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Sunday, 9 October 2011


Had a few days away in Wales with Jim, so a very quick post, whilst I try to catch up with everything.

A pile of 'urgent' letters on the doormat, all needing my 'immediate' attention, when we got home ............................ so they'll have to wait. Not in the mood for urgency and bureaucracy at the moment.

And at Caldecotte Lake this morning, the Parks Trust left a note on my feeders; 

maybe it's illegal now to feed birds. I'll find out tomorrow, when I ring them.

But Wales. Here's a few pictures for now, while I try and get myself organised.



 A friendly Jackdaw

 Herring Gull

Apologies if I don't catch up with everyone straight away. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  1. Glad you had a good time.
    A posh notice they left. Perhaps Dawn wants to pay for the food and the feeders.
    A beautiful Curlew.

  2. Thanks Adrian. Yea, had a great time.
    The thought of Dawn paying for some seed did briefly cross my mind; somehow though, I think it's going to be more of a bollocking lol
    There were hundreds of Curlews around at one place; never seen so many before. :-)

  3. Hope all goes well with your bird feeders. Love the Curlew, Wales is such a beautiful place.

  4. Thanks Arija.
    I'll post the results of the feeder 'conversation'.
    Wales certainly is a beautiful place.

  5. hmm interesting. I recently saw a program that was highlighting a disease that was affecting mainly greenfinches at the moment, there was some concern that bird feeders might exacerbate the problem. So they need to be cleaned regularly. Could be something along these lines. Anyway welcome back Jim looks well too. Really like your second header... Reminds me of Bilbo speaking about his wanderings

  6. Welcome home Keith, glad you had a good time.

    Great images, looking forward to seeing the rest.

    Perhaps Dawn is going to make you an honoray ranger in charge of all the birds around the lake!

  7. hmmm. seems lots of bureaucracy awaits you... good luck!

    loved the jackdaw best. what a plucky chap!

  8. The Curlew is astronomically brilliant, it really is. All of them are beautiful.

  9. Hi Keith...Jim must be loving having you around all the time : }
    Especially like the Curlew and the Nuthatch is a beauty!!


  10. I like how you use focal length. The nuthatch is especially lovely.

  11. Thanks Debbie. I'm guessing the problem with the feeders could be the finch disease, with the dirty feeders. But I clean these quite regularly..........or it could be the family of rats nearby. They were there before I started feeding the birds, nearly a year ago.
    I'll find out tomorrow :-)

    Thanks Trevor. Well, if Dawn makes me an honorary ranger, I hope I get a badge lol

    Thanks Theresa. Yea, that Jackdaw was really quite bold.

    Thank you Bob. They're lovely looking birds aren't they. Glad you liked that one.

    Thank you Grace. Yea, Jim's loving the company :-)

    Thanks JoLynne. The Nuthatch sat in the tree calling while I was there. I managed to get quite close.

  12. All lovely but that first one is a heart-stealer.

  13. Great pictures, love the Jackdaw, I've never seen one before.

  14. Lovely images Keith the Jackdaws and Herring Gulls of Wales are very obliging...

  15. so loveley this photos, have a great time my dear friend, big hugh Kathrin

  16. Thanks Hilary. Jim was so happy there, and it was good to see him interacting with the horses like that.

    Thanks Gillian. The Jackdaw is a lovely intelligent bird. He seemed very friendly.

    Andrew, they certainly are. I managed some great pictures while I was there.

    Thank you Kathrin. A lovely time; and Jim enjoyed the change of scenery too.

  17. Really like the Gull shot Keith.

  18. Cheers Roy. They were such posers. lol

  19. If they do anything other than congratulate you on your feeders then they are mad. Really like that Jackdaw.

  20. Keith, I adore the Nuthatch and the Jackdaw.
    Are you maintaining a bird feeder at a Park?

  21. Happy to see you are back and I can see you had a wonderful time!! I think Wales agrees with you! Love the curlew and that little jackdaw is so sweet!!

  22. Great birds and photos, I especially love the curlew.

  23. Good grief I do hope that they are not going to stop you from feeding birds, I really will be horrified it is the case. Fingers crossed!

    Jim is so adorable, he radiates such peacefulness.

  24. Thanks Adam. The Jackdaw was taken at Great Orme. He came over as soon as we got out of the car; he seemed so tame. Probably used to all the tourists lol
    I'm ringing the Parks Trust later; I'll post the outcome.

    Thanks Jean. Yea, the feeders are what I put up a year ago, at my local lake. (a link on the sidebar; Caldecotte Lake).I fill them every day, rain or shine, and they attract lots of birds.

    Sondra, I think you're right. Wales is a great place. :-)

    Thank you Eileen. I was pleased with the Curlew. Got loads more lol

    Thanks Gemel. Feeder update later, after I've phoned them.
    Jim is a big softy :-)

  25. Glad you had a great time ! And glad to read you again :)
    Hope nothing is wrong with the feeders !!! ?
    Love the Curlew :) Amazing birds
    Have a nice week start Keith

  26. Thanks Pescalune.
    I've a meeting this afternoon with the Parks Trust, so I'll know more later :-)

  27. glad you had a few days away and hope nothing is too urgent!!(left on the doorstep) :-)

    I have been so busy I have not been out visiting my bloglings in quite a while. I am still around, just not around blogland much. Winter is coming so I will probably be spending more time at the computer then.

    have fun and enjoy!!

  28. Thanks Doreen. Good to see you back.
    My visits here have been a bit sporadic too.
    I'm afraid the 'urgent' pile grows; I'm not very good with that sort of stuff these days. lol