

    Totally agree Sondra. No fancy signs and visitor centres will ever save wildlife.

    Thanks Andrew :-)

  17. The reservoir looks an interesting place to visit. Unfortunately my local one is man made above ground lever - earth bank and concrete liner. With the footpath being thirty or more feet above the surrounding flat land it is nearly always blowing a gale up there.

  18. Wilstone is a great place John.
    I should make the effort and go more often.

  19. We like grumpy old gits! (You probably won't be surprised to hear that -- we've turned a long time ago -- or at least Bill has ;>)

    Screamy kids or no, this does look like a wonderful preserve -- I understand what you mean about $$ for the buildings though.

  20. Thanks Sallie. Good to know I'm not alone with my thoughts lol