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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A couple of Gulls

What it says

Herring Gull.
 Larus argentatus

Our archetypical seaside gull. Bold, brash and noisy. I love 'em.

Common Gull
Larus canus

Similar to look at, but smaller, a darker back, and greenish legs.

No wonder I get confused with their ID's.

Have a good day


  1. I must admit to harbouring some murderous tendencies towards these. They would be fine if people didn't feed them.
    I picked one up once as it had a broken leg.......i was amazed how little it weighed.

  2. Keith, I guess that now you've got the ID sorted you'll have no problem the next time a flock of 100's+ pop up in front of your bino's?...lol...[;o)

  3. Yea, and me, all the noise is superficially really. Nice photos.

  4. Thanks Duncan.

    Thanks Adrian. Yea, it's the people that cause all the problems in the world. ;-)

    Trevor, gulls and waders; I'll always struggle with them lol

    Thanks Bob. I love their noise lol

  5. both are beautiful. love the glorious eye in the first shot.

  6. Cyndi Lauper said it best... gulls just wanna have fun.

  7. Thanks Theresa. I love gulls, but find them such a challenge to tell them apart.

    She certainly did Hilary lol
    Great song, and artist.

  8. Very nice photos Keith. Hard to beat the aggression a Herring Gull can portray in that stare!

  9. I certainly do Keith. Great shots anyway, whatever they are.{:)

  10. I've never noticed green legged ones before, great pics.

  11. Thanks Adam. I think the Herring Gull is the bird hooligan of the seaside; but a nice one. lol

    Cheers Roy. A couple of books, and I still get confused lol

    Thank you Gillian. Yea, usually the legs are red or pink. Nice to have a change :-)