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Tuesday, 2 August 2011


 A few little brown ones, for World Bird Wednesday


  Almost our smallest bird; the Wren

 Juvenile House Sparrow

About as plain looking as they come, Garden Warbler

 Peeping from the reeds, a Reed Warbler

and finally, a Blackcap, stretching his wings.

For more birds, from around the world, visit WBW


And finally, anyone who's reading this, that cares about the proposed slaughter of Badgers in this country, because of the mistaken belief that they are the cause of Bovine TB in cattle, I'd ask you to click this link to The Badger Trust. 

The Badger Trust is the only charity dedicated to the conservation of badgers throughout England, Wales and all Ireland. Have a look at their website, see what they have to say about it, make up you're own mind, and if you decide that what this government are proposing is wrong, please sign the petition on the home page.
Thank you.


  1. i LOVE the little wren. be still my heart... :)

  2. I hope they don't do this Badger Culling! This will create an imbalance in the ecosystem and since when have badgers been overtly aggressive. In my state of Wisconsin, they stick to their homes and are rarely seen!

  3. Beautiful images Keith.
    The Wren is a lovely capture.

  4. Great birds and awesome photos. The wren is my favorite, what a cutie!

  5. Thanks Rohrerbot. Hopefully if enough people voice opposition to this slaughter, the descion might be reversed.

    Thanks Andrew. I was pleased with the Wren shot.

    Eileen, thank you :-)

  6. Keith, the first photo is absolutely adorable! ...and my heart melted when I saw the little Reed Warbler peeping from the reeds!

  7. HI Keith...the Wren is just a precious as can be,but the Reed in the reeds caught my eye..very nice : }}

  8. Thanks Kelly.
    Those Reed warblers are constantly on the move, so I was really pleased with that shot. :-)

  9. Thanks Grace. The little Wrens are lovely birds; and powerful singers for their size. As for the Reed warblers; plenty of patience, and luck lol

  10. Wonderful post Keith. Your LBJ's are awesome, love the settings. By the way, the issue of badger hunting reminded me of the Sherwood forest controversy. What was the result there? I hadn't heard an update. Cheers to you good Sir!

  11. My favorite in this set is the reed warbler. The composition is just lovely.

  12. Love love love those little wrens!

  13. All little brown ones like that are very beautiful and very cute - but little brown ones where I live seldom sit still for me to photograph. Your photos are great.

  14. nice muted background showing a sweet pudding of a wren, surprised he can lift off at all with those little wings of his. Great all round selection Keith.

  15. Thanks Springman.
    After a lot of 'people pressure', the government put the forest idea on hold.

    Thank you Linda :-)

    Reena, they are popular little birds, but don't keep still for long.

    Thanks Mick. They're quite challenging at times lol

    Thank you Debbs. I love the whirring sound the Wrens make as they fly. :-)

  16. What a grand set.....difficult to pick a favourite but The Reed warbler wins by a short head.

  17. That tiny wren won my heart but them it had to share it with garden warbler with it's touch of lipstick.

  18. Hi there - great set of pictures - the LBJ's are always the hardest. They dont tend to sit on phone wires in full view for that long - unlike some parrots I know!

    Cheers Stewart M

    PS: seem to remember the badger issue from about 30 years ago - do people never learn?

  19. Lovely images Keith, I particularly like the little Wren.

  20. Thanks Bob :-)

    Thank you Laura :-)

    Thanks Arija. The Garden Warbler had been eating blackberries lol

    Thanks Stewart.
    Sadly the bunch in power at the moment are very much into hunting and shooting.

    Thanks Roy. Popular one that.

  21. Beautiful bird images. The wren is my favorite. :)

  22. It makes a change for a Wren to show up against the green instead of its usual skulking in the shadows.

  23. I tried to sign the petition, but it will not accept overseas postal codes or email addresses, unlike the forest petitions which would. I have never heard such nonsense, and you need to get them to accept overseas signatures as your government pays attention to world opinion. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  24. Lovely images! I don't have any favorites - I like them all.

  25. These are all wonderful captures of little brown birds!

  26. Beautiful photos and birds, I really like all of them.

  27. wow !!!! I can T say HOW much I love all this birds !!!! thank you for this pics, great my friend, have a nice time ! big hugh Kathrin

  28. the litle wren is my favorite in the bunch. :) I rarely see it so it was nice.

  29. Really cute bird shots in your post today...Love the little wren...I HOPE the Badgers Make it...HERE we are up against SAND HILLS CRANE HUNTS can you belive that S**t?

  30. All your Little Brown Ones are cute.Great photos.

  31. All are great but I really like the Reed Warbler...which would look great matted and framed and hanging on my wall!

  32. It`s unsettling when humans start to take into their own hands what nature has to give us,not wording this very well,we should just stay out of natures ways!
    I love the little wren,they never stay still for long,you captured a great set of photos,phyllis

  33. Thanks Gail. A popular choice this one :-)

    Thanks John :-)

    Gary, thanks for trying with the petition.

    Thank you Hilke :-)

    Thanks Pat :-)

    fjällripan, thank you :-)

    Thank you Kathrin :-)

    NatureFootstep, thank you :-)

    Thanks Sondra. I guess the human race in general won't be happy until it's totally destroyed this planet and its occupants.

    Thank you Neil :-)

    Thanks Jean; I'll see what I can do ;-)

    Phylliso, I understand your thoughts, and agree totally.

  34. The first photo took my breath away. Im in aww of the beauty of that image.
    Lovely blog agian.
    Im still home .Cant get away yet. Darn it.

  35. Thanks Lisa.
    I hope you manage to get away soon.

  36. You got one sweet collection of brownies there :)
    Wouldn't mind getting to see them(well, have seen the House sparrow :P)

  37. Who says brown birds are boring? Great selection Keith and well done for highlighting the travesty that is the proposed Badger cull.

  38. Thank you Nicole. Those little sparrows seem to get everywhere lol

    Thanks Adam.
    I do hope the government can be made to change their mind.

  39. It's taken me awhile to get back to you... thanks for stopping by and giving me an ID on the geese (Barnacle Geese... never heard of them before) and sparrow (House Sparrow). About that sparrow... I have an iPad bird ID app that shows a house sparrow with a YELLOW beak! So I was confounded by that and should have known better since I see house sparrows ALL the time in my back yard! I guess the yellow beak is on a juvenile since that's what your post shows... none of my reference books talk about beak color for the house sparrow. SIGH... I'm struggling for sure with becoming adept at identifying birds.

    Enough rambling... your Wren looks very like our Carolina Wren... I love their song... and your other bird images are lovely too... especially the Reed Warbler for the overall beauty of the image!

  40. Thank you Victoria, glad I could help with the ID. This learning bird ID's is quite a task; and you have so many more than us over there. Great fun learning though.
    Glad you enjoyed the pictures :-)