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Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday Flowers


Common Heather; calluna vulgaris or 'Ling' is a native of the British Isles and is found growing wild on moors, common land, hills and mountains throughout Britain.

Heather is unmistakable in late summer when its tiny lilac or pink flowers are open, and entire hillsides may be saturated with their colour.

Its flowers and leaves, which are like tiny overlapping scales, are much smaller than those of other heathers (Erica) species.

The plant was an invaluable resource for peasant communities; its springy, woody branches were used to stuff mattresses, to thatch roofs, to strengthen primitive mud and clay walls, and it was also made into household articles, such as brooms and rope.
The abundance of the flowers, and the sweetness of the nectar, make it a favourite of beekeepers; and the flowering tops have been used for making beer.
The young shoots are surprisingly soft and palatable, and provide food for game birds, such as grouse.

No prizes for guessing where these pictures were taken.

Enjoy your day, and 'be lucky'


  1. gorgeous fields. reminds me of the fields of lavender i've seen on blogs too. just stunning.

  2. The third shot is superb, It's always difficult to do heather justice. You've succeeded here.

  3. Some colourful vistas there Keith, your back garden,I presume!....lol.

    The bit about brewing beer sounds interesting!....[;o)

  4. Thanks Theresa. It's hard to do some of these views justice with pictures.

    Adrian, thanks. That 3rd shot had heather as far as the eye could see. A place called Llyn Brenig.

    Trevor, I wish lol
    I wouldn't trying a pint of heather brew. :-)

    Cheers Rob. Yea, I've a little in the garden lol

    Thank you Kozma, glad you liked it.

  5. You captured the whole world of heather, the second place in Britain that has as many, Scotland is the biggest.

  6. Thanks Bob. There certainly was a lot in Wales :-)

  7. I love all these. Photo #2 is gorgeous. It's amazing that a pretty plant could be so useful.

  8. Hi Keith...Wow takes my breathe away..over the top beautiful.!!!
    The second and especially the third are just amazingly lovely...then there is the last one ; } lol so lovely !!
    My beautiful grandaughter deserves her name "Heather"!!
    Her name always reminds me of the heather plant!!
    Hmmmm .. where could they have been taken .. lol ; }


  9. Heather is a popular garden plant here. We have some in our's that blooms in January. Which is a treat.
    I've never seen whole fields of it though! Lovely. Great shots!

  10. Thanks Roy. It's a stunning sight, to see so much of it.

    Thank you JoLynne. I was surprised just how many uses this plant once had.

    Thanks Grace. It certainly is a beautiful plant.

    Thank you Elizabeth. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Thanks Gail; a great sight to see.

    Thank you Robin. It certainly is a lovely plant.

  11. Oh, that's lovely. For some reason it reminds me of Wuthering Heights. Beautiful.

  12. Thanks for stopping by Laura, and your comment.

  13. Haha Keith... wonderful images of visit to North Wales.
    Its a beautiful landscape.
    My parents had a place in Portmadoc in the 1960's and we went there every weekend during the summer... passing through Bala on our journey...
    A wonderful place...
    The locals? the Jury is still out.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  14. Stunning as always, brings back many happy memories of meandering along. Have a lovely weekend Keith.

  15. The landscape image is pretty impressive! Great serie ;)

  16. I can even begin to tell you have gorgeous this is. What a place. I would never stop at a few photos. Stunning.

  17. Thanks Andrew. Yea, a lovely country.
    Thankfully the place I stayed was so remote, I didn't come into contact with people. :-)

    Thank you Gemel. Glad it brought back some good memories for you. :-)

    Thank you Dominic. It is a beautiful place.

    Lisa, it was hard to put the camera down at times lol

  18. WOW this is gorgeous ! What a landscape ... immensity and beauty :)

  19. How lovely whole hillsides of them are. Loke a scene from Jane Eyre.

  20. Pescalune, thank you. It certainly was different to where I live lol

    Thank you Arija. Yea, it was beautiful.

  21. Gorgeous sea of flowers. It must have been a wonderful experience to be there:)

  22. Thanks Joanna. It was a beautiful sight to see.

  23. WOW this blew me away!! I love huge fields of wildflowers and this is mesmerizing--off the wall awesome Keith!!

  24. Whoa! That is an amazing sight (to me) to see a field of Heather! Isn't there a poem/song about "fields of Heather"? Was it a Beatle song?

  25. Thanks Sondra. It was a great sight to see, and the pictures really don't do it justice.

    Jean, thank you.
    I'm sure many artists have mentioned 'fields of heather' in their time; it's such an awesome sight.

  26. Common heather makes for an uncommon landscape! Beautiful shots!

  27. Thanks Pat. It is a lovely sight to see.

  28. wow amazing! Where was this??? I have been looking for a field like this for ages! *.*

  29. Thanks Zuzia. These were taken in north Wales.