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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A taste of Wales

I've just spent the most amazing few days I've had in a long time.

My heartfelt thanks to my lovely hostess for allowing me to stay, and share part of her life for a few days.

Six days in a cottage, up a Welsh mountain, waking up to sunlight creeping over a hill, blazing across the mountains, and 


along with Ravens and Red Kites lording it over the skies; whilst on the ground, 

 more Meadow Pipits than I've ever seen in my life.



Yellowhammers.........Linnets......and Pied Wagtails running through the fields with the horses.

I was in bird heaven!

Pheasants, Wrens, Blackbirds, Coal Tits, and Swallows nesting in the stable.
A lot of birds.
And the Hare in the field every morning; the Wall butterfly, amongst others; and that was without leaving the cottage.

The trips across the heath-land

produced, along with the sheep, Red Kites, Buzzards and Ravens in numbers like you'd find pigeons in Trafalgar Square; and even Hen Harriers gliding the air, searching for a tasty snack.

Harebells seemed to be everywhere,

along with the fading Foxgloves.

Jim came with me, and apart from the journey, which he wasn't keen on, he had a great time too. He's not been in the best of health recently, so it was good to see him enjoy the whole experience.
He made friends with two lovely dogs; Poppy and Bod, and spent a lot of time being fascinated by the sheep and horses.

He had the freedom to roam the fields, and enjoy all the new smells; and even roll in some.

An amazing time. Hundreds of pictures to sort through, but first I've to try and catch up on things here. Bills to pay, shopping to get, and people to catch up with.

Instead of views of mountains,

it's back to the view of my garden fence, and houses.

I'm missing it already.



  1. Well my friend, it sounds like you and Jim had the time of your life. Just the ticket to renew your batteries and masses of great wildlife memories. Take care. FAB.

  2. Glad you had a good time......it is a beautiful place. Restores the soul and lifts the spirits. Glad you persuaded Jim to travel. Will have done him good as well.

  3. Keith...I really enjoyed this post. The landscape is so beautiful (a movie version of a Jane Austen book!). The video with all the sounds gave me a feel for the land. What a wonderful trip!!

  4. Spacious landscape. Wonderful Animals, Birds, Flowers. Excellent description - the mood ...!
    It is a 'life'....

  5. All those birds and the sheep amongst the heather! Oh, I miss Wales!, but I do not begrudge you a moment of the wonder.

    A great post!

  6. I don't blame you for wanting to get back to Wales. You have taken a large amount of birds, brilliant.

  7. Thanks, looking through that was like taking a vacation. I've read about the heath but never guessed that a sheep could barely see over it. What a lovely spot!

  8. Hi Keith...Nice to have you back...butI can see why you would enjoy there so much..
    It is atunning!
    What more can I say...loved that Roaster though!!
    Sheep in the Heather!!

    Welcome back Hugs!!

  9. WOW its beautiful there!! AND what great birds you saw--ITS SO nice to get into a different environment sometimes right? Maybe you would love a move to the countryside?
    Thanks for sharing your trip with us!!

  10. Welcome home Keith. Glad to hear you, and Jim, enjoyed your well earned rest.

    Judging by the excellent images here it looks like you had no shortage of photo opportunities! (now comes the hard bit....sorting them!)

    I've always enjoyed my visits to Wales, it's a pity you brought some (wet and windy) Welsh weather back with you though!....[;o)

  11. oh my gosh! what a fabulous place!!! so GREEN and lovely! if you feed us nothing but a steady diet of photos from this stay, we will feast for months!!!

  12. You and Jim obviously had a brilliant time there Keith.
    The Buzzard in flight is a really stunning photo.
    Hope you managed to recharge your own batteries with all that fresh country air and Jim fells revitalised. I wonder if, like me, you can detect a change in smell when entering a large built up area. I don't mean that in a nasty way, just a lack of freshness.

  13. Got the video now. Well worth waiting for. It looks a lot like paradise.

  14. This looks like it was a perfect getaway for you and Jim after the job-related stress of the last several weeks. You have a good eye. I know that horses aren't a subject that you photograph often, but you captured an interesting perspective in both of these. Nicely done.

  15. Oh my goodness. Excuse me while I book a plane ticket there. These photos are absolutely gorgeous. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I love the sheep peeking up from the flowers. And nice job with the video too!

  16. What a beautiful countryside. And gorogeous critters posed perfectly for you as always.

  17. That has to be your best production yet Mr Eastwood.

    Absolutely fantastic images with a great video and what a place Keith. Love all the shots. Great underside of a Buzzard and the flowers and the horses. The old tree is a brilliant and the sheep's head.
    As you say a "Bird heaven"
    Very well done.

