Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Monday, 31 October 2011

The bridge

Still trying to catch up, so bear with me for a while.

Here's a lovely little bridge from Llyn Brenig.

I'm sure I saw some fairies frolicking under it, in the sunlight.

I did see some Red Grouse a bit further along though.

Shopping later, and a trip to the vet for Jim. He's got an itchy ear.

Enjoy your day


  1. That little bridge is extra grouse . . . oops, sorry.
    Glad you are back and blogging.

  2. A grand little bridge indeed.
    Good luck with Jim's ear.

  3. Wow, that first image is a stunner Keith.

    Shouln't there be a bottle close by that Grouse? or maybe you moved it before you saw the fairies!!...[;o)

  4. lovely atmosphere you got going there, just missing Tinuviel dancing;-)

  5. Just the type of bridge where you could play Pooh Sticks.

  6. The first is my favourite. Very beautiful picture.

  7. Beautiful photos, and I hope Jim is alright.

  8. After spending the day daydreaming about Aysgarth Falls in the Dales, remembering the mystical energy that wove it's way around the area, thinking of the gentle beauty of my beloved England I visit your page to have a smile firmly planted upon my face. What a perfectly priceless photograph indeed.

  9. Lovely little bridge, that. I hope Jim de-itches shortly.

  10. That bridge photo is lovely. Almost ethereal. You do good work, Keith.

  11. Thanks Arija :-)

    Thanks Adrian. I'm lighter in the pocket, but hopefully Jim is sorted now.

    Trevor, the bottle sits in front of me now ;-)

    Thanks Debbie :-)

    It was a strange bridge John. It didn't really go anywhere.

    Thank you Kozma :-)

    Thanks Bob. Jim's on the mend :-)

    Gemel, thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. :-)

    Thanks Hilary. Yea, he's improving. :-)

    Thank you Linda :-)

  12. Love the birdge shot, the grouse is also very nice ;)

  13. Wonderful photos! I loved the fairy comment. :) Hope Jim's ear is okay!

  14. Bet you couldn't resist putting a little bit of seed on the bridge Keith.

  15. I do love your first image of the bridge it's a winner. The Grouse is nice as well.

  16. Great bridge and magical setting.

  17. It's a lovely place to visit Keith.
    On my last trip there they were racing Huskies pulling wheeled sledges across the dam.. wonderful to see.

  18. Keith, That bridge is a magical shot!!!

  19. Thanks Gail.
    Jim is improving. He's got an infection, and has to have drops twice a day.

    Cheers Rob. Yea, it was so tempting.
    No telling what it would have attracted.
    Lots of Goldcrests in the conifers.

    Thank you Horst. I was lucky with the grouse; they're so elusive.

    Thanks Gillian. It was a fairytale setting.

    Andrew, I've had a few visits there now. I love the far end, from the visitor centre. It feels so remote and wild.

    Thanks Jean. The sunlight through the trees was very atmospheric. An enchanted little wooded area.

  20. Oooooo, love that bridge and stream!

  21. ITS beautiful...the bridge and the grouse!