Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Friday, 14 October 2011


I'm so unorganised at the moment, here's a picture of a couple of dogs having fun on a beach at Angelsey.

Enjoy the day


  1. Great action shot. The black and white one seems to be laughing.

  2. Thanks Gillian. They both were enjoying their fun in the rock pool.
    It was great to watch them.

  3. Just grinning at nothing, cracking photo.

  4. A lovely image to see...and a fantastic place to visit.

  5. Thanks Elizabeth.

    Bob, they certainly had fun.

    Thank you Andrew.

    Thanks Theresa.

  6. Nice to see these 2 doggies have a good time.

  7. I love watching dogs at my local beach, so much so that I have registered with POOPS (pets of older people) where I will be able to walk a pet for a person no longer able to. Not sure of what the kitties will think though lol.
    Lovely shot, their playfulness echoes through the image :)

  8. You've captured a joyful moment. I like that doggy grin.

  9. They look like they had so much fun and Im sure you did also taking photos and watching these guys play.

  10. Difficult to beat a good dog photo, wonderful.

  11. Thanks Horst. Yea, they were having a lot of fun.

    Thanks Gemel. A lovely thing you are going to do.

    Thank you Sondra :-)

    Thanks JoLynne. It was great watching them.

    Thanks Lisa. They certainly put a smile on my face watching them.

    Thank you Adrian. They make lovely subjects.