  18. Wow, thanks everyone for all your comments.

    Frank, great to see you back mate.
    It was a fantastic trip. Ravens as common as Magpies here! lol

    Thanks Adrian. Yea, we both had a great time. Jim loved it as much as I did.
    The video and pictures doesn't really do it all justice though.

    Kelly, thank you. It is a stunning area. Very wild; and remote.

    Eko, thank you. A 'wonderful' life :-)

    Thank you Arija. It was a long time since I'd visited Wales. I can't think why I left it so long; a beautiful place.

    Bob, I could happily live there. A fantastic part of the world.

    JoLynne, I'm glad you enjoyed it all. The heath-land is a stunning area to just wander, and take in all the sights.

    Thanks Grace. Certainly is a stunning place.
    A lot of catching up to do now.

    Sondra, I'd move there tomorrow if I could. Just an amazing place for wildlife, and so many birds there I just don't see here. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Trevor, thank you. I need a few days to get over it now lol
    Pictures, and lots of video taken. Like you say, sorting it all takes the time now.
    Even had some sunny days too. :-)

    Thank you Theresa. I've certainly got plenty of pictures lol

    Thanks John. Yea, the air is definitely fresher a few thousand feet up a mountain, away from civilisation. Jim loved it all too.

    Linda, thank you. It was good to have so many subjects to choose from. The horses were great subjects; so gentle.

    Thank you Elizabeth. A long drive for me, but well worth it. A beautiful country, with some stunning scenery.

    Thanks Hilary. I hear it calling me again lol
    It was just what I needed. :-)

    Cheers Roy. I was pleased with how the video came out. A lot of clips to choose from, so I just picked a few to get a feel of the place.
    The birds were just everywhere. I've never seen so many, and so many different birds of prey in one place before.

  19. Sounds like you had a wonderful time... lovely bird images and that landscape is beautiful..

    Where abouts where you?

  20. wonderful. the home of my ancesters. love the flower shots. (maiden name Gale. very welch.) love to see this part of the UK, now after your photos want to see more....

  21. Lovely post and a lovely spot for exploring and photography!

  22. Bird heaven, sheep heaven, horse heaven, flower heaven, mountain heaven, lets face it, you were simply in heaven :)

  23. Wonderful photos, Keith. Love the sheephead shot.


  24. Lucky you!
    Bird heaven indeed.

  25. Looks really wonderful there ! Glad you had a great time and Jim too - bet we will see many other beautiful photos !
    Happy to read you again though ;-)

  26. Thanks Andrew. An amazing place. I stayed in a cottage, up a mountain, near Bala, Gwynedd.

    Thanks Ginger. Glad you enjoyed it. Got plenty more pictures to sort through yet.

    Thank you Robin. There wasn't enough hours in the day lol

    Gemel, you're right. It was perfect.

    Thanks Wilma. There were plenty of sheep about. :-)

    Thank you Indrani. I'd love to get back there soon.

    Pescalune, thank you. Yea, plenty more pictures to come lol

  27. I think we all could do with a few days of isolation in such a wondrous
    environment. Trouble is I'd want to stop to. Do all those horses and geese belong to your lady hostess? Like the little paddling pool did you use it much;-)

  28. Thanks Debbie. It really was a great place.
    Chickens, Geese, and a couple of the horses belonged to the 'hostess'. Couldn't get in the pool though......that was for the geese lol

    Thanks Andrea. It was a fantastic place to stay.

  29. Keith, You were in Bird Heaven! Thanks for taking us on the tour.
    Hugs and a kiss on the cheek.:)

  30. Thank you Jean :-)
    Glad you enjoyed it.

  31. glad you enjoyed it keith.and you survived the tours better than i did ,my knees are still complaining about the daily hikes we did.but what fun ay ? and in the words of the old song WE "LL KEEP A WELCOME IN THE HILLSIDES . Jan:-)x

  32. Sounds like you had a great time keith and got some excellent photos to boot. You wont be surprised to hear that I need little convincing when it comes to the beauty of Wales.

  33. Jan, thank you so much. I'll get some new boots, (ones that don't leak), and bring more wine for next time :-)

    Thanks Adam. Yea, a great country. A few days just isn't long enough.

  34. All I can say is gorgeous ..gorgeous. What a place. Love the horse. Just love him.

  35. Thanks Lisa. All the horses here were so gentle :-)

  36. Great pictures Keith, good to see you had a fantastic time in Wales

  37. Thanks Bob. Yea, it was a great escape, and fantastic scenery.