Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I went looking for rutting deer this morning, but only found this big man.

He was more interested in eating grass,

and posing.

And why not.


  1. W.O.W.!!! that's one heckuva rack! i'd have such a headache!

  2. What a beauty!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. Wouldn't you be happy with those antlers, wow, he is beautiful.

  4. Hi Keith....one fellar I wouldn't want to be coming at me with that rack !!
    He is a real beauty ..awesome shots!!

  5. Yea, he's a fine set of antlers Theresa.

    Thanks Gary.

    Thanks Bob. He's a fine old gentleman.

    Thanks Grace. Yea, I gave him plenty of space, just in case. lol

  6. Can you imagine running through a thick forest with that head gear? He looks to be in the 'rut' where are the women?

  7. He's certainly got a fine set Dale.
    I think all the girls were way off in the park, looking pretty lol

  8. Why not, indeed! When you look as good as that, you have to pose!
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  9. Thanks John. He knew he was special.

  10. He is a beauty Keith..I hope he is safe from the trophy hunters in your part of the world.

    I loved Theresas' comment..a completely different meaning over here in the UK, or is it just me..lol

  11. Yes awesome Keith especially the last shot.

  12. HE Is gorgeous...and HUGE. Great stuff.

  13. What a beauty! He'll be very popular with all the ladies!

  14. He was well worth going out for. A real beauty but I like them with rubbish all over their antlers.

  15. Great shots Keith.
    A fine beast...[;o)

  16. Thanks Andrew.
    Hopefully he'll be safe here.

    Thanks John.

    Thanks Roy.

    Thank you Sondra.

    Thanks Robin. He didn't seem that bothered lol

    Cheers Adrian. Yea, I think he hadn't been awake long.

    Thanks Trevor. A few black squirrels there too.

  17. He is gorgeous! I don't know how he keeps his head up....must be used to it. :o)

  18. Those are impressive antlers, no wonder he wants to show them off.

  19. another nice series Keith

    I like the close up again, it gives a bit of personality and individuality to the subject

    Nice work

  20. Keith I like your Diary snippets.... hope you dont mind if I take the idea (of sorts) for my own blog


  21. I find to that they like to pose, or they pay attention to danger, lol.
    Great photos, and love your narration. Hope all is well. Anna :)

  22. They grow them BIG in your area!!!

  23. Came over here at the recommendation of Roy at Fenland Walker. Glad I did!! And like your feeders at Caldecotte too. Well done you:)

  24. Sorry for late replies to these comments; I've been away again :-)

    Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick, thank you. :-)

    Thanks Gillian. He was pretty impressive. :-)

    Thanks Dave.
    Glad you like the diary snippets idea. Feel free to use it. :-)

    Thanks Reena :-)

    Thank you Anna.

    Jean, thank you. :-)

    sweffling, thank you. Glad you enjoyed your visit. :-)

    Thank you Hilary.

  25. What a happy chappy! Judging by his points,he may be getting beyond it -:) Beautiful shots.

  26. Thank you Arija. Yea, I think he's getting on in years.